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I have been a faithful Aldi shopper ever since the very first time I stepped foot in one of the stores, even though I did find my first experience at the store a little bizarre. If you have never visited and Aldi Store then chances are you will find the first trip there a tad bit different than what you might be used to.

There are a couple things that you should know before heading to Aldi:

  • Expect to pay for a shopping cart – You pay a quarter to unlock and use a shopping cart. However as soon as you are finished with the cart, just return it to where they are locked up and you will get your quarter back. Because they do not have to pay for someone to round up carts, they are able to pass that savings on to the customers. This is just one of the ways they are able to offer low coupon prices without coupons.
  • Bring your own bags or buy them – You can get paper bags for $.05 or nicer plastic ones for $.10, but I have gotten so many free reusable shopping bags over the years that I just bring those ones with me.
  • You bag your own groceries – The cashier scans each item and places it back inside your cart.  After you finish checking out, there’s a bagging counter station where you can go and bag your groceries in the bags you brought or bought.  I like this because I know all my stuff will be bagged properly.

Those are the three things that I found odd the first time I shopped at Aldi. Now that I understand that by accepting these three changes I am able to get coupon prices any time, I actually appreciate that they are different in these ways.

This past Christmas season I was super busy as I am sure all of you were too! One thing I never seem to keep up with when I am busy lately is coupons. In fact I did very little couponing during the holidays.

So, when it came time to shop for our big family Christmas party I knew I was going to head to Aldi to find the very best deals and get the most for my money. Besides the great prices, I love that they carry special things throughout the year, and Christmas time was no exception.

I found this tub of super cute holiday shaped pretzels and just knew they would be perfect for a recipe I’d been meaning to try.

It was pretty easy to make and they looked great with all the other goodies I made for Christmas morning. Just unwrap and place a chocolate kiss on each pretzel and bake at about 200 degrees until they begin to melt. Then I place a mint chocolate chip on top of each one for added decoration because it was all I had at the time.  I’ve seen others use M&M’s too!

I also found this Mint Chocolate Milk that I thought would make a festive treat for my son, and it was a hit.  I just added a little whipped cream and some chocolate sprinkles to the top to make it really fancy 😉

Aldi has some great holiday tips for you below:

Are you a loyal Aldi shopper?  I would love to hear why you love shopping there?

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  1. I love Aldi, the first time i went into it in Ohio i was there on a trip to see my sister..she shops there all the time..loves it great prices.
    Any way when i came back home to fla i got on the pc and looked up this store…finding them all 2 hours drive from were i live.
    so one day when i have some time i am going shopping at ALDI:)

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