Aldi Summer Savings Giveaway!

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CaptureFor those of you who don’t know I am a HUGE fan of Aldi stores!

They have always been my go to spot for baking products.  Plus the prices on produce are unbeatable! I recently had the opportunity to tour an Aldi Store and hear more about how they are able to offer such great prices as well as why it is important to them to do so.

During my tour I also found out that you can find Aldi on Facebook which is the best way to get any questions you might have answered.

When I don’t have time to deal with coupons, I know that I can run to Aldi and get great coupons prices without the coupons.  Aldi not only saves me money, but they save me time too!

Plus because they only carry the things they know we need, I can get in and out of the store in less than 30 minutes!  That is unheard of for me, just ask my family 😉

Smart shoppers have found that switching from national brands to ALDI exclusive brands can save them up to 50 percent on more than 1,400 of the most commonly purchased grocery items. This is based on the price comparisons at several leading grocery stores.

It’s all the little things they do that make Aldi awesome, and most of those things we never even notice.


Aldi’s Double Guarantee

If for any reason a customer is not 100 percent satisfied with any ALDI food product, ALDI will gladly replace the product AND refund the purchase price.

An Aldi Secret

Aldi cashiers are super fast!  And they sit the entire time.  I’ve often wondered how they can be SO fast sitting when other cashiers are ridiculously S L O W?

Want to know their secret?

Every item the cashier has to scan has several barcodes on them.  This means the cashier doesn’t have to waste time looking for a barcode, they can just slide it over the scanner and be sure that it will pick up one of the barcodes.

New to Aldi?  Check out these tips before you go.


These are some of the ways that Aldi is able to keep their costs down and pass those savings on to you!

Looking for an easy and inexpensive way to host a summer fun party? Aldi has you covered with this list of 10 Summer Parties for under $20.

Having a carefree and affordable season has never been easier with these simple tips and recipes:

  • Beat the Heat: ALDI carries a selection of ice cream and frozen treats, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth on hot summer days. ALDIstyle tip: Build your own parfait by layering brownie, ice cream and crumbled chocolate in a glass. Finish it off with your favorite ice cream toppings.
  • Summer Essentials: Now you can be party perfect or summer ready at any time by stocking your pantry, fridge and freezer with a variety of essentials available at ALDI. ALDIstyle tip: Keep a variety of burger patties – from beef to salmon to turkey – in your freezer to keep your grill busy all season.
  • Cheers to Summer: What better way to celebrate summer than with a variety of seasonal beverages – for both kids and adults – available exclusively at ALDI. ALDIstyle tip: Brighten up your ice cubes for fun summer drinks by freezing anything from Maraschino cherries to fresh berries in ice cube trays.
  • Entertain with Ease: ALDI carries everything you need for easy summer entertaining, from food and drinks to outdoor furniture and grills. ALDIstyle tip: Take advantage of pre-made items in the store like prepared dips. Create mini crudités by filling glasses with a dollop of ranch dip and add carrots, celery and cherry tomatoes on a stick for a quick and easy appetize.
  • Summer Escape: Get out of the house and enjoy the warmer weather with ALDI products, whether it’s a family camping adventure or a quick picnic in the park. ALDIstyle tip: Add a twist to your s’mores this summer with out-of-the-box ingredients such as hazelnut spread, crushed cookies or sprinkles.

I am giving two lucky Saving Dollars and Sense readers the opportunity to win a $50 Aldi Gift Certificate!

Here’s how to enter:

Leave me a comment telling me why you LOVE Aldi too.

This giveaway is open to all legal residents of the US age 18 and older and will end on July 13th.

**Although the product for this giveaway was supplied to me free of charge from Aldi, all opinions expressed are solely mine.

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  1. Miriam Ondercin says:

    I bought some Aldi brand spaghetti sauce this week and will admit I was a bit afraid that we wouldn’t like it, but much to my delight, it was very good and my husband even asked me what I had added to the sauce because he thought it was really good for a change!

    • I agree, I’m always testing new sauces and watching my husbands reaction. He was VERY surprised when I told him it was ALDI brand. Very pleased!

  2. In general, I just love Aldi prices. I can find things my family loves for less. Like you said, if I’m not up to using coupons, Aldi is the place I head to!

  3. Brianna Lyle says:

    I love Aldis because as a student coming out of college and searching for a steady job, it allows me to eat healthy by offering great produce and fresh options at reasonable prices!

  4. Kristine Bourdeau says:

    I love shopping at Aldi! I buy my milk and produce there and have never had problems with anything. $50 can really go a long way there!

  5. I love Aldi…I tell everyone I work with and family how easy it is to shop here. You don’t need any step stool to try and reach your items and you really get to know the staff very well since its a smaller store. I can’t say enough about it, other than I wish it was open 24hrs. Love, love, love ALDI

  6. Brenda B says:

    Oh my, where do I begin! Years ago, when I stopped working (outside the home), someone told me about Aldi. It has been a true Godsend! I started doing 90% of my shopping there and was saving 20% to 40% on my food budget. There is very little that I don’t love about Aldi. From the canned foods to the dairy to the produce and meats, it’s all wonderful..and you don’t have to clip a single coupon! I would be blessed to win and thanks for the opportunity :)

  7. Gail Dudlicek says:

    I love the high quality produce and great selection at Aldi. Saves me lots of money!

  8. Diane Brant says:

    I go there mainly because the prices are so much better that I can get more groceries for our family (w/3 teens!) that way. However, their produce section is excellent!

  9. At first I was skeptical of shopping all non-name brands but Aldi has surprised me. I usually stop in for produce, diary and some boxed goods.

  10. I love the sales on fruits and vegetables they always have

  11. Dottie Peters says:

    I also love Aldi’s because of their great prices!!! They make grocery shopping more affordable!!!

  12. Katrina S says:

    I really appreciate having an Aldi’s in town – their prices are usually much better than the traditional grocery store, and they always have a good sale on some produce or other.

  13. Lisa Knight says:

    I enjoy shopping at Aldi because I can get great produce for juicing without breaking the bank. Also, they make great quality and tasting products.

  14. I love it, because their baking products are wonderful! I have to make my son’s birthday cake, next week, so I will be going there to stock up on powdered sugar.

  15. Loretta McCullough says:

    In today economy when your living paycheck to paycheck and your barely staying afloat it helps to know that you can get great quality products for a fraction of the price, I shop there every Saturday, on a recent trip I started buying the fit and active products and I’m so impressed by the taste, I got the 100 and 90 calories snack packs that cost a fortune in the regular grocery stores for 1.59 I believe they were where I would pay 5 or more at other stores and they were fantastic, I recently started trying to loose weight and it cost a lot to eat healthy, now I know I can buy great tasting low calories treats and lots of produce and still stick to my diet. Thanks Aldis you guys are life savers. :)

  16. I go to Aldi’s at least once a week (sometimes more) for my fruits, veggies & dairy….of course I always come out of there with a cart full of all kinds of other good prices and good quality foods. I also like the fact that you can get in and out very quickly unlike some of the other bigger grocery stores.

  17. Charlene Stack says:

    Can’t beat their prices it isbetter then using coupons.

  18. Ann Adamski says:

    I love Aldi’s and have been shopping there for a while..I love their meats..their Dakota pork and beans …I love everything about Aldi’s …You can walk out with $40.00 worth of groceries..and get a whole lot of food..whereas you would pay $100.00 at Krogers…and that’s the truth…

  19. Valerie Blaha says:

    My family and I LOVE Aldi. We are all trying to watch our weight and eat healthy. Aldi makes that easy for us. We are on a very fixed income since I am a school bus driver and do not receive a paycheck in the summer. I can walk into Aldi and buy FRESH fruit and vegetables for next to nothing. And we also LOVE their Fit Active brand of snacks. Thank you for showing love to a store that truly deserves it.

  20. Jennette Skaggs says:

    I love Aldi’s store design. I can go in and find what I need, stay within my budget and not spend the whole morning shopping. When we knew we were moving to Cary, NC, I immediately looked to see how far Aldi was from my new home.

  21. I love Aldi! I shop at our local Aldi every week.

  22. Jean Lines says:

    I love being able to get what I need quickly and at great prices. Aldi has some wonderful bargains every time I go!

  23. Amanda E. says:

    I love their produce!

  24. Rosemary Crawshaw says:

    I do 90 percent of my shopping at Aldis,the few times I go to another store I am shocked at the prices,at first I only bought a few things,but everything was so good I started buying their fresh meat and chicken .I am living on a small pension with no foodstamps and my money goes far at Aldis ,I really dont know how most people can afford to feed their families,you cant beat their prices on dairy,produce,meat ,juice

  25. Jen Heuer says:

    I like Aldi just for the fact that everything is cheaper.

  26. Nancy Doorlag says:

    I’ve always loved my Aldi Store. It’s grown with us as my family has grown. Now with two teen age boys and trying despartely to save for their collage, we are lucky to have Aldi! They are fast, they are friendly and I’ve never had any issues with any of the items that we’ve purchased there. My favorite feature of their store the weekly items that change from week to week, they can be household items, outdoor items, toys or other useful things that are great prices as well!

  27. I love the prices on fresh produce. :)

  28. Nancy Doorlag says:

    I’m a big fan of Aldi, they’ve grown right with my family from my days as a newlywed to now with two bottomless teenage boys!!! Their low price on everyday, useful items alway us to save alot on not only groceries but other feature items as well! Every week they have wonderful items that range from household goods to picnic items or garden tools, toys or plants all at super hard to beat prices! Thanks Aldi for making my life easier and my wallet bigger!

    Your #1 Fan in Michigan

  29. I love Aldi because the prices cannot be beat, and its something my boys and I can do together. They help me to gather the groceries, then bag them. They put the cart away and get to keep the quarter, which they enjoy. In fact, several times they’ve been lucky enough to have ladies let them keep the quarter for taking the carts back when its been very hot or cold. So its win win!

    I like the fish, shrimp, and produce. The milk prices are top notch!

  30. Michelle P says:

    I like that Aldi has a line of organic and natural foods at very affordable prices. I also love finding surprise products there every time I visit.

  31. Amanda T says:

    We LOVE Aldi’s!!! We get so much food for such a great price.

  32. Caitlyn L says:

    I love Aldi because they have great sales on produce and the priano pasta sauces are amazing!

  33. I love Aldi because I can get in and out with a whole cart of groceries in under 30 minutes! And, we save so much money.

  34. I love that they label things as gluten free! It’s a lot quicker to see it on the label than when I have to read all the ingredients to see if it’s safe. And everything is so much cheaper!

  35. Amanda M says:

    If i dont have alot of time or any coupons i go to Aldi. Love their low prices on fresh fruit and veggies. You cant beat their price on 90% lean sirlon too! I also like to shop their Specials in the middle isles,. I got some big flower pots and a trellis for cheap!

  36. Lynda Smith says:

    My dollar truly goes farther at aldi!

  37. Linda Dietz says:

    I have not found anything we did not like from Aldi’s . We have had some amazing sweet corn as well as other vegetables from our Aldi’s When their bags of onions are $.59, I buy several bags to chop & freeze. Their prices on dairy products & juices can’t be beat!

  38. I love the great prices and the quality of the products sold at Aldi. My family loves their animal crackers and vanilla wafers. :)

  39. I used to shop at Aldi regularly, but life got too busy. I stopped in during vacation and was pleased to find kefir, which is not easy to find. I also was happy to find ground turkey, HFCS free bread, and other healthy items. I’ll be back.

  40. I love ALDI’s pricing and the fact that you dont chose from brand just pick what you need and go. ONly downfall is the drive to it so I have to go when I know i will be in the area to make the prices worth it.

  41. Lesley MItchell says:

    Aldi’s is my #1 store. It is quick, convenient, and always has what I need. They rarely run out of something. Their products are primarily made with real sugar, and carry far less High fructose Syrup. That is one of the main reasons I originally switched to Aldi’s, better quality and better products! I love knowing I can try anything and I am out nothing with their money back guarantee. Their produce is fantastic! Best part, saves my family of 5 on a single income tons of time, because I do not have to cut coupons and stress about getting there to get a deal, the deal is always there!

  42. I love Aldi’s because they carry good quality brands at great prices.

  43. I love Aldi for SO many reasons – we end up visiting twice a week for milk and fresh produce specials. I’m addicted to the animal crackers. But mostly I’m thankful for Aldi because they helped me to survive on a very small budget when I was starting out on my own years ago. The Aldi cashiers were so friendly, they became my friends – and it was a sad day when I had to share I was moving away! So thankful they’ve built many more locations around metro Detroit in recent years!

  44. Love Aldi’s Love the products and love the low prices. We have been happy with every Aldi’s product we have tried and many are better than name brand. Great store !!

  45. I LOVE ALDI! their prices on produce are awesome!!! I watch every week to see what produce prices are and you can’t ever beat them!!!

  46. I LOVE the Fit and Active line. Helps me keep in my “points”. And their animal crackers are AWESOME!!!!! The animal crackers alone are worth a trip to ALDI! And the constant lower milk prices…..having 2 kids under 5, we go through A LOT of milk!! I like ALDI’s….could you tell?

  47. I love Aldi’s because their prices are reasonable and they now carry organic products.

  48. I love that Aldi helps me keep my grocery budget low… even in pricey Connecticut. :) (I also love their increasing organic selections!)

  49. Cynthia G. says:

    Love Aldi’s low prices!

  50. It’s a quick in and out store with WONDERFUL prices! My kids love their cereal! :) I love stocking up my pantry with their canned goods.

  51. Jaimie Adams says:

    I especially love Aldi for their produce and milk. The prices are so much lower than everywhere else and as long as I can make it at the beginning of the week then the selection is great. I also love finding random things like toys, etc. marked at really great prices, too.

  52. Tiffany Kinard says:

    I like using Aldi because with the prices of everything going up,our money doesn’t seem to go as far.What we used to spend to buy a month’s worth,now only lasts a couple weeks.Now thanks to Aldi we can stock up for a month and not have to worry about spending more than we’ve budgeted for.They also have great quality products and you can find almost any product you’re looking for at a great price as well!

  53. Shawn myre says:

    I was always very skeptical about shopping Aldi’s until my sister convinced me to try it. I am disabled and on a limited income. I love their prices on their produce ! I shop there before going any where else to buy what I need for the month! Thank you for the chance to stretch a very tight budget just a little further!

  54. Ashley F says:

    I love Aldi’s because the prices are awesome (blueberries for $.99/pint??!!!!) and there is only 4 aisles, so it is quick and easy shopping!! I can spend $50. there and get enough groceries for the week compared to shopping at Giant and getting only a quarter of what I need for the same price!

  55. I like Aldi because it’s cleaner than Walmart and the baking supplies are definitely priced much lower than anywhere else.

  56. We love Aldis because of the fruits and vegetables. No one beats their prices on fresh produce!

  57. I love their produce, and also how close it is to my house.

  58. We love the fresh produce as well, always fun to check them out each week, they also have organic affordable produce which is great to 😀

  59. There is a brand new gorgeous Aldi by me…you can get great deals and some very fresh, delicious produce! I cannot wait to shop there again very soon!

  60. Laurie B. says:

    Just found out that there is an Aldi near me. Can’t wait to stop by and check it out!

  61. I love Aldi because they have started to carry more organic products!

  62. I love Aldi. I have shopped there for about 15 years now. They have the best prices. I just found out that Aldi and Trader Joes are sister companies. Now I love them both more.

  63. I love shopping at ALDI because we save time and money! And, huge props to them for adding some organic options-makes shopping at ALDI even better!

  64. Bethany k says:

    I love thirr quality and prices!

  65. Also may be the lifesaver for our family. We love the savings without the hassle if flipping coupons. The have organic and locally grown foods. I keep a quarter in my car with several bags just in case I am in the area. I love leaving my cart for someone else without taking their quarter or if they are newbies give them a cart and bags. We donate all our used bags for those who forget. I feel good buying their food but better about helping out others.

  66. Kristin Groepper says:

    I resisted against shopping at Aldi for many years due to the off brands. My mom and many friends kept pushing me to shop there since I was always complaining about my food budget and the expense of shopping at Hy-Vee. Once I stepped foot in the store and realized the savings I never looked back. You have taken me from a Hy-Vee addict to a true Aldi fan! Thank you for helping out my family of 6 stay on a strict grocery budget :)

  67. I love the price savings, of course, and I love how easy it is to get in and out of the store quickly, but my FAVORITE thing is the growing number of all-natural and organic products they sell!! We are increasingly finding all-natural foods at Aldi that we’ve never found anywhere else or can only find at insanely expensive prices elsewhere!! I’m also a huge fan of their amazing produce!

  68. We wouldn’t be able to eat so many fruit and veggies without the great prices at Aldi!

  69. Christie M says:

    I love their low produce prices and the neat seasonal things they carry

  70. Aldi makes it easy to stay within my grocery budget! I stock up on dairy and frozen foods, and I can easily feed my family of six healthy low cost meals. Thanks!

  71. I must admit that – *gasp* – I have never been to Aldi. I have never lived in a town with an Aldi until recently, and I didn’t know anything about it. Lately, I have been hearing how good their produce is (and their produce prices!). After reading this, I’m definitely going to check it out!

  72. I love Aldi. Quality foods at a discounted price is hard to argue with. I remember the first time I bought a spiral sliced ham wondering if I had wasted my money. I was delighted to find it was yummy . So yummy that people commented on how good it tasted. People were shocked when I told them I bought it at Aldi. Since that time it is my first stop for grocery shopping. I often chuckle to myself when my former store (kroger) advertises a sale price that is still higher than the Aldi price.

  73. Carol G. says:

    I love Aldi. Their prices can’t be beat. I have shopped there for 10 years. I love their baking products, dairy products, and their produce prices. Their animal crackers are the best! Their spiral ham can’t be beat in price, as well as quality and taste. I put on our son’s wedding rehearsal dinner for 50 people with Aldi’s spiral hams!

  74. I LOVE the Aldi Hazelnut Coffee Creamer!!! I would drive the 25 minutes to my nearest Aldi just for this one item. It is delicious, actually tastes like Hazelnut and comes in a lowfat variety. SO worth the trip!!

  75. We love ALDI, because they help us give us the ability to fill up the fruit bowl and serve lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to our four kids on a very low budget. We recommend ALDI to everyone both online and offline, because it is one of our favorite stores with their high quality products and low prices.

  76. I love Aldi’s prices -I can get some great deals on vegetables and healthy food there.

  77. I shopped at Aldi’s yesterday. Avocados, strawberries, eggs and milk were inexpensive there. I didn’t know about the double guarantee until I read your post. Thanks!

  78. Stacey Jones says:

    I absolutely love Aldi. I can drive less than a mile to get to my favorite grocery store. The number one thing I love about Aldi is the price. As a single mom with 5 kids I need to go where it is most affordable and that is Aldi. The kids love the food from there. We have bought store brand foods from other stores and the taste has been sub-par. The Aldi brand is the exact opposite. A sure way to tell is when the kids love it and mine do. I also get the Active Fit line and it is great. You wouldn’t know that you were eating low cal and low card food because it taste so good.

  79. I love the large selection at Aldi’s. Their prices and the speed with which they check you out are both great. And we love their pasta sauce for pizza.

  80. I love Aldi’s prices on produce! I would appreciate winning..especially in these hard times…

  81. Aldis has the best produce prices as well as the best prices on many other items and there specials can be great to – from summer toys to cooking hardware. You can always save at aldis even when you don’t have time to coupon elsewhere.

  82. We love that Aldi allows to o streich our tight budget and thanks to natural and Organic options feed our family healthy at the same time. Aldi is always our first grocery stop.

  83. I love Aldi because I can get in and get out quickly. The prices are always low, so I don’t need to compare sizes and brands to see what is the better deal.

  84. I am feeding six on one income and I love their low prices!

  85. I like their prices on produce.

  86. I love their produce and their prices. My friends and family are amazed when I tell them where dinner came from!!

  87. Jennett Harrell says:

    I like the dried fruits, almond milk, produce, frozen veggies (especially the deluxe green beans) the ice cream, tortilla chips, natural fruit strips, cheese, chocolate chips, and more.

  88. There’s so much to say about Aldi’s, but one thing I’m most excited about it is that they are finally moving to our location after years of petitioning them to come to our town! We are so looking forward to it!

  89. carolyn s says:

    I love that they carry brand name along side of their brand groceries and they are going to start having more organic and grass fed beef for sale soon

  90. Carolyn B. says:

    Just GETTING the Aldi ad makes me happy! But, once I’m in the store, the produce prices bring me coming back for more. You can’t beat the produce prices!

  91. I drive 40 min. to get to Aldi,it is so worth it! My husband even works part time at a grocery store that is only 3 min. away. I can feed our family of 6{3 teenagers,2 of them boys} with our very tight budget. Not only are the prices great,the products are too! Can’t beat the savings and quality! I love Aldi!

  92. I love Aldi- they have excellant prices that keep me in my budget and they have a great selection of produce!

  93. I like this store because you can get in and out in a hurry. Everything is very efficient!

  94. tracy webb says:

    We love the fresh veggies and fruit, prices can’t be beat. My family also love the canned chilli, good stuff.

  95. I love Aldi’s because I can find great deals everyday. I love how fresh the produce is too.

  96. I love their produce selection, as well as their low prices on everything. Not only do we eat healthier since I started shopping there, but we save a ton of money.

  97. Their prices are great and the quality is surprisingly competitive with national brands.

  98. Ashleigh says:

    I love how low their produce is priced!! Sometimes live to just go and try a product they have that I might not typically buy somewhere else because it would be much more expensive; most recently it was the double cinnamon French toast sticks, they were delicious!!! Also, bought a water table from our local store for our youngest 2nd birthday this past weekend (great seasonal items!!) even purchased a food scale from Aldi that has come in handy almost a dozen times already!!!

  99. I love Aldi’s because of the variety of different healthy choices that they sell there! I was pleasantly surprised the first time I went shopping there!

  100. I love ALDI. They have the best diapers at only $4.99 a pack.

  101. I love their weekly specials on produce. My family loves fresh fruit and veggies and I can get them a variety each month for not a lot of money. We also have found that we prefer their tortillas over other brands.

  102. I like their lower prices especially on their produce

  103. Martha Brodsky says:

    Aldi has the best prices for produce. I just purchased cucumbers for .39 cents each. Pineapples were $1.29. Packing my children’s lunches is easy too. Many chip options, fruit cup options, granola bars, yogurts and cookies. Try their maple leaf cookie. Deliscious!

  104. LOVE Aldi’s produce prices and selection as well as their Slim-Fast shakes look-a-likes. They make great breakfasts on the go!

  105. Aldi’s has great prices. Shop there when visiting my mother in law in NY and my mom in MI. I live in DE and our closest Aldi’s is 1 hour and 15 minutes away in MD.

  106. Nichole D. says:

    I LOVE the produce prices at Aldi! Thanks for the chance to win

  107. Myeshia underwood says:

    I love the affordable prices on everything from groceries to plants. I shop at Aldi weekly and absolutely love it.

  108. We’ve always shopped at Aldi because they have the most budget-friendly prices in town!

  109. I love their quality selections and great prices. I know I am getting a good price whenever we shop there.

  110. I love Aldi because it helps me to afford to feed our five growing children!! It frees up extra money so we can afford to homeschool.

  111. I like Aldi because the prices are good even without coupons.

  112. I love that they are so affordable and the food is really good too! 😀

  113. Leah Kelley says:

    I love Aldi’s produce and their cheese selection!

  114. Passed by Aldi’s all the time and thought there has to be a catch. Probably the products were horribly. One day I was running late and needed to get a fast dinner. I was passing by Aldi’s and decided to give it a try. I was extremely surprised. Eggs were only 75 cent. I go there now just to get eggs. Bread was delicious. Best of all I saved a good amount of money.

  115. I love aldi! We buy the majority of our groceries at aldi. I love it because its small which makes shopping trips with two rambuctious boys fast. The prices are great we probably spend half of what we would other places

  116. Angela W says:

    I love Aldi because of the great prices and I love the products (especially the produce).

  117. Aldi’s has the BEST prices on produce and dairy, and I don’t mind bagging my own groceries to save a little more money.

  118. Dina Lewis says:

    I LOVE Aldi because it is a simple store to shop at. They are not full of frills and silly stuff we just don’t need to shop to buy quality food items at more than reasonable prices to feed our families. Sometimes they make the difference between being able to buy everything on my shopping list or not. They have a variation of just about everything we would buy at the more expensive stores. Aldi is a blessing.

  119. I love Aldi for many reason, being a recent college graduate, school loans pile in and it saves me money! I also coupon when I can not get there to save every little penny I have. Aldi workers are all really nice , there has not been one time where they couldn’t answer my question. You have to appreciate not only the prices but the variety they get!! I love the new organic products they have gotten in this week!

  120. I love how you can find a little bit of everything at Aldi. Loved the toy deals I spotted around the holidays too!

  121. Debbie Pelton says:

    I can shop for enough food to last almost two weeks for my family of four and spend less than $150 (for GREAT stuff) and be in my car heading home in 30 minutes. You try doing that at Wal-Mart! Forever a fan of Aldi!

  122. I love ALDI because it’s cuts my grocery bill in half from other stores, for the same exact quality of products! I love their produce section especially. I mean, seriously, who can beat $1.50 for a watermelon!!?

  123. Wendy Bishop says:

    I love Aldi because of all the great deals and the different types of food found there.

  124. I shop at Aldi for all the reasons everyone else has mentioned: price, produce, great lower priced brands, in and out quickly, and friendly employees.

  125. We love the affordable produce. Our kids love it and it doesn’t kill our budget with their sales.

  126. Our family loves ALDI’s…we go there at least once a week or even twice a week if I forgot something the first time. I love the Fit & Active products since it is better for you…a coworker had tried the Fit & Active brand since she is on Weight Watchers and told me about it last year. They are also stocking organic products that I will check out when I go next week…these items are on sale next week at our local ALDI’s.

    I love the fresh produce and I look for the “Best Buy” produce so we can enjoy those for that week and still be able to stock up on other items with the money we save. I buy fruit when it is the lowest price and then freeze half of it so it doesn’t go to waste (frozen berries, grapes, cantaloupes, honeydews, and pineapples are better when frozen and they last longer too). I go to ALDI’s before I go anywhere else and I usually find most items I need there. We have gotten to know the staff and some of my graduated students work there and other current students shop there with their parents and see me from time to time. My 7 year-old son loves practicing his math skills by taking a calculator to add up our total…I give him a target amount that we want to spend and he helps me look for the best deals.

  127. I love being able to stretch our budget much farther there.

  128. I love that I can get groceries for my family of 5 ( soon to be 6!) for a fraction of what I spend elsewhere. We eat great food and don’t have to spend a lot out of pocket! The $50 gift card would certainly go a long way for us, especially with the baby coming and trying to get out of debt.

  129. I like Aldi because their food is high quality and fresh. I like that their stores are simple to navigate and I can easily find what I am looking for.

  130. Marcia G says:

    I have been a faithful Aldi shopper for years. I love the bottom line when I look at my receipt. I am always able to get more for my money at Aldi. I also love the fact that I can choose their Fit & Active brand and save calories as well as promote healthy food choices for my family. Their produce is fresh & affordable. I have recommended the store to my adult children & to my friends. Anyone who wants quality at low prices should give the store a try.

  131. erin king says:

    Aldi was my saving grace when I left my abusive husband and found myself a single mom. I had no job, no house, a car that barely ran and $150 to my name. I worked hard to pinch pennies,clipping coupons, shopping sales and filling the gap with items from Aldi. This store has truly been the difference between a good meal and an empty table for my family.

  132. i love that they carry the best truffles during the holidays for a decent price!

  133. I like that the store is very simple and quick – no-nonsense! So easy to come, get what I need quick!

  134. We love Aldi and have shopped there for years! Their low prices and the fact that you don’t have to try to figure out which of a dozen brands of one thing is best make shopping there so nice!

    Thanks for the giveaway!