Eat Like Your Ancestors

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I love whenever I can get my entire family together for dinner.

This is becoming more and more of a challenge as they have grown older and even moved out into their own place. That is why I take every opportunity that I can get everyone around the same table to offer a delicious and nutritious meal and the opportunity to Eat Like Your Ancestors.

I try to focus on healthy options as much as possible so why would I take a perfect good piece of meat and pump it full of junk before serving it to my loved ones?

A healthy family is a happy family, but with all of the low quality food products out there, it can be hard to know if you are really feeding your family the right things. It seems like anything can have antibiotics, steroids or hormones in it these days. That is why it is so great to have a brand that’s a natural choice for your family when cooking at home, like Harvestland® by Perdue®.

Just about every meal we have begins with a great piece of meat, usually chicken!

Our favorite meal takes me about 30 minutes with very little effort or ingredients at all.

Just simmer a couple pieces of boneless skinless chicken breast in a large covered saucepan with a large can of tomatoes, a bay leaf, parsley, oregano, salt and pepper to taste.

Boil your favorite noodles. drain and toss with a little olive oil.

After about 25 minutes remove bay leaf and toss in about 3-4 handful of fresh baby spinach and allow to wilt.

Serve with noodle and fresh mozzarella.

Super easy and everyone loves it too!

Harvestland® by Perdue® products are all-natural with no artificial ingredients, plus they come from local family farmers right here in the US! Their fresh, frozen, refrigerated and deli products provide wholesome options you can feel good about feeding your family.

I love this meal because it takes so little effort and time. I get to spend more time enjoying the meal and the company of my favorite people!

 Harvestland® by Perdue® has fresh and fully cooked turkey, chicken and pork products which come from the richest agricultural areas and are USDA process verified. It is the goal of Harvestland® by Perdue® to make quality food that is pure and simple, so make sure you pickup your Harvestland® by Perdue® products at Walmart, and Eat Like Your Ancestors.™


Check it out the next time you are at Walmart!

Harvestland® by Perdue®

  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • Fed All-Vegetarian Diet With No Animal By-Products
  • Raised Cage Free

Use this coupon to save $1.00 off Harvestland Fresh or Frozen Chicken.

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Do Over by Jon Acuff Giveaway

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Rich and I started reading the book Do Over by Jon Acuff together every chance we got a few weeks ago and it has completely changed how we are looking at the whole having to work to earn money to live thing.

Don’t make the same mistake that we did and assume that this book is all about getting the job you love. Yes it can help you with that, but this book is so much more!

It’s really about taking a good look at yourself and your relationships, and honestly taking inventory of your life and what you are placing value on. Mostly it is about making some real changes to the things that have been holding you back in all areas of your life, and I LOVE that!

With each turn of the page I could feel the reality of our perception changing and I knew I never wanted to go back to our old ways of thinking.

Jon talks about how for some people rock bottom is really nothing more than a trampoline and I like to think my husband and I are those people.

You know the ones that use rock bottom as an opportunity to spring back up out of the depths?

It could be they never ever want to find themselves that low again or so they can help others avoid ever ending up there in the first place.

The tagline on the cover says “Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck” which is exactly what we needed to hear.

Remember when you were a kid how easy it was to call a Do Over when things weren’t going your way?

Why can’t we do that still even though we are adults?

Jon Acuff knows that it is a very powerful tool to have in this life and he shares exactly how to position yourself to call a Do Over at any time that you realize things aren’t quite right in your life. He speaks from experience as he found himself in a position of walking out the Do Over himself not too long ago.Do-Over-Book

I share a lot here about the importance of creating a savings mindset.

After reading the book Do Over by Jon Acuff which is scheduled to hit bookstores everywhere on April 7th, I now realize there was a savings account I had neglected.

In Do Over, bestselling author Jon Acuff offers up his most important book yet, one that acts as a guide to making big career changes—by choice or necessity—and escaping the horrible feeling of being trapped in the wrong job.

Acuff finds it amazing that people spend more than eighteen years studying and preparing for college, but little or no time honing their careers between graduation and retirement. His response: an empowering tool he calls the Career Savings Account, which will change the way readers think about their skills, relationships, character, and work ethic.

Throughout the book, inspiring and funny true stories are featured—not merely just from Acuff, but also from friends who restarted their careers after a layoff, an extended maternity leave, or simply the realization that they were suffering fifty weeks a year just to pay the bills and enjoy two weeks of vacation. Everyone can benefit from Do Over, from new graduates to fifty-somethings and beyond.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind and before you know it your life has passed you by, you’re in pretty much the same spot and probably hate your job.

You do realize that you can change things right?

Using the common sense wisdom that Jon shares along with some humor to make the truth hurt a little less, I found myself challenged to make some changes and start investing in my Career Savings Account.

Relationships + Skills + Character x Hustle = Career Savings Account


There were a lot of aha moments for both my husband and myself as we were reading and thinking about the coming months as were making some changes in the area of how we earn money to live.

I especially appreciated the little assignments at the end of each chapter because it forced us to really figure some of the hard things out and see for ourselves in a concrete way how we needed to rearrange some of our relationships.

This is an easy to read book, and we loved the real stories that Jon shared of his own experiences that he has been through and how he found himself in a position that many would consider the bottom only to use the things he shares in the book to use a seemingly difficult situation to rise back up to the top in a new way.

Are you ready to make some changes and live a life you love?

This is so much more than we ever expected and I can’t recommend it enough!

You can preorder a copy here.

10498572_10205369679794869_1756804011843170205_o (1)

Enter to win a $25 Family Christian Gift Certificate today that you can use to get your own copy of the book Do Over by Jon Acuff!

Here’s how to enter:

Leave me a comment telling me why you would like to win.

This giveaway is open to all legal residents of the US age 18 and older and will end on April 3rd.

**Although the product for this review and giveaway was supplied to me free of charge from Family Christian, all opinions expressed are solely mine.

How to be a Better Friend

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I just signed up for a 5-day email class on How to be a Better Friend.

Being a good friend doesn’t just happen on its own.

If only it was as simple as it is for 4 years olds to be friends, but the truth is that there are a lot of things that keep us from being a real friend to someone.

Here are a few of the things I know have kept me from being a good friend to others.

Fear of Rejection. I have always struggled with this in all of my relationships and I know that over the years since I was a child I have allowed myself to avoid friendships in a way to avoid rejection.

Past Hurts. No one gets through this life without being hurt by someone they trusted at least once. It’s just something that happens, and for some of us the natural reaction would be to keep people at a safe distance so they can’t get close enough to hurt us. I have been known to be a porcupine friend to those around me. You know the kind that make it impossible to get near them because of their painful exterior?

Selfishness. Friendships take work and that means time. Time away from other thing I would like to be doing. Real friendships are not always convenient and can sometimes wreck the plans you have made.

Often times in order to have a good friend, you have to be a good friend so I am really looking forward to this friendship class!

You can sign up for a free 5-day email class on How to be a Better Friend which begins on April 6th.

The (in)courage writers have come together to share their 10 Tips to be the Friend You Wish You Had, and we’d love to invite you to join us. For five days in April you’ll receive 2 practical, encouraging friendship tips in your email, along with some free gifts, coupon codes and new product sneak peeks! You won’t find this anywhere on the blog, so you’ll want to sign up below to make sure you don’t miss any of the fun!

Sign up here today and join me!

Thanks Money Saving Mom!

FREE Easter Basket

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Sophisticated Spring Fashion Outfit

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3.24 Chic Spring Outfit

I am happy to bring you another great spring fashion look.

This Sophisticated Spring Outfit includes some really great pieces.

  1. Doublju Jersey Pencil Skirt – $15.99
  2. Calvin Klein Sleeveless Top – $36.99
  3. Jessica Simpson Wedge Heels – $32.18
  4. Marc Jacobs Cross Body Bag – $192.08
  5. Nine West Silver Bracelet – $16.00
  6. Green Amethyst Dangle Earrings – $34.99

*Saving Dollars and Sense Tip: Take a look in your closet before you shop to see what items you already have.  Then just chose a couple new things to add that can easily me used to mix and match outfits and still give your wardrobe a seasonal update without spending too much.

More Spring Fashion Looks:

3.12 Floral Blues Spring Outfit

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2.4 Winter to Spring Kohls Board DOLLARSSENSE

Winter to Spring 

5 Ways to Scrub Up Your Spending for Spring

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Despite a lack of spring-like weather in some parts of the country, the season of renewal and rejuvenation is officially here. That means it’s time to stop putting off your spring cleaning tasks and get things done!

While it’s important to keep your home tidy, it’s equally important to keep your financial home in order. Key to this is gaining control over your expenditures, which you can easily do when you follow this advice to scrub up your spending.

1. Polish Your Budget
As a rule, you should be reviewing your budget frequently. Spring is a great time to take a comprehensive look at where your money is going and make changes to meet your goals. You might find a recurring membership or subscription is no longer necessary, or that you’re spending way more than you realize on dining out or retail therapy. Ultimately, digital tools like Mint will help you quickly identify areas for improvement.

2. Eliminate Impulse Buys
Making unnecessary purchases represents a huge leak in your budget and must be plugged immediately! Recognize when you’re most likely to make an impulse buy, and on what; do you always grab a treat at checkout, or find yourself at the department store after a stressful day at work? If so, eat something before running errands and call a friend or go for a long walk to blow off some steam (without blowing up your bank account!).

3. Scour for Savings
By now, most consumers realize paying full price for anything is pretty foolish. Eventually, everything goes on sale, whether it’s a car, big appliance or the latest fashion trend. Before you buy anything, always look for a coupon or discount to reduce the cost. This can be as easy as finding a coupon code through sites like, or holding off for a big sale weekend or end-of-season clearance to make your purchase.

4. Uncover New Strategies
In addition to coupons and sales, there are several ways to save money on purchases, and now is a great time to add them to your arsenal. While shopping online, you can use Ebates to earn cash on items you already plan to buy. Discount gift cards represent a great way to enhance savings, especially when you shop for the deepest discount through sites like

5. Soak Up Rewards
Many of us use credit cards on everyday expenses to rack up reward points and offset travel plans or earn gift cards. This is a great strategy (as long as you pay off those balances!) but it’s hard to know which credit card will give you the most rewards for specific purchases. Enter Wallaby, a digital tool that analyzes your credit cards and recommends the best card to use to optimize rewards.

Guest post by Andrea Woroch, a consumer and money-saving expert for Kinoli Inc. From smart spending tips to personal finance advice, Andrea transforms everyday consumers into savvy shoppers. As a sought-after media source, she has been featured among such top news outlets as Good Morning America, Today, CNN, Dr. OZ, New York Times, MONEY Magazine, Huffington Post, Forbes and many more. For more information, or follow her on Twitter for daily savings advice and tips.