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Capture is a great place to look for babysitters no matter what you personal situation is.

Register for FREE and find the best child care including babysitters, nannies, day care centers, back up care and after school care.

I think this is such an awesome resource! I heard about the website a while back but didn’t pay it too much attention since my kids are older and can stay home alone.

20130719174547-51468Then about 2 weeks ago I got an email that my son had signed up for an account to look for a job.

I guess I didn’t realize you could apply for a job through this service too!

In order for his account to be active he needed me to apply for my own account and approve his.  Now I get an email any time he does so I can see every single correspondence and I have to say so far I am beyond impressed. If you have a teen looking for a job, you might want to have them sign up too.

There is more than babysitting.  My son saw offers for house sitting, dog walking, and more. You can find all of the services available here.

You can set up an account and then post the services you can offer if you want to earn some extra income.

By the way they also have a really great service for finding caregivers.

CaptureWith school starting back up I know many of you are looking for ways to keep your kids safe during the after school hours, and definitely has the resources you need to find the perfect sitter for your family!

Sign up for your free account and see all that there is available to you!

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  1. This is interesting and I have always wondered about it. I have a close family member currently going through a divorce and has two young children. He may have to find a nanny or day care center for the youngest child. Thanks for sharing!

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