Names Of Jesus Advent Chain!

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I shared this the last couple years because I love it and look forward to making one each year.

I hope you will forgive me for being a bit late posting it this year, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to do even if it is a few days into December already.

I’m SO excited to share what I found the other day with you today!

When my kids were young one thing that we always did to count down the days until Christmas was make a Christmas countdown chain out of construction paper.  Each morning the would rush to remove one more chain link and watch as the days until Christmas got closer and closer.

I would have LOVED to know about this The Names of Jesus Advent Chain back then!

Although my kids are older now I still think I will do this today to remind me of what we are really counting down to!

Photo Credit: Spell Outloud

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Free Kids 30 Day Gratitude Journal

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Gratitude Journal

I found this FREE Kids 30 Day Gratitude Journal and knew right away that I wanted to share it with you!

If you are taking time this month to focus on Teaching Kids Thanksgiving, this 30 Days of Thanksgiving Journal is the perfect addition. It is important that we as parents foster a heart and attititude of thankfullness in our little ones, least they risk growing up to be entitled selfish adults.

Since the world is already filled with enough of those, I suggest taking the month of November to focus your child’s attention of the things they can be thankful for!

Get your FREE Kids 30 Day Gratitude Journal here.

Free Thanksgiving Road Trip Activity Book!

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If you plan on traveling during the upcoming Thanksgiving travel holiday you may want to consider print this FREE Thanksgiving Road Trip Activity Book for your kids!

We usually travel eight hours by car to my moms house and when our kids were littler we would bring anything that would occupy them even if it was just for a little while.

This free activity book will surely keep them busy!  It is packed with all kinds of activities and road games.

Get your FREE Thanksgiving Road Trip Activity Book today!

Free Veterans Day Activities For Kids!

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November 11th is Veterans Day!

I think it is important to teach our children to honor the men and women who sacrifice their lives daily so we can live ours!

To help you with this I have gathered what I consider to be some of the greatest FREE Veteran’s Day Activities for Kids available.

The US Dept. of Veterans Affairs has a teachers Veteran’s Day resource guide full of activities and valuable ideas to teach children the history of the day. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to find the link.

Enchanted Learning has a ton of Veterans Day printable activities.

Veterans Day Online Quiz

Veterans Day highschool activity.

Veteran’s Day Printables.

Tons of great Veteran’s Day Craft ideas for kids.

So go ahead and enjoy this special day with your kids, and remember to pray for the troops and their families who are still sacrificing today.

How will you celebrate our heroes on this day?  I’d love to hear your ideas, please leave them in the comments below!

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Monsters University Spooky Halloween Activities!

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Your kiddos are going to love these FREE Monsters University Activities perfect for Halloween!

Ways to Motivate Kids to Finish School Work

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7.31 Positively Encourage Children on Homework IMAGE

School homework assignments and homeschool work can present many challenges, especially when you are teaching a head strong child.

One of the greatest challenges can be unwillingness from the child to complete his or her work.

Here are a few ideas of how to better encourage your child to complete their homework or homeschool assignments in a positive and tantrum free way.

Make It a Race

Challenge your child to complete the assignment in a limited amount of time.

Set a stopwatch on your phone or a kitchen timer. Enthusiasm makes this very effective, especially for small children. Exclaim, “Okay, let’s see if you can finish ALL of this writing practice in one minute!! Ready? Set. GO!”

Or you can challenge them to race you with a particular chore.

Need to wash dishes or vacuum the floor? Say to your child, “I know you don’t like doing writing practice. You know what I don’t like doing? The dishes! But they both have to be done, so let’s have a race. Let’s see if you can finish your writing before I finish the dishes!”

You’ll both be encouraged to quickly complete a task that you aren’t necessarily looking forward to.

Create a Reward System

Create a system of rewards where they can earn a prize after completing a predetermined amount of assignments.

An example of this would be for every 10 assignments that they complete, they get to choose a gift from a gift box or closet.

Shop sales, garage sales and online deals to create a gift stash. You could include small toys such as Lego mini figures, Hot Wheels cars and other smaller toys for younger children. Or include vouchers for a pizza date, frozen yogurt stop or iTunes gift cards for older children.

You could create an assignment chart similar to a chore chart to track the completed work.

Use stickers to track each completed task and when your child reaches the predetermined amount of work, they get to choose a prize or gift as a reward.

You could even make a rule that a sticker is earned only if the task is completed without complaining.

Get the Worst Finished First

Is math your child’s least favorite subject? Does writing practice cause the most conflict?

Tackle the least favorite first!

This is often taught in time management classes and is a good tip for any project, chores or assignments.

Get the thing finished first that you are least looking forward to doing. This is great to apply to your children’s schoolwork as well.

Work Before Play

Create a rule that school or homeschool work must be completed before playtime has started.

It can be especially difficult to get your child to complete school assignments when they have to stop playing their video game or put down their toys to do so.

As soon as breakfast is over for homeschoolers or as soon as they get home from school, have them tackle their assignments.

Knowing once they are finished they will have free time to play or relax will be added motivation to get the assignments finished. For older children, you could even change the WiFi password each morning and tell them they can come to you for the password once they have completed assignments to show you.

Be Patient

Though this isn’t necessarily a tip to help your child complete their work, patience is key for yours and their sanity.

Try not to lose your cool while encouraging your children to finish their schoolwork.

If things get especially frustrating, step out of the situation for a moment and allow yourself to collect your thoughts. The same could be helpful for your child as well. If they get very frustrated, close the schoolbooks and have them take a few deep breaths before continuing.

Work together to maintain the peace in your home while completing necessary assignments.