TRESemmé Helps Unleash Your Inner Stylist

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Do you ever look back at pictures and realize maybe you had the same hairstyle for a little too long?

I definitely had that realization recently and that’s why I’m on the lookout for fun new styles I can recreate at home for the spring time .

TRESemmé has been perfect for my quest for a new look because they have so many helpful how-tos and tips so I can Unleash My Inner Stylist. I love that I can experiment with different looks and style without shelling out over hundreds of dollars on salon products.

Meijer and TRESemmé allow you to find your personal style and make every day more beautiful with quality products.

Check out some of my favorite how-to’s at Meijer’s TRESemmé page for fun new spring looks to try at home.

Meijer is my favorite place to pick up these amazing styling products because I can grab everything I need on my regular trip to the store. April is the perfect time to stock up because Meijer will be having many offers on TRESemmé in-store.

What spring style do you think you’ll try? Do you have any great at-home styling tips? Feel free to share in the comments below.Meijer_TresSpringStyling_Social_2[22]

Something I have noticed over the last several years as I continue to grow older is that my hair is starting to really show the signs of aging.

So far I have not noticed any grey hairs, although I am expecting them any day now.  But my hair feels dry and brittle and it just doesn’t hold the style I want it to like it used to.

hair before

I spotted TRESemmé Youth Boost at Meijer and knew right away that it was time to try something new.


Right away I could tell I was going to like it.  The shampoo was smooth and creamy and gave me a lot of lather, and the conditioner was perfectly creamy as well and rinsed away nice and clean.

After I towel dried my hair and brushed it I noticed it already felt thicker and fuller.  I couldn’t wait to blow dry it to see if the heat protectant made a difference in the way my final style turned out and I was thrilled that it didn’t leave any kind of weird residue on my hair.

I really don’t like when hair products leave your hair looking wet or dirty and I was happy that nothing I used from the TRESemmé line did that to me.

I love all of the healthy looking body that hair has after usingTRESemmé Youth Boost!

hair after

Buy $10 worth of  TRESemmé products and you’ll save $4 off your total instantly!


Meijer is having a pretty awesome sale right now if you would like to try something new this spring!


There are a lot of different products to choose from and I ended up bringing home a few different things to try because I was having such a time trying to decide.

I knew I needed to try the Youth Boost line, but I also wanted to try the Split Remedy line as well.  I went ahead and grabbed them both and plan to try the Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner tomorrow.

You can see all of the varieties available here.

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Do Over by Jon Acuff Giveaway

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Rich and I started reading the book Do Over by Jon Acuff together every chance we got a few weeks ago and it has completely changed how we are looking at the whole having to work to earn money to live thing.

Don’t make the same mistake that we did and assume that this book is all about getting the job you love. Yes it can help you with that, but this book is so much more!

It’s really about taking a good look at yourself and your relationships, and honestly taking inventory of your life and what you are placing value on. Mostly it is about making some real changes to the things that have been holding you back in all areas of your life, and I LOVE that!

With each turn of the page I could feel the reality of our perception changing and I knew I never wanted to go back to our old ways of thinking.

Jon talks about how for some people rock bottom is really nothing more than a trampoline and I like to think my husband and I are those people.

You know the ones that use rock bottom as an opportunity to spring back up out of the depths?

It could be they never ever want to find themselves that low again or so they can help others avoid ever ending up there in the first place.

The tagline on the cover says “Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck” which is exactly what we needed to hear.

Remember when you were a kid how easy it was to call a Do Over when things weren’t going your way?

Why can’t we do that still even though we are adults?

Jon Acuff knows that it is a very powerful tool to have in this life and he shares exactly how to position yourself to call a Do Over at any time that you realize things aren’t quite right in your life. He speaks from experience as he found himself in a position of walking out the Do Over himself not too long ago.Do-Over-Book

I share a lot here about the importance of creating a savings mindset.

After reading the book Do Over by Jon Acuff which is scheduled to hit bookstores everywhere on April 7th, I now realize there was a savings account I had neglected.

In Do Over, bestselling author Jon Acuff offers up his most important book yet, one that acts as a guide to making big career changes—by choice or necessity—and escaping the horrible feeling of being trapped in the wrong job.

Acuff finds it amazing that people spend more than eighteen years studying and preparing for college, but little or no time honing their careers between graduation and retirement. His response: an empowering tool he calls the Career Savings Account, which will change the way readers think about their skills, relationships, character, and work ethic.

Throughout the book, inspiring and funny true stories are featured—not merely just from Acuff, but also from friends who restarted their careers after a layoff, an extended maternity leave, or simply the realization that they were suffering fifty weeks a year just to pay the bills and enjoy two weeks of vacation. Everyone can benefit from Do Over, from new graduates to fifty-somethings and beyond.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind and before you know it your life has passed you by, you’re in pretty much the same spot and probably hate your job.

You do realize that you can change things right?

Using the common sense wisdom that Jon shares along with some humor to make the truth hurt a little less, I found myself challenged to make some changes and start investing in my Career Savings Account.

Relationships + Skills + Character x Hustle = Career Savings Account


There were a lot of aha moments for both my husband and myself as we were reading and thinking about the coming months as were making some changes in the area of how we earn money to live.

I especially appreciated the little assignments at the end of each chapter because it forced us to really figure some of the hard things out and see for ourselves in a concrete way how we needed to rearrange some of our relationships.

This is an easy to read book, and we loved the real stories that Jon shared of his own experiences that he has been through and how he found himself in a position that many would consider the bottom only to use the things he shares in the book to use a seemingly difficult situation to rise back up to the top in a new way.

Are you ready to make some changes and live a life you love?

This is so much more than we ever expected and I can’t recommend it enough!

You can preorder a copy here.

10498572_10205369679794869_1756804011843170205_o (1)

Enter to win a $25 Family Christian Gift Certificate today that you can use to get your own copy of the book Do Over by Jon Acuff!

Here’s how to enter:

Leave me a comment telling me why you would like to win.

This giveaway is open to all legal residents of the US age 18 and older and will end on April 3rd.

**Although the product for this review and giveaway was supplied to me free of charge from Family Christian, all opinions expressed are solely mine.

Our Home Remodel Update #ApexSiding #Ad

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Several years ago, after a long time saving and pinching our pennies we were finally able to buy our dream home.

Now let me clarify up front that our dream home is probably not at all what most people would consider a dream home. There was no flooring, the plumbing did not work. No washer or dryer hookup.  The boiler did not work.  The entire inside needed major repairs.

The house had been sitting for over two years when we bought it. We joked that the only reason we were able to buy it was because everyone else that walked through the house was scared away by what they faced inside.

We have basically had to replace every single thing in this house to make it livable.  We slept in the basement for months while we worked on the bathrooms and bedrooms before we were officially able to move in.

My husband and I eagerly took on the huge remodel project that is our home.

One thing we never really paid much attention to was the outside of the house.  I think the main reason was that in comparison to the inside of the house, the outside looked amazing!

PicMonkey CollageBut now that we are over 2/3 of the way finished with the inside, we are noticing some of the work we will need to address on the outside of our home, like the siding for example.

We have some areas of our siding where it is cracked and even missing chunks.  I blame this on the harsh weather we seem to have all winter long in this area that we affectionately call the snow belt.

I also have noticed in one area, that the previous owners must have gotten a bit carried away with a painting project that left some overspray on the siding, not to mention there is a bit of staining as well.

Buying a bank owned home has been quite an experience and so far well worth it.  We saved over $90,000 by buying our home and doing the work to get it up to par.

Our outside projects are going to be much more costly than anything we have done inside the home, so I want to be sure I am making the right choices when it comes to how we end up dealing with updating the siding.


My husband and I heard about a new siding product called Apex Ultrex Siding System, in fact it is so new that there are only two location in our area that offer it.

Click here to find a location near you.

We made an appointment to meet with someone to discuss what makes this new product superior to the other options.

I will say right up front that the cost is definitely more than traditional siding, BUT this product is made so well that you should never have to replace or repair it.

So while you will pay a little more up front, you’ll actually save in the long run.

They offer several choices such as wood gran or smooth finish and 4″ or 7″ widths. Plus, you are able to get this siding in darker colors which was impossible with aluminum and vinyl siding which is always in lighter colors.  I really LOVE the Wineberry and Bronze colors!


So what makes it superior?

It has a built in water management system that protects your home and the siding itself from water damage. This means no trapped moisture, no molding and no rotting wood.


Extremely low expansion/contraction rate keeps it from gaping.

It withstands extreme temperatures which is so important to us because we live in Michigan where we experience all the season in the most extreme ways.

CaptureHigh resistance to impact and resists chipping, breaking or splintering.

No painting or caulking necessary since it is virtually seamless.


It comes with a APEX Warranty that includes fading!  It has built in UV inhibitors that protect the siding from the sun damage that causes fading on traditional aluminum or vinyl sidings.

I was happy to hear that the two locations in Michigan are offering some pretty great deals right now!

Window Pro in Metro Detroit, is offering some great deals on any purchase, including APEX.  Currently they are offering $200 off per square plus 12 Months same as cash. Offer ends 12-14-14!

Performance Fiberglass is offering one-half off installation at this time too.


Things to Consider When Choosing Siding:

  • How well does it manage moisture?
  • Does it shrink and expand in changing weather?
  • Does it resist sand and dirt abrasion?
  • Does it resist UV light and sun fade?
  • Does it resist the impact of hard and sharp objects (i.e. hail, weed wackers, golf balls)?
  • How well does the manufacture stand behind the product?
  • Does it have the ability to perform over time?
  • Has the material been proven in the market?
  • How much maintenance and cost is required to maintain its performance and beauty?
  • Does it require caulking for performance?
  • Does it have a built in water management system?
  • Can it be produced with crisp edges and straight lines?
  • Can it be cut to exacting standards providing an authentic look?
  • Does it have exposed nails and screws?
  • How visible are the seams?

I think you can see after reading that list, why we are seriously considering choosing the Apex Ultrex Siding System when we are ready to replace of current siding.

My husband is a contractor, he does a lot of exterior painting and finish work.  After asking the representative from Performance every question imaginable, he agrees that this is a superior product.

He even hinted that this is the kind of product that could eventually put him out of business because it’s truly an install and forget about it kind of thing.  No more yearly maintenance necessary, other than maybe spraying off with a garden hose after the winter.

Although I like to save money when and wherever possible, I am a believer that there are just some things that are worth paying more for and a quality siding product is definitely one of the things I would rather pay more for and never have to deal with it again.


Download your own Apex Ultrex Siding Brochure.

*Although I did receive compensation for writing this post, all opinions expressed are solely my own.

Jan Karon Mitford Series Giveaway

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CaptureI was recently given the opportunity to read the first book in the popular Jan Karon Mitford Series.

At Home in Mitford is celebrating it’s 20th year in print!!!

It’s easy to feel at home in Mitford, North Carolina. In these high, green hills, the air is pure, the village is charming, and the people are friendly. Yet, Father Tim, the bachelor rector, wants something more. Enter a dog the size of a sofa who moves in and won’t go away.

Add an attractive neighbor who begins wearing a path through the hedge. Now, stir in a lovable but unloved boy, a mystifying jewel theft, and a secret that’s sixty years old. Suddenly, Father Tim gets more than he bargained for. And readers get a rich comedy about ordinary people and their ordinary lives.

I have to admit that I had never heard of this series before so I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into, but after reading the first book I can say that I totally understand why there are so many fans.

It took me a while to get into the story, but by the third chapter I was hooked!

Jan Karon has a way of creating a complete community that you truly do feel like you are part of the story.

This explains why she has so many die hard fans of her stories.

Jan Karon is the author of the bestselling series of nine Mitford novels featuring Father Timothy Kavanagh, an Episcopal priest, and the fictional village of Mitford. Set in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Karon’s Mitford books include At Home in Mitford; A Light in the Window; These High, Green Hills; Out to Canaan; A New Song; A Common Life: The Wedding Story; In This Mountain; Shepherd’s Abiding; and Light from Heaven. The Father Tim Novels include “Home to Holly Springs” and last fall’s release of “In the Company of Others,” set in County Sligo, Ireland. There are over 40 million Mitford and Father Tim novels, childrens books, and CDs in print.


I wanted to let you know that the newest Mitford novel, Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good is available for pre-buy through Family Christian on sale for just $19.97 (Was $27.95).

The book officially releases on 9/2, but you’ll want to pre-order your book today because the first 150 pre-buys get an autographed copy!

Official Family Christian Blogger

One person will have the chance to win the entire Jan Karon Mitford Series FREE!

Plus 4 lucky winners will receive the newest book in the series, Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good.

Best Buy Audio Fest; JBL Audio Review

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In honor of the fact that it is time for the Best Buy Audio Fest happening now through August 30th!

Best Buy helps you enhance your home entertainment experience and upgrade your sound with additional components, speakers and headphones.

Now through 8/30/14 Best Buy will feature one month of deals audio specials, events & more.

  • Best Buy is gathering the best offers on the best audio products throughout the entire month of August.
  • Visit a Best Buy store to test & try the latest & greatest in audio – from portable Bluetooth speakers and headphones, to home theater solutions and car audio.
  • Best Buy has the best selection of audio products – come in and let Best Buy teach you how to upgrade your sound; LOVE THE WAY YOU LiSTEN.

jbl audio

Best Buy sent me a couple great JBL Audio products that I knew my guys were going to love the moment they set eyes on them and I was right.

The biggest challenge for me was going to be getting them to decide which one each of them would lay claim to. Thankfully it was not that difficult and they both were happy with their gadgets.

JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth SpeakerI received the JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker in blue, with a retail value of $49.99 which I knew was going to be something they would both like to use, but ultimately my husband was the one who had the best case for why he should get it.

With Bluetooth technology, this JBL Clip speaker enables wireless music streaming and phone calls when paired with a compatible device. The built-in carabiner creates a ready-to-wear design, making it easy to take the speaker on the go.

As the name implies, the Clip is meant to be mated to your backpack, bike, pants – pretty much any clip-able locale – with an integrated carabiner, so it can throw down a soundtrack for your travels. And with summer on the way, hopefully you’ll be going a few places where having a bit of music (or, you know, audio books, if that’s your thing) might make a pleasant addition to your journey.

JBL speaker

My husband works in construction and one thing he depends on to get himself through each day is music.

Although he has used his phone to play music in the past, it just was never loud enough and he was always stuck having to wear earbuds. But now that he has this JBL Clip Speaker, he can take his music to any room he travels to without unplugging and moving it.

He is able to use the clip to hook it to the loop in his pants.  No worries about leaving it behind.

JBL headphone blackI also received JBL Reflect Sport Headphones in black, with a retail value $59.99 which are made for athletics.

Sport headphones from JBL to drive you closer to your goals. The ultimate workout partner, the Reflect combines cutting-edge style with innovative features. Providing legendary sound in a workout-ready headphones design, it puts you well on your way to achieving your athletic goals. Designed to stay secure in your ears, these ergonomic, stay-put ear-buds are engineered to withstand the rigors of your most energetic workout, delivering on the soundtrack to push you to drive harder.

I knew right away that my son was going to claim those, and I was right.  Now whenever he is outside playing basketball he wears these earbuds.  The sound is amazing and much better than the last pair that he wore.

Plus they are made to stay put, which is perfect for a tough game of basketball.

The first time he put them in he wasn’t really sure that he was even going to like them.  But after just a few minutes playing he was hooked by the fact that they really do stay put.  In his words, there is no other way to play basketball now.

I am pretty sure these JBL headphones have changed the game for my son!!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

iParent.TV Early Bird Offer

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Is it really possible to safeguard your kids online experiences?

Check out some of these shocking statistics:

  • 38% of kids under 2 years old use smart phones or tablets
  • 70% of teens ages 13 – 17 use smart phones
  • 62% of parents do not think their children can get into serious trouble online
  • 80% of parents have no idea how to monitor their kids online activity
  • 74% of parents say they do not have the time or energy to keep up with their children online

They say that 58% of 10 – 12 year old kids believe they know how to hide their online activities from their parents!

Don’t think your kids would? No one ever does.

46% of kids said they would change their online behavior if they knew their parents were paying attention.

I will admit that when my daughter was entering her tween years I was not at all as savvy about technology and the internet as I thought I was.

I never allowed our kids to have the internet in their bedrooms and we had one loacalized computer area in our family room where everyone spent their evenings together.  We also had a great pornography blocker on our router that would work on all devices using Wi-Fi.

Here was a mom who spent several hours a day online, and yet I was unaware of all of the ways our children could easily be online without our knowing it.

First of all let me just say that I have learned if you want to know anything about the internet or technology, just ask a kid.  Chances are fairly good that they will know more than you do.

It’s almost as if this age of technology is in their DNA.  They’ve grown up with it as a large part of their lives.  We see babies that are better able to navigate a smart phone or tablet than some adults.

Technology and the internet are wonderful things that have changed the way we live our lives forever.

And try as we may, there is no getting away from it.

Unfortunately for all the good that comes from it, there are those who have found the worst ways to use it, and they don’t care if your kids are exposed. In fact I believe that it really the ultimate intent.

It reminds me of the cigarette industry when I was a kid.  They marketed to us knowing that if they could get us hooked we would be a customer for life. The same is true for the pornography industry.

Parents, we need to know what is new all the time.

And it is changing all the time!

Before you even get a grasp on some form of technology, something new will come along and take its place.

This is where iParent.TV offers parents the edge they need to stay ahead of their kids.

What is iParent.TV? If kids are awake, they are probably on a smartphone, in front of a smart TV, downloading apps, or posting to social networks. And most likely parents have no idea what they are doing. Founded by author, pastor and father Craig Gross, iParent.TV is a yearly, subscription-based website for teaching and informing parents on all things tech, mobile, devices, websites and apps for kids. The site is currently in development and expected to launch in July 2014.

The Problem. Most parents don’t have an inside track to tech or social media dangers, let alone how to safeguard their kids against them. As I stated earlier, the statistics are shocking!

  • 58 percent of 10- to 12-year-old kids believe they know how to hide their online activities from their parents.
  • 46 percent of kids said they would change their online behavior if they knew their parents were paying attention.

Introducing iParent.TV. iParent.TV is designed to keep parents ahead of the tech curve. It will help parents understand, get involved and safeguard their children in the ever-evolving tech world. iParent.TV educates parents with all the latest trends via websites, social media, apps and devices.

The idea. It started with a group of dads who felt like their 9 year olds knew more about tech than they did. They were right. But their idea will help change that forever for all parents. Once launched, iParent.TV will have hundreds of videos and product reviews that are current, cutting edge and trending, keeping parents who subscribe ahead of the tech curve.

How it will work? iParent.TV will be a subscription-based site costing $49 per year for parents to access videos, reviews, how-tos, and live chat support. It will be the largest website on the Internet helping parents understand what’s safe and what’s not in the world of tech.

The founders of iParent.TV are currently raising funds through Indiegogo, offering interested individuals the opportunity to become early adopters with special subscription rates through mid-March. The website is scheduled to officially launch in July 2014.

You can see how far they have already come in their efforts to get this fully funded.

They are offering a special early bird signup for parents for only $29 for the entire year!


By 2015, there’ll be 15 BILLION internet-connected devices in use around the world. That’s more than two for every person on the planet!

Some of the things you’ll get from iParent.TV:

Answers to questions about iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Xbox One, Playstation 4, WiiU, Roku, Apple TV, Smart TVs, Google TV, Mac, PC, and Google Chromebooks.
Questions like:
1. How to secure WiFi?
2. How to check internet history for internet behaviors?
3. How to easily filter/restrict certain sites?
4. How to monitor your child’s email account?
5. How to disable location services on phones to keep kids safe?
6. Why does an app need access/permissions to camera, data and contacts?

Reviews for apps like Badoo, Kik Messenger, Jelly, The Whisper App, App, Tinder, Hot or Not, FB Messenger, Vine, WhatsApp, TextNow, Viber, Wire, Poke, Wickr, MineCraft, Instagram, Glide, Break The Ice, Keek, Miumeet, Facetune, Tango Messenger, WeChat, Line, Wanelo, Oovoo, Shazam, Pulse, Feedly, Foursquare, Lulu.

Sites like,, Stumbleupon,, Medium, Vimeo, Craigslist, Backpage, Deviant Art, Reddit, Hulu, Netflix, Viddlr, MTV, VH1, Funny or Die , Ebay, Skype, WebKinz,, Quora, RuneScape, Arcane Legends, Chatroulette, Zynga, Addictinggames,, Yahoogames, photobucket, Disney, Cartoon Network, Blogger, Statigram + App, TinyChat, PopCap,

Tips for sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Myspace, Flickr, Pheed, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram, WordPress, and Blogger.


You can stay up to date by following iParent.TV on Facebook or following iParent.TV on Twitter.

I have thought back to those days when I thought I was doing a good job with keeping our kids safe online and regretted not knowing better than I did. We could have avoided so many things had I just been aware of the ways that technology had changed.

For less than the price of a coffee, you can be well equipped to help guide your kids through what could easily be a treacherous sea of technology and have a safe sailing experience.

Find out more about iParent.TV on their IndiGoGo page here.

*Although I was compensated for this post, I stand behind what this company is doing and all opinions expressed are solely my own.