Restaurant Coupons

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If you plan on eating at a restaurant any time soon you will definitely want to check out this list of coupons to save on your bill.

5 Ways to Save on Your Restaurant Bill

Top Restaurant Coupons:

Black Angus Steakhouse – $17.99 Mixed Grill Trio (exp: 8/10/2015)
Bob Evans – Buy 1 Breakfast Entree Get 1 50% Off When You Buy 2 Drinks (exp: 8/12/2015)
Brueggers – Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coconut Iced Coffee (exp: 8/2/2015)
Carls Jr – $1 Off Mushroom & Swiss All-Natural Burger Combo (exp: 9/6/2015)
Carrabbas – 15% Off Carry-Out or Dine-In Meal (exp: 8/2/2015)
Chuck E Cheese – 50% Off Large Thin & Crispy Specialty Pizza + More (exp: 8/10/2015)
Cocos – $2 Off $10 Food Purchase (exp: 8/16/2015)
Hardees – $1 Off Any Size All Natural Burger Combo (exp: 8/30/2015)
Jacks – $3.50 Hamburger, Fry, Small Drink & Pie + More (exp: 8/18/2015)
Longhorn Steakhouse – $3 Off 2 Adult Lunch Entrees (exp: 8/14/2015)
Marie Callenders – $5 Off $20 Purchase (exp: 8/5/2015)
Mimis Cafe – Buy 1 Get 1 Free Entree When You Buy 2 Drinks (exp: 8/1/2015)
Monicals Pizza – $21 for 16 Inch Thin Crust 1-Topping Family Pleaser + More (exp: 8/30/2015)
Olive Garden – $5 Off $30 Catering or To Go Orders (exp: 8/2/2015)
Outback Steakhouse – 15% Off Entire Lunch or Dinner Check (exp: 8/4/2015)
Rubios – $1 Off Shrimp & Bacon Salad (exp: 8/23/2015)
Smokey Bones – $5 Off $15 Purchase (exp: 8/2/2015)
Souper Salad – $6.49 Adult Buffet (exp: 8/2/2015)
Togos – Free 20 oz. Drink with Any Salad Purchase (exp: 8/2/2015)

Thanks to Surviving the Stores for this list!

Best Back to School Deals & Steals

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back to school deals

One of the Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping Costs is by starting early and shopping the sales each week!

Here are the BEST School Supply Deals happening this week!

I realize that some of us just got out of school and are beginning our vacations, but some states are headed back to school at the beginning of August.

These are the deals I would grab this week, remember we have a lot of time. I like to pick up the best deals each week instead of doing one huge shopping trip.

Also if you don’t have kids in school this year, you can still take advantage of the deals to restock your home office for the entire year.

Thanks to Passion for Savings for supplying this list for us.21968241_s
Here are the BEST School Supply Deals happening this week! These are the deals I would grab this week, remember we have a lot of deals including the full lists for each store listed on our Back to School Sales page.

Office Depot Back to School Deals

12 Pack No. 2 Pencils-$0.01 with $5 Min. Purchase

Plastic Rulers-$0.01 with $5 Min. Purchase

Protractors-$0.01 with $5 Min. Purchase

Sharpie Single Markers-$0.25

8 pk. Mechanical Pencils-$0.25


Staples Back to School Deals

12 Pack Eraser Caps-$0.25


Poly Cover Composition Books-$0.50

Pencil Box-$0.50

Pentel RSVP Pens 5 pk.-$1

Staples Classic Markers-$0.97

Walgreens Back to School

Wexford 2 Pocket Folders-$0.10 (Limit 10)

Pencils, Wexford Highlighters, Sticky Notes-6/$1
with In Ad Coupon

Glue, Scissors, Compass-$0.39
with In Ad Coupon

1 Subj. Notebook, 8 pk. No. 2 Pencils-$0.39
with In Ad Coupon

Scotch Tape 2 Pack with Color Dispenser-$0.69
with In Ad Coupon

4 pk. Retractable Gel Pens, Filler Paper-$0.79
with In Ad Coupon

Paper Mate Pens Inkjoy 8 pack-$0.99
$0.55/1 Paper Mate Pens Pack, exp. 9/20/15 (SS 07/26/15) [Excludes 2 in 1 stylus pen]
$0.44 after coupon!

CVS Back to School Deals

Buy 1, Get $5 Extra Care Bucks (Limit 1)
$4.99 after ECB!

Crayola Products-Buy 1, Get 1 50% off
Spend $20, Get $5 Extra Care Bucks (Limit 1)

Walmart Back to School Deals

2 Pocket Folders – $0.17

1 Subject Notebooks – $0.25

Elmer’s Glue Sticks (Singles) – $0.25

No 2 Pencils (8 pack) – $0.47

Crayola Crayons (24 count) – $0.50

Elmers Glue (4 oz.) – $0.50

Composition Notebooks – $0.50

Rite Aid Back to School Deals

Mead Composition Books-3/$1.98
Buy 3, Get 100 Points (Limit 2)
$0.33 ea. wyb 3 after Points!


Pencil Cases or Sharpeners-3/$0.99


I am fully expecting the deals to get even better in the coming weeks!

5 Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping Costs

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Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping

I know some of us are still basking in the summer sun and ignoring the fact that shorter school days are just around the corner.  But I was surprised to see several trees have already begun to change their colors and I couldn’t ignore the fact that there were many moms with kids in the Target Back to School section the other day while I was there.

I read this news report last year that stated the average parents are spending is $688 on Back to School per child!  

We homeschool, and even with classes & curriculum I don’t think we have ever spent that much on school.  Maybe I am so far removed from reality and have no concept of how much it costs to send your kids to school, but this seems a bit outrageous to me especially considering the fact that we are supposed to be living in a time of recession.

Other than following my Back to School Deals here, there are a few other things you can do to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck this year.

back to school

So whether you are ready for it or not, I am here to offer you some helpful tips to save on this years Back to School shopping with the following Five Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping.

  1. Take an inventory.  Look in your children’s closets & dressers and get together a list of what they already have that you can skip buying right now.  Then you can see what they still need and go from there.
  2. Set a budget and make a list. Once you have your inventory in hand you can sit down and set a budget with your kids.  It really helps to let them know before heading to the stores how much you have to spend on them.  This will help avoid any fights while you are in the store over the latest and greatest unnecessary items. Since there are only 5 days in a school week, you really only need to come up with a couple outfits.  Try to buy things that can be interchangable to create even more outfits with just a few simple pieces.
  3. Don’t buy snack sizes.  When it comes to lunches, don’t fall prey to snack-size options when planning school lunches. Buy a full-size bag of crackers and then make your own snack sizes with reusable containers to save a ton on snacks. Also make sure to pick up a reusable Lunch Kit like these ones to save on bags.
  4. Plan ahead. Take some time to check out all of the sales papers to find out where you can pick up the things on your list for the least amount of money! You can go here to find out what all of the current Back to School sales are to find out where to go for the best deals on school supplies!  Also consider picking up a few extra school supplies while they are so inexpensive to have on hang during the year when you child runs out.
  5. Keep everything in perspective. Really, keep in mind that you are sending your kids to school to learn. Of course we want them to feel confident and we all know that looking great helps especially with older kids. But be careful that you are not sending the message that the way they look, or the things they have are more important that getting a great education!

I can’t help but think after reading the article that said parents are spending $688 per child on Back to School that maybe these parents are forgetting the reason for school?

You can see even more great ideas in this Woman’s Day article How to Save Money on Back to School.

Also, if you plan to do any online school shopping you will want to make sure you check the Online Coupon Database for coupon codes to help you save even more!

Pottery Barn Inspired Living Room for Less

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7.6 Pottery Barn Living Room for Less MOODBOARDI hope that you have enjoyed this new series of Designer Room Looks for Less.

  1. Emmeline Tufted Sofa (Target) — $399.99
    —> Compare to $2,999.00 from Pottery Barn
  2. Emmeline Tufted Chair (Target) – $263.99
    —> Compare to $1,549.00 from Pottery Barn
  3. Bamboo Coffee Table (Amazon) – $119.43
    —> Compare to $349.99 from Pottery Barn
  4. Bamboo End Table (Amazon) – $88.16
    —> Compare to $249.99 from Pottery Barn
  5. Safavieh Table Lamp (Target) – $149.99
    —> Compare to $200.00 from Pottery Barn
  6. Spiceberry Leaf Pillow (Amazon) – $18.95
  7. Geraldton Stripe Pillow (Target) – $36.99
    —> Compare to $39.50 from Pottery Barn
  8. Safavieh 2-Pack Floral Pillows (Target) – $36.99
    —> Compare to $59.50 from Pottery Barn
  9. Annandale Area Rug (Target) – $199.99
  10. Threshold Woven Throw Blanket (Target) – $19.997.6 Pottery Barn Living Room for Less VERTICAL

Aldi Freezer Meal Plan: 12 Meals for $70

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Looking for a simple dinner solution to get through the rest of the summer?

Here is a brand new set of freezer-friendly meals using ingredients from Aldi!

Put together 12 meals in about an hour, and it’ll cost less than $70.

The heat is upon us and the last thing you want to be doing is warming up the kitchen every day.

The less time I have to spend thinking about and preparing dinner, the more time I get to spend enjoying the last days of summer.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather spend time creating amazing memories and moments to cherish forever, than sweat away in the kitchen.

I’d much rather spend an hour in the kitchen getting a bunch of meals pulled together to last several weeks, then not have to think about or worry about what’s for dinner at the end of an exhausting day of summer fun.

It’s about more than time too…it’s about money.

I know, for me, the temptation to hit the drive thru is much higher in the summer months. And that gets expensive fast!

I want your meals this summer to be simple and easy, and I know you do too…


This meal plan is a little different from our other meal plans:

  • Now with 12 meals. Short, simple and delicious.
  • Calls for ingredients from Aldi. BUT…
  • It can really be used at ANY GROCERY STORE. (Note: the shopping list is written so it can be used at any grocery store. It doesn’t include Aldi brand names.)
  • Delicious freezer-friendly grilling recipes mixed with some pasta and soup recipes for the freezer.

You can expect the same great shopping list, recipes list, printable labels, assembly instructions and access to exclusive video of yours truly assembling all the meals.

{It took just over 1 hour to put together 12 meals for the freezer…and you can watch the video of the assembly process so you don’t feel alone in your efforts.}

Check out the new Aldi Freezer Meal Plan here.

9 Store Brand Items That Are Better Than Their Name-Brand Competitors

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There are many choices to make every time you browse store aisles.

One of them involves deciding whether to buy a name-brand product or one that’s similar but packaged under a store brand.

Is There a Major Difference?

People often don’t realize that in many cases, the ingredients used to make store-brand products are identical to those that make up the name brands. Also, items marketed under Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand, like products sold by Trader Joe’s own label, are specifically sought out because they are particularly high quality.

Best of all, store brand items are usually less expensive than the name-brand counterparts, but they taste or work just as well, and sometimes even better. You’ll find some examples below.

1. Vegetable Lasagna

When compared with the Amy’s Organic brand, this Italian favorite is delicious. Also, if you’re resistant to making the switch to Trader Joe’s version after being loyal to Amy’s Organic, don’t fret. Trader Joe’s has a very liberal return policy. You can bring back something just because you don’t like how it tastes, which means it’s easy to try things without the risk of wasting money.

2. Hair Products

The Harmon brand sells hair care products like shampoos and conditioners that are very similar to salon brand versions but cost much less. Take this for starters: Nexxus Hair Therapy Moisture Shampoo costs approximately $10.99 per bottle, but Harmon’s version is just about $5.99.

Even more surprising, the Nexxus bottle is just 13.5 ounces, while Harmon gives you 16 ounces. The next time your stylist tries to get you to stock up on a salon brand, see what Harmon has to offer first.

3. Breakfast Cereals

Like most of the other items on the list, store-brand cereals sold at places like Kroger and Publix often have identical ingredient lists, but they’re kinder to a budget. Maybe the store-brand cereal doesn’t feature the familiar images characters like Snap, Crackle and Pop or Toucan Sam, but it probably tastes the same and costs less.

At Kroger, you can buy a box of Froot Loops for about $2.50, or get a box of the store’s brand of Fruit Rings cereal that’s twice as large but only pay $2.99 for the larger quantity.

4. Razor Blades

Is Gillette really “the best a man can get,” as the advertising slogan claims? You may not think so after you try the razor blade cartridges available from Walgreens.

An eight-pack of Gillette Mach3 blade cartridges will set you back more than $15, but a similar eight-pack, triple-blade style of Walgreens’ own cartridges is just $10.99. Maybe knowing that will be helpful the next time you’re short on cash and tempted to alternate days of shaving to compensate.

5. Paper Products

The last thing you want is to have your toilet paper or paper towel fall apart while you’re using them. But since these paper items are considered a necessity in most (if not all) households, it would be great to find a brand that you can buy without sacrificing the quality of absorbency. Generally speaking, it’s not recommended to go generic when it comes to paper products – especially paper towels – unless they’re the Kirkland brand. Costco’s paper products are worth every penny, and many argue that they’re better than most of its name brand competitors.

If you don’t have a Costco membership, the Wegman’s paper brand products are great as well.

6. Ketchup

The Heinz brand has a dominant market share of 60% in the U.S. and 70% in Canada. So this must mean that Heinz is the absolute perfection when it comes to all things ketchup right? Not quite. The Great Value Ketchup from Walmart actually exceeds the Heinz ketchup in my opinion. It has a very-well balanced flavor that is fit to contend as a rival against the dominant Heinz.

7. Canned Vegetables

With generic brands of canned vegetables, you’ll find that they look less appealing. The size of the vegetable pieces will be largely inconsistent, and the color might even look duller. However, it’s still worth buying the generic brand if you only care for the taste and cost savings.

8. Vanilla Ice Cream

You’d be surprised at how many store brand ice creams are on par with their “superior” national brand competitors. You won’t be sacrificing too much texture or taste with a generic brand of vanilla ice cream. I don’t even think you’ll notice the difference at all – especially in a milkshake.

9. Dish soap

A lot of people may call Ajax the poorman’s dish soap, but their formula is effective and does the job well. While Dawn has a wide variety of different scents and formulas, this makes their quality differ with each different type of liquid. Ajax on the other hand, carries consistency throughout their entire product line. If you want to try something new, go ahead and grab that bottle of Ajax on your next grocery run.

It’s Not Always Best to Buy the Store Brand

It should now be clear that choosing to buy store label items over the brand names could save you a significant amount of money, and you may not even be able to tell a difference in the way they perform or taste.

In some cases though, personal preference may make it so you just can’t even entertain the idea of buying a store brand instead of a name brand. Even then, you can still save money by making some small adjustments.

Perhaps you love Starbucks’ Veranda Blend and haven’t been able to find a suitable swap. Consider continuing to buy it faithfully, but start using alternative brands of coffee filters rather than ones manufactured for your Cuisinart machine under its brand. That allows you to cut costs somewhere, but in a way that doesn’t make you give up what you love.

Valid reasons for buying name-brand items exist, but if you always gravitate toward the name brand just because you’re sure it’s better and haven’t even tried similar options, maybe it’s time to branch out and watch your savings grow.

Anum Yoon is a writer and blogger with a passion for money management and a productive lifestyle. You can also find Anum on her personal blog, Current on Currency, and subscribe to her blog newsletter right here.