Pottery Barn Inspired Living Room Look

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4.17 Pottery Barn Living Room for Less MOODBOARD

I love how easy it can be to create a room that looks just as good as the ones I see in my Pottery Barn magazine.

With a little bit of detective work looking through a couple of my favorite sites like Target and Amazon, you can usually find very similar pieces for a fraction of the cost!

4.17 Pottery Barn Living Room for Less VERTICAL

  1. Abbeyson Living Michelle Fabric Sectional (Target) – $2,499.99 (Compare to $3,464 from Pottery Barn)
  2. Bay Shore Coffee Table (Target) – $197.99 (Compare to $999 from Pottery Barn)
  3. Bay Shore Accent Table (Target) – $152.99 (Compare to $299 from Pottery Barn)
  4. Winsome Rochester Sofa Table (Target) – $64.54
  5. Safevieh Courtyard Area Rug, 5×7 (Kohl’s) – $143.99 (Compare to $299 from Pottery Barn)

  6. Threshold Downbridge Floor Lamp (Target) – $79.99 (Compare to $379 from Pottery Barn)
  7. Room Essentials Textured Throw Pillow, Yellow (Target) – $22.49 (Compare to $39.50 from Pottery Barn)
  8. Room Essentials Textured Throw Pillow, Grey (Target) – $22.49 (Compare to $49.99 from Pottery Barn)
  9. Threshold Dutchwax Floral Quilted Sham (Target) – $19.99
  10. Threshold Stripe Throw Blanket (Target) – $24.99

  11. Threshold Wicker Round Basket (Target) – $24.49
  12. Glass Bottle, 14″ (Target) – $62.99
  13. Threshold Glass Vase (Target) – $12.99
  14. Eagle Brewing Green Glass Jar (Amazon) – $47.95
  15. Nearly Natural Artificial Plant (Target) – $106.994.17 Pottery Barn Living Room for Less PRICES

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Pottery Barn Inspired Room

Sam’s Club Dare to Compare

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This post brought to you by Sam’s Club . The content and opinions expressed below are that of Saving Dollars and Sense.


If you are planning a summer vacation with your family this year make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape to avoid any unexpected delays or expenses.

I speak from experience on this as we found ourselves stranded on the side of the expressway after narrowly making it across all three lanes after our tire exploded.  Here is a photo of what we found we we finally were able to get out of the car to see what that scary loud noise was.

I wish I had known about Sam’s Club #DareToCompare

A Sam’s Club membership can get you so much more that great prices on bulk food and household products.

In fact, did you know that they have a really great tire sales and installation department as well? My sister told me that she was getting her new tires from Sam’s Club years ago and I was surprised to find that they had the best prices on the top brands.

These tire brands include: Michelin, Goodyear, BF Goodrich and Pirelli.

Not only does Sam’s Club offer a fabulous price on tires, but they also include the Tire Installation Package with each tire purchase. The Tire Installation Package makes this deal unbeatable! ($15/tire, $25/dually tire).

The Sam’s Club Tire Installation Package* provides purchasing members with the following benefits and services for as long as they remain an active member of Sam’s Club: Tire Mounting Tire Lifetime Balancing Tire Lifetime Rotation A Value Stem No Charge Tire Lifetime Flat Repair 24-hour Emergency Roadside Service.

Complete terms and conditions of all Sam’s Club warranties and services can be obtained at any Sam’s Club Tire and Battery Center location.

What a perfect deal for upcoming summer road trips!

Sam’s Club works hard everyday to save their members money on tires. Let Sam’s Club help you save and get summer ready today! Their tagline is “We offer the best tire brands at the best “all-in” price, and we’ll match it!*

How the Sam’s Club “Dare to Compare” offer works:

Bring a valid “all-in” quote from a tire sales and installation retailer to your Sam’s Club Tire and Battery Center service counter. The quote must be printed on dealer/retailer letterhead and dated within the past 7 business days. The tire must be the same brand, same line, same load index and speed rating (service description) as the tire intended for purchase at Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club carries some club-specific tire lines – in these cases, Sam’s Club will compare the club-specific tire line to the equivalent general-market tire line. Sam’s Club considers the following tire lines to be equivalent and will price match accordingly:

Club-Specific Tire Model General-Market Tire Model BFGoodrich Touring T/A BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Michelin Defender XT Michelin Defender Michelin X Radial LT2 Michelin LTX M/S2

BF Goodrich $50/$70 off set of 4

Michelin $70 off set of 4

Pirelli $80 Instant Savings

Goodyear $70 off set of 4

Pull in to your local Sam’s Club to get everything checked and new tires before your next summer trip!

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Essential Oils Starter Kit Just Got Better!!!

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I wanted to let you know about a special that Young Living is offering while supplies last!

The Premium Starter Kit is an amazing deal and already includes 10 of the most popular Everyday Essential Oils, these are the ones I use pretty much every single day.  In fact I carry most of them in my purse so I always have them on hand no matter where I am.

Plus you get a diffuser, a bonus bottle of Citrus Fresh which makes my home smell ah-mazing and a bunch of samples and educational materials.


And now for a limited time you will get another bonus oil!!!

Plus don’t forget that I am still offering everyone that orders this Premium Starter Kit a Welcome Package that includes everything you need to get started on your own oily journey today. Plus you will gain access to our exclusive members-only groups where you can join others in learning to use your oils.

This offer won’t last, so if it is something you have been considering I would love to help you get started!

Being Frugal With Time

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I spend a lot of time talking about frugality when it comes to things like groceries, energy, and gas. But there is one are where we can choose to be frugal that often gets overlooked.

After almost a year of my husband being laid off we easily found ourselves regularly sleeping until 8 am or more.

This had quickly become a habit and I didn’t even realize how wasteful I was being. I would never think to waste money in this way. And yet for some reason my time didn’t seem like a valuable thing?

Now that my husband is back to work we have been waking up again at 5 am every morning. I get the opportunity to spend alone time with my husband every single morning! I cannot tell you how much I have come to love these few early morning hours alone after my husband has left and before my kids awaken.

I can get so much accomplished between 6-8 am!

I was really missing out on those extra 2 hours in the morning to get stuff done before the kids started their day when I was staying in bed until 8 am. Before I began starting my day earlier I was beginning to feel like I was drowning.  I felt that I just didn’t have enough time in a day.

My home was suffering from it. My family was suffering from it. My kids schooling was suffering from it. My relationship with the Lord was suffering from it.

This is just to name a few areas where I was seeing the effects of those missing 2 hours.

And all the while I was complaining in my head (and occasionally out loud) that I just didn’t have enough time. Whining about how hard I had it and how much I was responsible for.  I had turned into a brat.  My attitude stunk and my heart began to fill with bitterness and regret.  I was in serious trouble if I continued down this road.

And then my husband got his job back and that meant we had to put an end to our wastefulness with our time.

I am thankful that I was able to reclaim those missing hours.  It has made all the difference.  I am able to spend time with the Lord and my husband, get a jump start on the days chores, blog, and just enjoy some time alone before the rest of the world wakes up and begins chipping away at my time.

Now, instead of saying I need a couple more hours in the day to get it all done I’ll be using the couple hours a day that the Lord is giving me.

I’m not trying to imply that everyone needs to be up at 5 am because I know each person has their own set of circumstances to work with. All I am trying to say is that you could reevaluate where you are.  Can you set the alarm just 15 minutes earlier, maybe a half hour even to prepare yourself for the challenges of the day to come.

Proverbs 31:15

She’s up before dawn, preparing breakfast
for her family and organizing her day.

The Message Bible Translation

I have recently started a new 14-Day eCourse to help me Makeover My Mornings and I would love to have you join me!

This 14-day eCourse is designed it with every woman in mind — whether you’re working, stay at home, married, single, or have kids or not.

If you purchase it and find it’s not what you expected or doesn’t live up to your expectations in any way, we are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

So, there’s literally zero risk in purchasing this! Go pick up your copy here www.MakeOverYourMornings.com

14 Days to Makeover Your Mornings

This post may contain affiliate links – your clicking on them helps support our family.
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If you are like most of us, you probably have a really difficult time trying to juggle it all right?

It seems like I am constantly revisiting different ways to make my life just a little less hectic, which is why I was thrilled to get a chance to check out a brand new 2 – week program that is sure to make your life run so much more smoothly!

Go to MakeoverYourMornings.com to grab it now.

Following these daily 15 minutes classes you’ll be able to live a life that is intentional and get more done each and every day.

It is time to stop letting life just happen to you.  It’s time for you to start happening to life!

My friend Crystal has learned the secrets to getting more done each day and using the first hours to do so through trial and error and she is generously offered to share everything she has learned with us.

There is no pressure in this, you only need 15 minutes a day and you choose when you have the time to do each lesson.

Just log in and watch the video lesson for the day you are on, then complete the simple assignment for the day.

You can sign up today here.

The Crazy-Can’t-Miss-Low-Low-Low Launch Sale Prices:

  • 12 a.m. to 7 a.m. ET on June 2, 2015 – just $5!!!
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  • 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. – just $7!
  • 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. – only $10!
  • 5 p.m. – 12 a.m. – only $13!

I would love for you to join me on this 14-Day Online Course Challenge to reclaiming our lives once and for all!

Please leave me a comment below if you are planning to do this with me.

Sandals Starting At $12.95 Shipped!

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Cents of Style is offering several styles of sandals on sale starting at $12.95 with FREE Shipping!

It’s that time of year. The sun is shining, birds are chirping and it’s time to get the shorts, tanks and sandals out and enjoy the warmer weather.

Check out the largest selections of sandals starting from $12.95 & FREE SHIPPING when you use the coupon code SANDALSALE during checkout.