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I don’t know about you, but every Christmas I spend a lot of time trying to come up with THE perfect gift for each person on my list.

I never want to give someone a gift that will never be used or enjoyed. I don’t think that means I need to spend a lot of money, but I love the look on the gift recipients face when they open their gift to find something they will really love.

Samantha Bee and Ebay have teamed up to offer you the “Unwrap Attack” videos this holiday season.

What’s an “Unwrap Attack” you may be asking?

It’s that moment when the person opening a gift realizes what it is and they cannot contain their excitement.  It’s that look I hope to see each time I give a gift to someone I love.

The eBay Love to Give web destination is a hub that hosts all of Samantha Bee’s eBay webisodes and a gallery of consumer-created “unwrap attack” videos that will showcase some of the most hilarious and heartwarming gift giving and receiving moments captured on video – moments of pure emotion when people receive the “just-right” gift.

The following Samantha Bee videos are available:
Samantha Bee Causes an Upwrap Attack
The Unwrap Attack Specialist
Kids and the Unwrap Attack

The eBay Unwrap Attack Creator on Facebook allows you to see your loved ones have an Unwrap Attack before the holidays. Upload a photo, choose a gift from eBay, and watch how they react when receiving that just-right gift

I’m giving a $100 Ebay Gift Card to one lucky ready here!

How to Enter:

Leave a comment here telling what gift would give you the “unwrap attack” this Christmas.

You must be 18 or older to enter and be a legal resident of the US or Canada.

This giveaway will end on December 17th!

You can see the official rules here.

*Disclosure: In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that the gift cards from this giveaway have been provided by eBay. Although I have a material connection to eBay, any publicly stated opinions of eBay remain my own.

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  1. A necklace from Ember arts. It’s not expensive but I’ve only mentioned it to my husband once and it would shock me if he remembered and actually bought it for me!

  2. The gift that would be give me a unwrap attack would be a 2011 Cheverolet Camaro *really wishful thinking* but you ask…lol.

  3. The one gift that would give me an unwrap attack would be airplane tickets to go see my mom for Christmas!

  4. I would have an “unwrap attack” if I opened up P90X or a photo of my best friend and her family to put on our fireplace mantel.

  5. Kim Whitaker says:

    I would get my son the itouch. It’s a little out of our price range, so the $100 would help. It would be a complete surprise because, I told him we couldn’t afford it.

  6. Cindy Hughes says:

    A new laptop, for sure!

  7. Peggy Jackson says:

    Details of a surprise vacation to somewhere warm.

  8. Angela Foltz says:

    An amazon Kindle would give me an unwrap attack!

  9. Heidi Hatter says:

    My unwrap attack would be…..um..very hard! For I want and need for nothing I feel very blessed. It would be a big ticket item like key to a new car!

  10. I would have an Unwrap attack if my husband Finally gave me the 2 ct diamond ring I was supposed to get for our 5 yr anniversary. That would be great!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  11. Holly Hagan says:

    The official “unwrap attack” for me this year would be a nice shiny car in the driveway. Although I understand you cannot wrap a car, you can put a really huge red sparkling bow on it. I drive an old beat up Jeep. The windows no longer roll down and are held up with cardboard. My hatch does not open so it is simply a driver no hauler. Not to mention, no heat!! In the blistering cold weather, I drive around with blankets, winter coat, gloves, and ear muffs attempting to get warm. IT NEVER WORKS!! I am unable to cart my nephew around due to no heat. This Jeep is simply mine and mine only. No one wants to ride with me! :( I know that my Christmas will not consist of a new car in the rough economy, however I can still hope for the best. But and IPAD will do for my second “unwrap attack”! :)Happy Holidays!

  12. Keys to a new car :)

  13. Megan Corbridge says:

    A Kindle with gift card to Amazon for books!

  14. Nikita Nik says:

    2 tickets to Hawaii will give me ”unwrap attack” this Christmas! Really want to go on a long trip to a very good place like Hawaii only with my dear husband!! :)

  15. Does wrapping my father and sister in a giftbox for me to open, count? We live in different states, and I miss them so much. On a more realistic level, I would go crazy for the Bissell Steam and Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner. I would probably start cleaning the floors right then and there, lol!

  16. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    The gift that would give me a “unwrap attack” would be if I were to get Kindle. I am avid reader but also consider myself a “techie” and would LOVE to get a Kindle for Christmas. Thank you for the giveaway. Happy Holidays!

  17. Getting this giveaway would give me an “unwrap attack”!!!

  18. I get my daughter a guitar.

  19. Jennifer Hillis says:

    Is the ebay giveaway still on!? I love Ebay and its a perfect palce to find my teenager gifts!

  20. Jennifer Hillis says:

    I love to buy my husband golfballs from ebay…his face lights up so BRIGHT when he get like 100 golfballs!

  21. molly mckinnies says:

    thanks for all you do. and my gift would be a I pod for both my kids :)

  22. I would get an unwrap attack by quarry critters otter fountain!

  23. This year I really don’t want anything that can be bought, but I would like to see those three little boys from Morenci Michigan found (safe and sound).

  24. A wedding ring for sure!

  25. If my son who has autism would tell me for the first time in his life that he loved me. I seriously would fall off my chair. lol. He is 10. i don’t know if this falls in the contest rules, but in case it doesn’t an ipad would also make me have that reaction.

  26. A coach purse

  27. i would love have an unwrap attack if I unwrapped a gift and it was the cure to cancer! My dad is fighting stage 4 lung cancer and nothing would make me happier

  28. Katie Anson says:

    A new digital camera would give me an unwrap attack! Mine hasn’t worked all year and my camera phone isn’t cutting it anymore!

  29. Whitney Coy says:

    Opening a new rocking chair to rock my soon-to-arrive baby girl would definitely give me an unwrap attack!

  30. About $10,000. :-)

  31. Seeing my husband unwrap anything Dallas Cowboys!

  32. A guitar would do it for sure – been wanting one for ages.
    I’d probably squeal with delight!
    Thank you.
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  33. I’ve always wanted an IPHONE. Opening one would totally give me an unwrap attack!

  34. A new kitchen would give me an unwrap attack! lol

  35. Elisa Johnson says:

    The definite unwrap attack gift for me this Christmas would be spending money so I can hit the big sale at Gymboree after Christmas to get lots of clothes for our first little girl due in April! 😀

  36. Laura Groeller says:

    I would love to unwrap attack my husband with hockey tickets…..

  37. Elizabeth Burns says:

    A new camera!!!
    Elizabeth Burns

  38. Deanne Haggerty says:

    I would love to get my son a recurve bow. He got to try one when we went and took an archery instructor course for 4-H to be able to coach. He fell in love with it! We can’t afford a new one and I was told eBay was the place to get one at a reasonable price and even then I don’t have he extra money for that right now. Thank you for the oppertunity!

  39. I would love to “unwrap attack” some new baking pans! Lame I know! But I use them a lot. And mine are in rough shape! haha

  40. I would unwrap attack an Odyssey. I need a new car.


  41. A Kindle would make me oh, so happy.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  42. This year i am just looking forward to seeing my boys faces on Christmas morning, they are such good boys for the most part.

  43. hmm… I honestly can’t think of one thing! I enjoy watching others, especially my kids, open my gifts to them! Okay maybe some new furniture?

  44. I would find a play tent for my boys for Christmas.

  45. Laura Miller says:

    A kindle.

  46. rachel buckmaster says:

    keys to a new car! lol a girl can dream!!!!

  47. I would definately spend it on my kids, probably Star Wars stuff for my boys and Barbie stuff for my girl:)

  48. Donna Hoelscher says:

    I would love to unwrap a kindle.

  49. I would love to have a laptop for christmas. I really need one because Im tired of sharing

    shopgurl101 @gmail .com

  50. A new TV would give me “Unwrap Attack”!!

  51. Funny that I had so many things come to mind when I read this question: KitchenAid Artisan mixer, being transferred to a new duty station, lottery (lol)……..But when I really got down to the heart of what I truly want, I would have to say that getting that TRUE, unmatched PEACE would have to be it. For myself, my family and friends and everyone. What a nice world it would be if we all lived for the One True Peace and nothing more…….

  52. Jeannette MacPeek says:

    HMMM… I think I would “Unwrap Attack” a new tv for my girls room. There tv is soooo small.

  53. i would have an unwrap attack over a DSLR Camera.

  54. JANISSA PHEANN says:

    I would be so happy to receive a laptop!

  55. Lisa kelsey says:

    Something really beautiful and handmade. Preferably with a jellyfish on it.

  56. Melissa Logan says:

    For me, it would be a new hair straightener! My hair is SO curl and it is nice from time to time to be able to get a brush all the way through it :)

  57. I would love to unwrap a copy of Baking with Julia, or any other classic cookbook.

  58. I would get an old mighty men and monsters drawing set for my 5 yr old…that can only be found on Ebay!

  59. A Flip Camcorder!!!! I have soooo been wanting one of those!!!!!!

  60. Something like an Ipad would give me the “unwrap attack” even though I wouldn’t ask and surely won’t get! Christmas, for me, is much more exciting now that I’m a mom. I get the happiest joy seeing in my childrens’ faces Christmas morning! So wonderful :)

  61. Melissa Weiss says:

    I would have to say just watching my kids open there christmas presents would make me very happy to see the smiles on there faces!

  62. Rachelle Worth says:

    A Pearl Necklace!

  63. I would love to see a KitchenAid mixer under my tree this year…it would be a total surprise!

  64. A laptop or simply a very nice pair of slippers.

  65. Edi Mathews says:

    I would like a Kindle with wi fi and 3g. Thanks!

  66. The unwrap attack for me would be a years subscription to audiobooks or a new serger, not necessarily in that order

  67. It would for sure be a gym membership for the family!! Both my kids are in school this year and I would love to finally have some MOMMY TIME, something that I can finally do for me and not feel guilty. The best part is then I can also share the enjoyment in the evening with the kids in the pools and getting them to understand that exercise and eating right is important. This is all I want this year Santa Please!

  68. I would love to see my son under my tree. He is in the Navy stationed clear across the country in Wasington State and neither he nor I can afford the air fare for him to come home. This would be the best present ever I havent seen him in over a year.

  69. I would love to see my boys open a small flat screen tv for their bedrooms for Christmas! Ah, what joy!

  70. One of those new 3D televisions would give me an unwrap attack.

  71. jennifer armistead says:

    a new car :)

  72. I would love a visit from my best friend.

  73. Erin Campbell says:

    Sounds sick, but i would love a new vaccum cleaner :)

  74. I think a Nook or a spinning wheel would give me the unwrap attack. lol

  75. An IPAD would give me an unwrap attack!!! I’d go crazy!! lol!

    elgrandemich at hotmail dot com

  76. Whitney Coy says:

    A remote starter for my car!

  77. a new laptop would give me the “unwrap attack”. I really want a new one for this Christmas.

  78. April Coble says:

    I think a new video card and an extra stick of memory for my laptop would give me an attack. Nerd that I am, soon as it was out of the package, I’d be taking my computer apart to get it put in. XD


  79. Samantha T says:

    I can’t wait to see my 18-month old girl opening her gifts on Christmas morning! I think I will have an “unwrap attack” as she realizes what each gift is!!

  80. I would buy the American Girl, Julie that my daughter wants oh so bad!! : )

  81. OH WOW…your giveaways are just soo awesome. I would say that I would buy something that the kids would have an Unwrap Attack, however, I decided yesterday that I need to put MYSELF Back on the list…need to start taking care of me in order to be a good mom and wife. SOOO, I think what would give me the Unwrap Attack the most this season is a deluxe bath set with salts, robe, bubblebath and add some cheesecake and a bottle of wine! Oh and a candle…so I guess a nice “all about me” set! lol

  82. A laptop would give me an unwrap attack.

  83. An iPad would give me an unwrap attack this holiday season
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  84. Books, books, and more books always bring a smile to my face. I’m an avid crafter and writer, so any opportunity I have to find a little inspiration is a good one. I love Christmas!

  85. Probably a Wii with the Glee Karaoke Revolution game.. as long as they got a good deal on it.. I don’t like when my family spends too much on me :)

    kimkellydesigns at yahoo dot com
    twitter: puzzl3princ3ss

  86. I would like a new jacket!

  87. An Ipad would give me an unwrap attack.

  88. I would love to wrap attack an Ipad or Wii!!!!

  89. A spa gift card would definitely be the thing to cause the unwrap attack for this single mom!!

  90. A digital camera or a handbag I have been eyeing would give me “unwrap attack”.

  91. Louann Wojtalik says:

    I’m already checking for listings on ebay for a DVR that has a digital converter in it, so I’d have an unwrap attack if I got one of those. I already have a Dish Network one, but am so hooked on it I’d be lost without it, so I want to have a backup in case something goes wrong.

  92. Danielle Gudobba says:

    I would love to see the reaction on my 13 year olds face if he were to get an Amazon Kindle. He is a voracious reader and very tecchie so it would be the best of both. We have been adament about the cost and responsibility but it would be fun to surprise him.

  93. Danielle Phillips says:

    I love taking pictures, so my unwrap attack gift would be a really good new camera!!

  94. Dawn Morgan says:

    A new pair of nursing shoes would give me the “unwrap attack!” I think may have to wait till after christmas

  95. A unwrap attack would be legos. I know that’s strange and yes they are for me. I build them for my kids and they love it. I was sick years ago and have some fine moter issues and i found lego work my hands and I LOVEEEEE IT!!! I actually had my husband get me a house set. I can’t wait to build it (silly girl). There ia an advent set I reaaaallllllyyy wanted it but can’t get it. SO the scream very, very loud would be from that would be from that. (yes I am an adult). Ebay has every kind of lego and they are to die for. No jewles, furs or fancy stuff just Legos ;0) me excited thinking about itttttttt he he he…..

  96. What would give our whole family an unwrap attack would be if I organized, catagorized, and placed all of our family pictures in really nice albums. We all LOVE to relive the memories and remember those fun times with each other and those loved ones who have passed away.

  97. It would be awesome to unrap a nice camera!

  98. My daughter is 4 and this year in Preschool they went to a Santa’s workshop at their school to buy gifts for their family. Because the gift was picked put especially for me by my 4 year old I think that will give me an unwrap attack just cause I am so excited to see what she picked for me!!!

  99. My unwrap attack would be caused by an iPad also…or even just an iPod. I am missing my music so bad since my 5th gen iPod video died. It is a long drive to school without it!

  100. Julie Banton says:

    I would love to open a wii fit this year…That or a mothers ring…

  101. unwrapping a kithchenaid mixer would totally give me an unwrap attack!

  102. I don’t have a true unwrap attack moment.

    However, I will tell you about my niece’s unwrap attack moment. Several years ago, my Mom found a pair of long red flapback pajamas at a resale shop. She purchased them and hid them until Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, after the kids went to bed, my Mom put the flapback jammies under the tree, draped over some of the presents.

    When my niece and nephew got up on Christmas morning and started opening their gifts, they were astonished to see the jammies, and my niece exclaimed “Grandma, Santa dropped his drawers under our tree!”

    It is now tradition for Santa to leave his jammies under the tree.

    As for what would cause an unwrap attack for me? A new Bunn coffee brewer!

    Thanks for the chance!

  103. i would have an unwrap attack if i opened a Nikon DSLR!!

  104. A DSLR would give me one.

    jehaine at yahoo dot com

  105. Lynn Clough says:

    A pizzelle maker would give me an unwrap attack. Do you know pizzelles cost $7.99 a package where I live? I can’t bring myself to buy them.

  106. I’m giving my husband a watch for an unwrap attack this year.

  107. A new camera. Mine broke! :(

  108. amber monroe says:

    i would love to unwrap a bosch mixer this year!!!

  109. There’s a necklace I’ve been wanting for a while…if it arrives I’ll have an “unwrap attack!”

  110. Tickets for my family to go to Disneyworld would definitely give me an unwrap attack.

  111. I would have an unwrap attack if I got a new Kodak digital camera
    I’m @HiddenCurrents on Twitter

  112. Gail Rosenstrom says:

    For me it would be an ipad!!!

  113. A SLR digital camera – mainly because I don’t think I’ll ever get one!

  114. My unwrap attack would be a beautiful new coach purse with coach boots to match! :)

  115. If I got a new camera…mine won’t stay on. :(

  116. would love to get a silhouette sd machine

  117. An iPad would give me an attack for sure!! :)


  118. Ashley Gatewood says:

    I would unwrap attack an iPad :)

  119. I would love to unwrap a Kindle!

  120. A complete set of Le Creuset cookware would give me an unwrap attack!

  121. A Kindle would give me an unwrap attack!

  122. meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman says:

    I would go on an unwrap attack fury if I got the grey pair of knee boots I have been lusting after

  123. Lydia Johnson says:

    If I got an iPad , I’d be absolutely ripping that paper off and immediately trying it out! I’d be totally happy! Merry Christmas!

  124. Melissa Weiss says:

    I would love to unwrap attack a Iphone :-)

  125. Jennifer Hillis says:

    a new ipod touch would give me ane unwrap attack!

  126. An unwrap attack would definitely happen if somehow they brought my son home from Afghanistan!!

  127. Jen Midkiff says:

    I would love a flat screen tv, with surround sound. That would totally make me going unwrapping nuts!

  128. Susan Krohn says:

    a kindle

  129. A food chopper would give me an unwrap attack!

  130. I would love to unwrap attack a Wii.

  131. Tyler Reavis says:

    Some new lingerie & a diaper bag would give me an unwrap attack this Christmas. :)

  132. I would have an UNWRAP Attack if I got a nice DJ TurnTable!!!!
    Or a HOVERBOARD~!!
    – Daddy Rich

  133. Recieving my first grandbaby that we are waiting on would give me the unwrap attack.

  134. A handstamped necklace would give me unwrap attack!

  135. A laptop would give me an unwrap attack!

  136. New yoga clothes would give me an “Unwrap Attack”!

  137. I, too, would go into a frenzy over a kindle.

  138. I would go unwrap attack on a new tv for the bedroom!

  139. Jenni Cairns says:

    Diamond earrings, I have always wanted a pair!!

  140. An Ipad would give me an unwrap attack for sure!

  141. Kimberly Johanson says:

    A Flip Video Camera would give me an “unwrap attack”

  142. I nice pair of shearling slippers

  143. It’d be a set of old books my parents have always wanted… :)

  144. I’d have an unwrap attack if I got a surround sound system for our living room!

  145. A new car would surely cause an unwrap attack!! Especially since I have never owned a new car in my 43 years!!!

  146. A kitchenaid mixer :-)

  147. A Wii or Xbox Kinect (annaeed at hotmail dot com)

  148. I would get the unwrap attack from a Nook Color! :)

  149. I would have an unwrap attack if I got a Kindle. Honestly, I would use this to get my Husband something that would send him into an wrap attack…a new camera lens or a tv.


  150. My husband really wants a Blu-Ray player, needless to say we still haven’t purchased one yet. I had planned to get one this year but it did not work out so this would make him really really happy.

  151. It would have been the Dyson DC25 vacuum…..but my husband already got that for me. :) So maybe a new Kitchen Aide mixer would do it now. :)

  152. I would love to challenge hubby to a game on Wii.

  153. Maureen Manning says:

    A girlfriend’s spa weekend!

  154. I would go nuts over mother and daughter rings and mother and son rings.I would not stop smiling just to have a gift that shows my kids how much i love them

  155. I new camera would do it for me, or a new Isabella Alden book that I’ve never read before! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway! I LOVE E-bay!

  156. A key to new car would give me the unwrap attack!

  157. A pair of vintage Frye boots would give me an unwrap attack!

  158. I would have an unwrap attack if I got a guitar! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  159. an ipad would give me one thx for the giveaway

  160. The gift that would give me the biggest unwrap attack this holiday season is a Flip video camera, i have been wanting one of these and would love to have it to tape Christmas with my kids since it is the first year my two youngest will really understand.

  161. My Unwrap attack would be a great dane female puppy for the family with vet and food provided, along with a roasted Turduckin family meal and all or our debts paid in full. And the ultimate family vacation for 6 to Orlando Florida Disney World with a night in Cinderella’s Bedroom.

  162. amanda anderson says:

    I would LOVE to have some vintage Fisher Price Little People (’70s era) for my kids! They were my favorites, and I want to share!

    Or an iPad :)

  163. If I got the Keurig coffee maker I want, I would have an unwrap attack!

  164. Kelli Sharp says:

    I would FREAK OUT if I received either an IPAD or the new IPhone 4 :)

  165. A new digital Camera would give me an unwrap attack this year!

  166. I’d have an unwrap attack if I got a new camera. *sigh*

  167. I would buy the Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree Topper if it is still available. Beautiful!

  168. A really cool cell phone would give me an upwrap attack – I really would love a blackberry one day!

  169. I would totally have an unwrap attack if I got the engagement ring that my boyfriend and I have talked about.

    Other than that, I’d do the same for a set of the old Nancy Drew books.

  170. i would have a unwrap attack for a flip video camera

  171. Opening up an Ed Hardy Born Wild parfum gift set would give me the unwrap attack…or, if Santa was REALLY generous..a Bowflex 3!!!idk how it could/would be wrapped though..lol.

  172. I’d love to unwrap a new iPod!

    Samantha D
    Thegiveawayqueen {at} hotmail {dot} com

  173. I would have an unwrap attack on an I-pad!

  174. My unwrap attack would be getting a wii game system.

  175. Camille Clark says:

    I’ve never had an “unwrap attack.” I’ve never been surprised on Christmas or any other gift giving occasions. I would definitely have an aneurysm if I opened up a brand new quilting machine or a serger!!! OMG – I don’t know if I’d be able to breathe if that happened!!!!

  176. Would also like a Kmart gc

  177. This is large but….any new furniture would thrill me. We have nothing but junk.

  178. My unwrap attack would be a job for my friend’s husband in the building trade. Or, a check that would cover all of our college debt. Woo hoo! Or a Wii Fit Bundle for after our next baby is born. Woo hoo!

  179. A cannon Rebel camera would give me the unwrap attack

  180. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    A new set of knives and a knifeblock would be my “unwrap attack”.

  181. Tickets for a wonderful vacation would give me an unwrap attack!

  182. The gift that would give me an unwrap attack would be an all expense paid missions trip with Compassion! I have always wanted to go in a missions trip and I think this would not only change my life but others as well!

  183. A new sewing machine or MP3 player would give me an “unwrap attack”.

  184. Rhonda Olinger says:

    A very good digital camera with extra zoom lenses and to be debt free with new cars in the driveway would give me the “unwrap attack”!!

  185. kathryn snyder says:

    i’d have an unwrap attack if i got keys to a new house!!! seperating from my fiance and need a home for my 2 kids and I!

  186. I would have an unwrap attack if I got a nice tropical beach vacation for xmas. With the hammock and fruity drinks with umbrellas in them.

  187. For me I would have an “unwrap attack” if I were to open a fancy new Nikon digital camera! Oh the pictures I would take! 😀

  188. I would defiently have an unwrap attack, If I had an Ipad, Ipad are amazing or if I had a camera, love take pictures never had a camera before in my life, so if I win this eitheir going for the ipad or camera!!! wooo!!

  189. I would definitely have an unwrap attack, If I had an Ipad, Ipad are amazing or if I had a camera, love take pictures never had a camera before in my life, so if I win this eitheir going for the ipad or camera!!! wooo!!

  190. I would love to unwrap my husband this Christmas, he is currently in another country and most likely won’t be back for Christmas. I have a 10 year old and 3 month old who would love to spend Christmas with their daddy. :(

    As far as material things I would love to unwrap an iPad!

  191. I’d like to enter! So exciting to think about the prize.
    My unwrap attack would possibly be a new cell phone. I really need one, because mine just broke.

  192. Sonya Allstun says:

    I would have the unwrap attack if I got the iphone I have been wanting for a few years now