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I turned 35 this past year and as if like magic I was suddenly aware of the lines and sagging skin around my eyes.  Of course I found it in other areas also, but it’s easier to ignore those areas and not so easy to ignore your own face which you look at daily.

In fact I wrote a post all about my feelings of turning 35 years old here.

As you can probably imagine I jumped at the chance to try out Elite Serum once I read how it claimed to work. I’ll admit that seeing that Dr. Oz recommended it did sway my decision a little, but truly when you are feeling old it doesn’t take much to sway you 😉

What is it?

Elite Serum is a concentrated dose of ultra-moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and Seaweed Extract helps to increase skin suppleness and fill delicate fine lines. Concurrently, the pharmaceutical-grade Argireline®, Hyloxyl®, Eyeliss™, Matrixyl™3000, SYN®-COLL and SNAP-8 have been proven to work directly at the DNA level to revitalize collagen and fibronectin in the skin, previously lost due to aging.

It is this natural loss of collagen that causes the thinning skin and wrinkling that is normally associated with aging skin.

Newly designed and based upon the latest advanced dermatological discoveries, Elite Serum™ can counteract this natural part of the aging process by attempting to REVERSE THE SIGNS OF AGING through the new science of DNA rejuvenation.’

I received the Elite Serum and began using it immediately.  I was entertained by the packaging.  It comes in a “syringe” so it looks like botox, but without the needle or the scary side effects lol.

Because of the way the product is packaged, you are able to easily release the proper amount by pushing down on the syringe plunger.  I am currently using it each morning after I’ve showered and at night before I go to bed.  It hasn’t been very long, and I think I am seeing results but I can’t be sure if it is already making a noticeable improvement or if it is just wishful thinking on my part?

At any rate this stuff is used and loves by thousands of women who swear by it.

  • Elite Serum™ is a scientifically designed eye serum that is exclusively
    formulated using a combination of unique DNA precursor pool peptides.
  • Use of this treatment is intended to effectively reduce the appearance
    of fine lines, dark circles, crow’s feet and puffiness around the eyes.
  • Regular application can significantly improve tone, firmness and skin
    elasticity while restoring a youthful looking eye contour for users of all ages.

This stuff retails for about $100, but I am giving one of you the chance to try it for yourself FREE!  One lucky reader will win a full supply of Elite Serum.

Here’s how to enter:

Leave me a comment telling me why you’d like to win this.

This giveaway is open to all legal residents of the US age 18 and older and will end on November 9th.

**Although the product for this review/giveaway was supplied to me free of charge from Elite Serum, all opinions expressed are solely mine.

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  1. I would love to win the Elite Serum giveaway, mainly because at 63 I need it.

  2. I would like to win.

  3. Would love to win this to take care of my new lines and wrinkles :)

  4. Shelly whitehead says:

    This 37 year old could really use something to turn the clock back 10 or so years!

  5. Peggy Jackson says:

    I am pushing 40 and though I have seen smile lines around my eyes for awhile, they have been fairly faint and don’t bother me. ON THE OTHER HAND I more recently noticed deepening creases around my mouth and I though to myself…I really should try some product out there. I would love to try Elite Serum. Nothing better than FREE! 😀 Thanks for doing this give away.

  6. I am 38, and my lines are becoming VERY noticeable. I am too young to have lines. lol. I would LOVE to give this product a try. I have recently lost 40 pounds and have been so excited by that transformation. I would love a face transformation in the form of this product :) Thank you for posting about this give away. Its so much fun to get excited about these things!!!!

  7. Nicole Cutright says:

    I am 36, and as you have, I too noticed wrinkles and sagging the in last year. I’ve tried numerous products with little result. I would love to see if Elite Serum works for me as well as it has for you.

  8. Hmmm, why do I want to try this? Because I will be 35 in two months and I too am noticing the aging process..! I can’t help but wonder when I got “old”..

  9. Kathryn Thompson says:

    Well, it’s simple really…. I turned 38 years old this past August, and I just think that’s entirely too young to already have a predominant ‘WTH’ line across my forehead. I wear sunscreen, sunglasses, big hats (whenever possible), on a daily basis, but the harsh & unforgiving South Florida sun that I have lived in my whole life, is just too much for my fair skin. I need help & made up my mind a longtime ago, that Botox or any cosmetic surgery is not for me. So PLEASE pick me! 😉

  10. I have wrinkles I need help!

  11. I’d like to win this because my crow’s feet, dark circles, and lack of firmness have people always tell me I look tired when I’m fully rested!

  12. Because I’m 56 yrs young , sometime we all could use a little help to look and feel young and beautiful !

  13. Heidi Wright says:

    I would love something to help get rid of all the wrinkles around my eyes. Turning 40 definitely made me take a close look at my face and I don’t want to get older!! :-)

  14. I’d love to win. I hate the sign of aging on my face. I have fine lines around my eyes and upper lip along with slight sagging. I get so depressed when I look in the mirror wishing I could turn back time 20 years.

  15. We had our one and only surprise child when I was 43! She is now a healthy and happy seven year old who is beginning to realize that her friends mom’s are mostly in their early thirties! At 51 I am healthy and know how lucky I am. But I don’t want people to start (if they haven’t already) thinking that I am her grandmother! A little pick me up would be great for my ego!! Thank you for your blog!

  16. I am 47 years old with a 3 year old son…would love NOT to be called his grandma!

  17. Brenda ONeil says:

    Oh my…..my 40’s are wreaking havok with my face! I would love to try this product to see if it will work magic on my puffy eyes.

  18. I just turned 36 this year and I’m having the same problem with fine lines and laugh lines, smile lines, etc. They used to go away once the smiling was done. Now they don’t:( I’d love to try Elite Serum!

  19. At the age of 44, I finally decided to try Botox and it worked! Prblem was…I’m deathly afraid of needles. If there was a product that I could try (for free maybe) that doesn’t involve taking a valium before count me in!

  20. Jamie Johnson says:

    Hello! I would love to try this serum. I am 32 & I have the wrinkles starting :-(. I dont like this part of getting older! Lately though I have really been aging, my dad has health problems & without getting too deep into his issues, he has scared us many times with rushes to the ER. He is only 56& I never thought I would have to worry about losing my dad at this age & if it werent for some of his bad choices & issues with addiction due to surgeries then I wouldnt have to. I also just took in my 16 year old niece, I have 2 girls of my own who are 4 yr old & 8 yr old. My sister has given up her rights to her 4 children & my mom has been raising them for several years now & now because my niece has been a not so good teenager my mom can no longer take care of her so I took her in & hope to make a difference in this girls life. So due to these stresses in my life lately I have aged. I dont sleep as well & its showing, so I would LOVE to try this serum & see if it will bring back some youthfulness to my face that I have lost. Thanks for listening to my story.

  21. suzan anderson says:

    had cataract surgery and didnt realize how wrinkled and old I looked.. guess my eyes were worse than I thought. wouuld love to win this and reverse the signs of aging.

  22. I am a 25 year old who just developed eye puffiness due to a pair of contacts that didn’t fit properly. My under eye bags make me incredibly self-conscience. I am also single; I want to look attractive and as young as I should feel.

  23. After losing my twin boys two months ago (after more than 3 years of infertility), I feel like I’ve aged 10 years. I’m not sleeping well and my skin isn’t doing so hot either…I’d love to try something to help me from looking like I’m aging too much too fast!!

  24. I would love to win this. I just turned 60 not to long ago but I seem to have these huge dark rings under my eyes and , my eyes just look tired. I would like to have the look of being younger and felling refreshed. The description that is given to the effects of how it works sounds so promising. Got my fingers crossed. Thanks for the chance

  25. I would love to try this stuff. I have had insomnia for the last eleven years and have aged significantly under my eyes because of it. I cant afford to go under the knife but am desperate to look better.

  26. Angie Evans says:

    I would love to try this because I am starting to look like a Shar Pei!

  27. Austin Baroudi says:

    I would like to win this to give to my mother in law as a gift for her birthday which is not to far away(the 22nd)!

  28. I am over 40 now and hadn’t really given any thought to the little lines and such, UNTIL my 5 year old started questioning the lines around my eyes and between my eyebrows… I hadn’t even noticed, Now that is all I see! I would love to try this the description is so promising

  29. As long as I can remember I’ve had puffy bags and dark circles under my eyes, which makes me look “tired”. Since celebrating my 51st Birthday this year, I have been seriously contemplating going under the knife and getting my eyes done, because every product I have used, offers promises but does not deliver. Being that Dr Oz recommends Elite Serum, I would love to win this product in hopes that it is effective in reducing my eyes bags and dark circles, thus saving me the need to go under the knife. Thank you.

  30. I have this huge, deep, crease between my eyes that my children have nicknamed “The Stress-O-Meter” because it appears to deepen the more stressed I become.

    I’ve been wanting to try Botox, but I’m worried about reactions to those chemicals and this seems like a worthy-to-try alternative.

  31. Linda Bates says:

    I would love to win this because I have Very Deep Wrinkles, Crows feet, dark bags under my eyes. I have damaged my skin when I was younger …Sun Damage! And with 4 children I can’t afford to buy The Good Produts! I really would love to try this! Thank you for the chance!!

  32. Dawn Sterner says:

    I turned 41 this past June and ever since I turned 40 I feel like I look so much older than I did just a couple of years ago! I have no confidence any more, I would love to try this and see if it helps me but I could never afford to spend money on something without trying it out first to see if I like it and if it works for me. So it would be wonderful if I won this this, I would be so happy! Thanks for the chance :)

  33. I would love to win this product because I am exhausted, disappointed, and simply tired of trying eye products that do NOTHING to improve the look of tired old eyes. Do you know what it feels like to look young, feel young, but everyone can see that you are Not young because your eyes give away your age? I have a beautiful smile with perfect teeth, gorgeous skin,even complexion, yet my eyes cause people to say “you look tired” all the time. I would LOVE to know what it feels like for the face I know I have to match the beautiful eyes I wish I had instead of being cursed with these ugly, tired, old looking eyes. It is depressing. Congratulations of making a product women and men can trust. Eyes are said to be the window to the soul, I hope not my eyes are a window unhappiness.

  34. Melissa Cawthorne says:

    Raising 2 grand babies 3 and I’m 52 and feel and look most days 62… this is an awesome product!!! Would love to win it! Whoever wins it is a WINNER!!!