Favorite Super Bowl 2013 Commercials

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NFL_SB47_Primary_National_Feb_Year_RGBThere was a lot of excitement that surrounded the Super Bowl last night.

A power outage, snow angels, Destiny’s Child reunion, a very close game and some pretty amazing commercials!

I have to admit I was slightly bored with the game during the first half (In fact I finished cleaning up the Christmas decorations while we watched).  The halftime show started off slow but I was happy to see the Destiny’s Child reunion since I loved them when they were together and really haven’t cared for Beyonce since they split up.

But what I really loved most of all were several of the ads that left me with the warm fuzzies!

God Made a Farmer – Dodge

Whole Again – Jeep

The Clydesdales: Brotherhood

This one just made me laugh, and the timing was perfect so I have to share it here with you!

Tide Super Bowl Miracle Stain

The rest of the ads weren’t great in my opinion, but that could simply be because I’m not a fan of over sexualizing something to make it sell as many of them did.

So I would love to know which one was your favorite?

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