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Target & Pull-Ups are offering FREE Disney Character calls to children celebrating being potty trained!

It has been many moons since I had to think about potty training.

I remember using every trick in the book to get my kids potty trained.  I couldn’t wait until the day I could leave my diaper bag at home for good!

My son was easy, but my daughter was harder because we allowed her to form a habit of taking a bottle to bed with her.  We were so young and didn’t realize that it would be a bad habit that would be so hard to break.

We finally had her completely potty trained except for night time.  We knew then that the bottle had to go, but she would have none of that!

Then we came up with a brilliant plan that worked overnight!

We invented the Bottle Fairy who would come and take away all the bottles and leave behind pretty pajamas, movies, big girl cups, princess underwear, and other goodies.

We explained to our daughter that the Bottle Fairy could not come and bring her all those treats until she decided she no longer wanted her bubba.  Being the greedy logical child she decided right then that she was ready.  The Bottle Fairy came that night and that was then end of potty training for us!

You just have to use what will work for your child.

Pull-Ups® training pants and Target have teamed up to bring you the “Disney Character Calls” program to assist moms through their child’s potty training and development.

“We all know that potty training takes encouragement and time, so here’s a cool way to reward your child for going potty! For a limited time, your child can receive a free call from a Disney character! Just visit or to have a Disney Princess or Disney/Pixar Cars character give your Big Kid® a congratulatory phone call on your cell phone.”

The FREE Disney Character calls will only last through July 8th, but check back for FREE potty training tips in teh comments section below.

I am giving away a $25 Target gift card to help you successfully potty train your child!

Here’s how to enter:

Leave me a comment telling me your biggest obstacle with potty training, or if you’ve successfully potty trained a child please leave your best tip!

This giveaway is open to all legal residents of the US age 18 and older and will end on June 27th.  The winner will have 48 hours to reply to my email or I will choose a new winner.

Here are some ways that you can earn Extra entries
(Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry)

**Although the product for this giveaway was supplied to me free of charge on behalf of Target and Pull-Ups, all opinions expressed are solely mine.

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  1. jennifer horn says:

    Don’t push, let your child go at their own pace.

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  4. Our 3 year is doing great at going potty when we are out & even most of the time @ home but we are having trouble getting him to go #2 in the toliet…..he starts Pre-k in Sept & must be be potty trained…so this becoming a major problem. We have tried bribing him & nothing seems to work….its so frustrating!

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  6. I potty-trained two boys, and am almost done potty-training my two-year-old girl. With each child, I would make up a song for them to sing when they went. My oldest son’s song was a rap about poop going in the potty, my second son’s song was based on the B-I-B-L-E (Yes, That’s the Book for Me) song, but with P-O-T-T-Y substituted. My daughter’s song tells her that she went “potty like a rock, potty like a rock star”.

  7. Jessie C. says:

    My best tip is to use rewards accordingly.

  8. Jessie C. says:

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  10. I follow on FB! And am potty training as we speak!

  11. I try to ask her often if she needs to use the restroom

  12. My son loves to wear is big boy underwear, but sometimes he just forgets to make time to pee. So I take his underwear off (only when we’re home of course) and tell him he can’t have it back until he makes potty. Because he doesn’t want to pee on the floor he goes potty and I put the underwear back on.

  13. I’ve potty trained my oldest and also the little girl I used to nanny for. It was easy, but for some reason, I’m dreading training my little guy. I plan on starting soon. I guess my biggest tip would be once you start, don’t go back to diapers! Be consistent and just stay home for a few days and work on it. Easier said then done though, lol!

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  16. My son was afraid to sit on the potty and wouldn’t sit on it. What worked to get him to go was to use Cheerios as targets.

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  19. my best tip was letting my little one pick out the potty- he was super excited and we also picked up a treasure box with candy and toys in it .
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    tess c
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  22. I am really struggling with my son for the past 1 and a half. My daughter was easy. There are days where he is dry most of the day. And then there are days where he won’t even go near the toilet. I have tried putting him in big kids underwear and he just goes. He has no disgusted factor. I am at a complete loss.

  23. Best tip in potty training is the reward system, offer prizes, get all excited when the child goes potty on the big potty. Do not act disappointed if there is accidents along the way.

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  26. My daughter has absolutely no interset in potty training, unless she is supposed to be going to bed and then all of a sudden she needs to use the potty. She will go in her diaper and it wont even faze her. We have told her she cannot go to pre-school in the fall unless she is wearing big girl underwear and she acts like she doesn’t care.

  27. Jodie Steiner says:

    I have successfully potty trained two boys. I think the secret to my success, was 1) I didn’t force it/push it. 2) we had a “Potty Chart” that they were able to put a sticker on each time they went in the big boy potty. After the chart was full, then they received a bigger prize (inexpensive toy, like a hot wheels car or something). This system worked well for both of my boys… simple, easy and cheap too!

  28. My biggest obstacle is getting my son to tell me when he needs to go to the potty.
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  34. Kim Sullivan says:

    Successful potty training taught me a LOT of patience! Daddy was also my biggest helper in potty training our daughters.

  35. Kim Sullivan says:

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  36. It took 3 months for my son to be day trained. We had to bribe him with chocolate. I don’t what we are going to do for night training.

  37. My best tip for a successful potty training is lots of praise.

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  40. my biggest factor is nighttime potty traing with boh my boys

  41. All kids are different. My oldest was “easier” to day time train. However at 4 and a half she still is only dry 1 night out of the week. We limit her liquids after 5 and it still doesn’t help. My younger daughter took a long time to train. We started in January and it took 5 months for her to finally get it. The funny thing is that it was exactly on her third birthday, it was like a light bulb went on and she was like “Hey, it’s better if I just do this!” Now she is consistently dry, even at night. We used a combination of rewards and having them run around bare from the waist down.

  42. I have FINALLY gotten my 3 yo quadruplets potty trained and it is wonderful and annoying at the same time:) Wonderful because there’s no more $$ being spent on diapers etc but annoying because now every public restroom is a must see….yuck.:)
    Jenny B

  43. I just wait until my little one is ready. when he was 2 and half, he got it in two minutes. It worked for us!”

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  46. my best tip is just to wait until you think your kid is ready and try to approach it with a positive attitude. I’ve seen so many people jump into it because their kid has hit a certain age or milestone and then battle with their kid about the potty for MONTHS. that’s not fun for anyone

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  48. Ladytink_534 says:

    Lots of praise and constantly reminding them

  49. Ladytink_534 says:

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  50. My tip for successful training is to reward with lots of praise and encouragement.

  51. I’m having a difficult time with my now 3year old son. I lost my job and since then we have been home together, instead of him a daycare, the M&M reward system doesn’t seem to be working, unless we are at a store, or at another person’s house. I was very excited when he went #”2″ at my parents house last night. When I potty trained my daughter 11 years ago, it was very easy, took less then a day, she just went around the house with underwear and didn’t like having warm down her leg. Boys don’t seem to care, or maybe it’s just my son.

  52. I’m not starting potty training with my daughter for another month or so, but I know that what worked for me was M&Ms as a reward.
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  55. I have successfully potty trained 4 kids now, and the last one was actually the hardest. My best advice is to potty train when the kids are really ready or you will add too much stress to the home. Also, we would identify something that the child REALLY wants. For my last child it was a Care Bear riding toy. We bought it and put in on top of the refrigerator. Every day we talked about the fact that it could come down after we threw away the pullups. Emphasis on the fact that my daughter was more interested–we were done in a week.

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  58. My daughter has been potty trained since about 20 months. Parental discipline is the key! :)

  59. My biggest obstacle with potty training was making it a regular habit for my daughter. She would do well for a few days then have a few days of accidents.

  60. I follow you on twitter.

  61. Where was this blog 2 years ago? I really could’ve used some of the advice given here! My youngest was actually potty trained at age 2. Then we got a puppy and she saw the puppy make “accidents” and regressed! It was frustrating! Fast forward 2 years later, and she is finally ALL dry day and night! YAY! My only advice is take your time. Don’t stress out about it and your child will eventually see that it’s the way of the world. Mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, the teachers, friends, EVERYONE goes to the potty. I exposed my kids to the bathrooms in every place we went and I took them with me when I went. Eventually, they got curious enough to do it themselves.

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  64. The biggest obsticle I have is that my son just has no interest. Once every few weeks he will wear underwear at daycare for the day. He has no accidents. The next day, he doesn’t want to do it. I think he wears the underwear every so often just to prove to himself that he can do it.

  65. Carrie Loring says:

    The key to potty training is consistency. I found the best way is just put the toddler on the toilet every 20-30 min. every waking hour. All four of my kids have been day trained within a week.

  66. I’ve never actually potty trained a child, although I’ve taken care of kids that were being potty trained and found that having regular meals and keeping track of when they drank water helped a lot in making it to the bathroom in time! :)

  67. I follow you on FB. As for any tips, be consistent and patient. This does not happen over night and you just need to be understanding with your child. Some take off quickly, others it takes a bit longer. Don’t try to compare your child to someone elses or a older child of yours.

  68. I like you on facebook.

    best tip…..BRAG! My daughter would go to the potty and ask, “Aren’t you proud of me?” Often if we went a whole day without an accident we would call an aunt or Gran and let her tell them what a good job she had done. She really worked hard to be able to tell everyone, “I was dry all day!”

  69. Jennifer M. says:

    This is great, I am potty training at this time. We are having a hard time. My son, will almost always when he needs to go #2 but not #1. I love reading all the comments, great advice. Thanks

  70. Jennifer M. says:

    I follow Saving Dollars and Sense on Facebook

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  72. carrie highlander says:

    Our biggest challenge I think will be that my son has mild ceberal palsy.

  73. carrie highlander says:

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  75. Honestly – my biggest obstacle was constipation! Crazy but that was it….

  76. Isabel Acosta says:

    The best thing I did was make my son were undies and set a timer for every 15 mins, and send him to go potty

  77. my daughter is doing so good right now on the potty, she is 2. my best advice, take a lil potty with you everywhere!

  78. Katie Hubbard says:

    Lots of encouragement! I tried to be patient and love them no matter what. That was easier said than done, but I did find the less I stressed over it and let them pick the pace, the easier it was on all of us.

  79. I’m struggling with where to begin, my oldest just turned 2 & 7 months. I feel like it’s time, but where do your start?