Free Neutrogena Mascara!

Saving Dollarsand Sense

Seventeen magazine is giving away 5,000 FREE Neutrogena mascaras!

The first 5,000 to fill out their information and use the code word prettyamazing will receive a FREE Neutrogena mascara!

To request your FREE mascara without signing up for a magazine subscription, please sure to enter through the area that looks like this:

“No purchase is necessary to enter. If you’d prefer enter the sweepstakes without starting a trial subscription to Seventeen or if you are already a subscriber, click here.”

Request yours here.

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  1. Belynda Cleveland via Facebook says:

    its telling me its the wrong code

  2. Belynda Cleveland via Facebook says:

    nevermind got it to work

  3. Roni Crysler via Facebook says:

    lol I had to use my sons bday I guess I’m too old.

  4. LOL! At 37 I didn’t meet the age requirements to get this sample. I’m 17 at heart. Does that count?

  5. Don’t feel bad I had to use my daughters bday lol

  6. says im too old lol entered for Hannah

  7. Yes you have to be around 17 to get the offer.

  8. Camille Jones Albert via Facebook says:

    Thanks for the tip, I was too old also

  9. It’s for ages 13-29, sorry I should have added that.

  10. can’t find the area to sign up without the magazine subscription :-(

  11. Ha ha…. I used my daughter’s birthday! Wow… I didn’t think I was too OLD to wear mascara!

  12. Camille Jones Albert via Facebook says:

    Do you have any or many followers in the age range? or was it geared towards those with daughters of that age?

  13. We have followers here of all ages.

  14. Lisa Littleton via Facebook says:

    I am too old. LOL

  15. Kathleen Gally Staskin via Facebook says:

    I guess you’re supposed to stop wearing make-up at age 30. What’s up with that, Neutrogena?

  16. Maria Loomis via Facebook says:

    I just was told also, I was too old…born in 81. So I put my sister’s name in there and birthdate (born in 93) and I guess it went through bc I didn’t get the message I got before.

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