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Thanksgiving is a time to think about family, friends, and the things that matter most to us!

It shouldn’t be a time where we are worrying over money. It’s possible to put together a fantastic spread without over spending.

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and I wanted to share some ways that you can create an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner without spending a small fortune and using some basic ingredients that you may already have on hand.

It can be very easy to get caught up in the moment and find your budget has been busted.  I’m here to say that you can put together an excellent spread and still maintain a budget.

The first step is to determine a budget for your special dinner and then stick to it! How can you know what you have to spend if you haven’t written down a budget and a plan?

This will be different for everyone because you’ll need to take into consideration how many guests you will need to accommodate as well as how much financially you are able to spend.

Keep in mind that the cost of the turkey should be about 40% of your budget.

The American Farm Bureau Association found that the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal in 2008 for 10 people was $44.61, about $4.50 per person.

Although I’m sure we can do it for less than that if we try.

Start shopping now and use coupons, you can search the grocery coupon database for anything you need.

Also keep in mind while planning this meal that you do not need to make every single dish! A well rounded Thanksgiving meal should include the turkey, one potato dish, stuffing, one other vegetable, a salad, and a dessert.

You can asks guests to bring dishes to add if they want something that isn’t included in your plan.  Don’t give into the temptation to please every single person. My mom taught me that it is impossible to please everyone.  Do your best out of love and it will be a success!

Your job is to create a beautiful dinner filled with memories.

There are many great deals to be found on turkeys this week so make sure you check your stores sales and find one that meets your families need while staying within your budget.

Once you have a turkey all that is left is to add extras to the meal that make this dinner a feast!

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    also wait for sales! that is a great way to make it less expensive and buy a little at a time will seem less impactful! and make your own chicken stock in advance from leftover bones/meat tastes great and you know what you put in it!

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