Get $50 Bonus When You Open A New Account!

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ING is giving away FREE money again!

I mean really who couldn’t use an extra $50?  This time it is for anyone who opens a checking account and makes three debits within 45 day.

We just signed my son up for one of their accounts the last time they were offering free money to do so, and it was so easy.  This checking account has no hidden fees and no minimums.

Head on over to ING and click Apply Now. Follow the directions to set up your account. Use your Electric Orange debit card to make three purchases in the first 45 days and on day 50 – you will get $50 deposited into your account!


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  1. Just tried to do this, but since I already have a savings account there, it won’t let me. Has to be a new customer. I can open a joint account with a new customer, but that customer must be 18 or older, so I can’t use my daughter. And my husband’s name is also on our savings account so that won’t work. Just wanted to let you know that the rules are different than they were before when we opened the savings account for my daughter and got “free” money.

  2. Kristen Boucher via Facebook says:

    and if you had an account before and closed it, you’re not eligible either. You have to be brand new.

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