My CVS Shopping Plan vs. The Reality

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cvs photoI was pretty happy to see that CVS had a few really great deals this week, but one in particular was the reason I went tonight.

My husband has come down with a case of the ManCold!

I bet you have encountered this at some point in time even if you are unfamiliar with the name of it.  If you aren’t sure what the ManCold is, watch the video below which explains it all so perfectly.

We needed Kleenex, and we needed it fast!

CVS has a coupon here where you can save $2 off 3 boxes of Kleenex.  This coupon matched up perfectly with the $.99 cent sale that is going on right now!

*Hot Deal Plan*

$.99 Kleexex (Buy 6) 
– $3 off 2 participating Kleenex Facial Tissue, Hand Towels, Lysol, Mucinex, Delsym, or Cepacol Products CVS printable coupon (Use 2)
$.32 each after sale & coupon!

So I took a few moments to see what deals I could use this week and came up with a great scenario.

6 Boxes of Kleenex @ $.99 each – Using 2 of these CVS coupons here
4 Bottles Glade Spray @ $.99  each – Glade $2 off 2 coupon here (Use 2)
1 Gillette Venus Razor @ $5.99 – $2 Gillette Venus Coupon
2 Bottles Visine @ $3 – $3 off Visine coupon
2 Mitchum Deodorant @ $1.99 each  – $1 off Mitchum coupon (Use 2)
2 Arizona Iced Teas – no coupons, on sale for $.66 each!

In the math I did at home I came to a total of $10.29.  I had $7 in ECB’s, so I expected a total of only $3.29 for all of that which would have been amazing.

Well I did get a great deal, however things didn’t exactly go according to plan. I left the store unsure why I was so off in my math, until I realized a couple things.

  1. The Visine was much more than I expected so I decided pass on buying it, and instead added a couple more of the Arizonas to my cart.
  2. I never took into account the cost of tax in my total.
  3. The razor that I thought was only $5.99 was in reality $11.99!!  That is a $6 difference. I did earn some ECB’s off of that razor, but I learned a lesson to pay closer attention to the prices.

So here is my actual trip tonight:

6 boxes of Kleenex
4 Bottles of Glade
1 Gillette Venus Razor
2 Mitchum Deodorants
4 Arizona Iced Teas

TOTAL $10.36
Total Savings $33.68
ECB’s Earned $2.00 for next time

$8.36 Total after coupons, sales, & ECB’s!!!

Thanks Deal Seeking Mom!

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  1. I have done that a few times myself

  2. Cindy Hughes says:

    I have a hard time getting to the store. Once a week is my limit, so my out of pocket is often more than I wish it was. I have worked out two transactions a couple times, to limit my OOP, but it seems to always back-fire when there are empty shelves, or like yours, my price estimates are off.

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