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250X300_Mother_Daughter2 I am not too ashamed to admit it.  I used bribery rewards to motivate my kids to keep up with their chores when they were growing up.

When they were little, a new toy or treat worked very well.  As my kids grew older, these things were replaced with cold hard cash because let’s face it cash can be a great motivator.

I am really excited to share My Job Chart with you!

My Job Chart is the free, easy to use, online chore chart and reward system for organizing and motivating your kids to learn first hand how to Save, Share and Spend.

And did I already happen to mention that it is FREE?!!

  • My Job Chart is the free, easy to use, online chore chart and reward system for teaching, organizing and motivating your kids to Save, Share and Spend responsibly.
  • My Job Chart makes it easy for parents to assign chores and more motivating and meaningful for children to fulfill them.
  • My Job Chart facilitates fun, engaging, hands-on learning for kids on the ABCs of prosperity including saving, sharing and spending.
  • My Job Chart gives parents the satisfaction of seeing their kids gain the foundation skills of a strong work ethic and financial responsibility.
  • My Job Chart takes the struggle out of instilling a strong work ethic in kids.

LOGIN_SCREENYou can set up an account FREE for each of your kids and combine cash with a system that also teaches them how to not only earn, but manage their earnings as well. You assign the chores and the point value for each chore.


They can login each day to see what their chores are, and as they complete them they earn points.  The points can then be shared with a charity your child wants to help, spent on things that you and them choose together on Amazon or saved.

CHILD_MY_STORE is integrated into the program so when they decide they want to spend their points they can shop on Amazon right through the MyJobChart program.

As the parent, you will get an email anytime your child spends on Amazon with all of the details of their purchase so that you can approve it and finalize the purchase.



With school just around the corner, now is a great time to start implementing a chore program that will make everyone’s daily life smoother.

My Job Chart teaches the value of hard work in a way that kids will love!

Check it out here, and sign up FREE!

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