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We recently had two new furry felines join our family!

We never really planned to add cats to our family, but after our dog Buddy went to heaven last month we decided we would fulfill our sons wish for a kitten.  He’d been dropping hints for several years, but our dogs were not cat friendly and we were afraid of what could happen if we brought a cat into a house dominated by dogs.

But with both dogs gone now, there were no other excuses.

While we were on vacation in Philadelphia our daughter sent her brother a picture of a sweet little kitten that her friend was getting rid of, and between the two of them they convinced us to say yes before the night was up.  They thought they were really great at convincing us, but we had already decided to surprise our son with a kitten when we got home from vacation so this just made it easier on us.  When we got home, our daughter shoed up with two kittens, and they were so sweet we couldn’t resist keeping them both.

However it has been several weeks now and we still have not chosen a name for them!

The white male cat has been called Snowball, Mr. White, Tales, and Pinky.

The black female cat has been called Dragon, Gizmo, Monster, Patches, and Paws.

We NEED help!

We obviously can’t have  these kittens walking around without a proper name.  We do pretty much all like the names above, the problem is that none of them feel right really which is why we can’t seem to settle on one name.

So I am hoping you can offer up some suggestions.

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  1. How ’bout Jekyll & Hyde (but are they male or female?)?

  2. How about Darla??

  3. The black kitty looks like the dragon in “How to Train Your Dragon” which my children reminded me is called “Toothless”. We have a pretty black kitty named “Saphira” who is supposedly a dragon also. The white kitty could be “Casper” the friendly ghost. It is fun to name kittens for characters in movies, also. We had Jack and Will from Pirates of the Carribbean. Enjoy the kitties while they are little. They grow up overnight (kind of like our kids)!

  4. Growing up I had a white cat named Coconut.
    How about Serendipity for the female.

  5. Do you guys have a favorite movie or show? You could name them after the main male/female characters!

  6. Well, I suggest Curly and Larry because my cat recently had 3 little kittens and two of them died at 3 & 4 weeks. Their names were Curly and Larry (Moe is still healthy and thriving!).

    They are adorable, I hope you have them for many years to come. :)

  7. Penny and Buck in honor of your thriftiness!

  8. I think the black kittie looks like a ‘Diva’ and the male…not sure on the coloring – is he striped/tiger? White/orange?

  9. From Harry Potter, you know how the “Squibs” had cats? These were the cat’s names: One was named Mr. Tibbles and the other was named Mrs. Norris.

    • YES! I vote for those names! :) We named our one cat Severus from Harry Potter as well as our dog Padfoot from Harry Potter as well.

  10. I think the male looks like an Oliver or Ollie. The female I’m thinking something with an M, like Mirabelle (Mira) or Mina.

  11. My first reaction was “Sonny” and “Cher”.

    I named our cat “Lucy” so I could say “Lucy, I’m home!” When the second arrived she had to be “Ethel”. Then my husband revoked my naming rights. I also tried to name our Jack Russell/Daschund “Janet Jacksund” and my in-laws cat “Alice” for Alice Cooper (she had black streaks by her eyes). I guess my names aren’t for everyone. :)

  12. Billie Jean says:

    I Like Casper for the male and Gizmo for the female is really Cute

  13. Awwww so cute!! What about Dillinger for the male kitty?

    Congrats on your kitties and hugs at the same time, I know you miss your dogs.

  14. How about calling them Fritz and Mimi

  15. For the female kitten,she looks like a” Snuggles” to me.The boy could be Snowman .

  16. Victoria says:

    They’re so cute! I’d name them Mingus and Mogget.

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