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This week as promised, I am going to share how I am currently organizing my coupons.

Organization is THE key to all of this frugal grocery shopping stuff.  If you don’t learn to be organized from the beginning then the chances of this becoming a success are pretty slim.  I can only say this becaus when I first began couponing it wasn’t that big of a deal if I wasn’t organized.  I only had a handful of coupons and could pretty much remember all of them.

But after a few weeks of collecting coupons I started to get overwhelmed.  I caught myself several times spending money I didn’t need to spend because I didn’t know if I had a coupon.  And if I did know, I couldn’t find it anyway.  MY coupons had become more of a burden that a help to me, and I considered giving them up altogether because it all seemed like such a hassle.

Then I saw this article about coupon organization.   And I decided this was the method I would use. 

Here are a couple different ways of organizing your coupons:

Organizing Junkie’s method 
Lacy’s Coupon Binder

I am seriously considering switching from my current method to Lacy’s coupon binder method, and her step by step instructions are great!

You just need to chose which one works best for you.  

Now that I’ve learned to be more organized with my coupons, I don’t forget which coupons I have and I can bring them all with me in case I find something that has been marked down to use a coupon with to make it free.

The next thing to know about organization is to be diligent about cutting and filing your coupons right away. Every so often I find myself with a pile of coupons sitting on my desk that haven’t been filed. No, its not the funnest job, but it really does only take about five minutes if you do it right away. But if you wait and let them pile up like I have the last 2 weeks then you end up with a mess, and a whole lot more work to do. I have been faced with the task of sorting through all of my coupons this week since I hadn’t kept up with it lately.

Being organized will make this whole system run smoother. When I first started it felt like I would spend hours cutting out coupons and planning my shopping trip. But now that I’ve gotten organized it doesn’t take long at all. If I am going through an ad and I need to see if I have a coupon I can find it qickly. My shopping trips go much faster now that I know what I have and where to find it.

Disorganization turns this money saving strategy into a disaster. If you are disorganized I believe you will eventually get so overwhelmed by the whole thing that you’ll just give it up altogether. Noone wants to feel like they’ve picked up a burden. It is not supposed to feel burdensome. If it does then you need to look to see why. Have you allowed yourself to become disorganized? Have you allowed it to become an idol? Just reevaluate how you are doing things.

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  1. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings says:

    Glad to see the coupon binder method enticed you to give it a try.

    I created the method in the 90’s and although I’m probably a little bias, lol I have to say out of all the methods I went through, the binder has worked the best for me.

    Happy Couponing!

    Laura Williams
    Creator of the Coupon Binder Method

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