Ways to Make Money Selling Your Stuff

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If you are spring cleaning right now, don’t just throw out your unwanted items. Here are a few ways that you can make money by selling those items you no longer need.


A local consignment shop is a great way to sell used clothing, shoes, and apparel. Many consignment shops will take lots of items that are gently used and still currently stylish. 

Some will do straight consignment meaning that you’ll get a percentage of the sale of the item once it sells. However, many clothing consignment stores will give cash up front. Often you will receive $1 – $5 for each piece depending on the brand and style, which is more than you’ll likely receive at a garage sale.

Look for adult and teen consignment stores such as Plato’s Closet, Uptown Cheapskate, and other locally owned places for your clothing. And try children’s consignment stores such as Kid 2 Kid for your children’s clothing and apparel.


eBay is a great way to sell items on a national and international level. You can list items auction style or with a Buy It Now format depending on the item and how much you’d like to receive for that item. 

Make sure to consider shipping costs when naming your price. You can list with free shipping to appeal to more buyers, or eBay has a feature of calculated shipping where you enter the item’s weight and the zip code it is being shipped from and the shipping is calculated based on the postage it will require to send it to the buyer. With this option, the buyer pays the shipping costs.

The fees are fairly reasonable with eBay. They will charge you 9% of the final sale price and you’ll be charged around 3% for receiving money through Paypal for the sale. Keep that 12% cost in mind when determining your list price.


Craigslist is a great and free way to sell your items, especially if you live in a larger city. Just be cautious to not give too much information and to plan to meet the buyer during the day in a busy part of town to be safe.

Craigslist can be quite spammy as well, so be smart when selling and buying on that format. This is a great option for selling used vehicles, furniture, and other larger items that you want to sell locally since shipping wouldn’t be an option.

Facebook Pages

Look for a local Buy/Sell/Trade group on Facebook. This is a safer alternative to Craigslist, and a better option if you live in a smaller town. Make sure to check the page rules before listing as many have rules concerning how many items you can post in one day, how often you can bump the item, etc.

Use similar caution with this format as you would with Craigslist when meeting the buyer to deliver the item. 

Garage Sale

An old fashioned garage sale is an excellent way to sell a large amount of items in one weekend. Make sure to be prepared with all of your items priced and to use a decent amount of advertising.

You could advertise with signs and fliers, put a post on your personal social media pages, and many of the local Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook groups allow advertising for garage sales as well. With the right amount of planning, you could earn a decent amount of money for items that you may have just donated or tossed otherwise.

Upcycle Furniture

Another fun and creative way to get more bang for your buck is to upcycle your furniture before selling it. If you have an old worn out piece of wooden furniture, give it a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. Try making new throw pillows for an outdated couch to give it a little more style. Cover the back of a bookshelf in pretty fabric. Convert that side table into a play kitchen for children.

Not only will this be a fun project, often you can really increase the resale amount on an item with just a few hours of work and a few dollars’ worth of paint.

When you are spring cleaning this year, don’t be so quick to just donate or toss your unwanted items. With the methods listed above, you could not only purge your home, but you can also make a bit of spending money while doing so. What are your favorite ways to sell your unwanted belongings?

Kohl’s Star Wars Apparel for the Entire Family

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5.21 Star Wars Apparel for the Family from Kohls IMAGEKohl’s Star Wars Apparel for the Entire Family

Have you seen the viral Chewbacca Mask Lady video yet?

This Chewbacca mom made everyone’s day with her contagious laughter, so Kohl’s made her day by giving her $2500 in gift cards and a ton of their best Star Wars products! Below you will find some of the Kohl’s Star Wars Apparel for the Entire Family.

Women’s Apparel:

Tips for a Stress Free Family Road Trip

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As summer approaches and school gets out for the summer, many people will begin planning family vacations!

Whether your vacation is a road trip itself, or there are a few hours or more drive to your destination, here are a few ways to make the most of an extended drive with your family.

Have a Plan

Whether you have an elaborate trip on the road planned or just a few hours drive to your vacation destination, having an on-the-road plan is a great way to enjoy the journey. Check the map to see if there are any places that would be fun to make a brief stop, make sure to have plenty of snacks packed for your children, plan a few games or things for entertainment ahead of time.

Though you may do just fine to just load your kiddos and luggage and hit the road, having a plan is a sure way to avoid road weary tantrums or to at least be prepared to face them when they come. The rest of the ideas below are some things to consider when making your plans.

Road Entertainment

Make sure to have tablets and electronics fully charged and ready to be used. Pack plenty of headphones so that multiple people can use different devices without interfering with others. If you don’t have a device for each passenger, grab an inexpensive headphone splitter to allow two people to watch the same film from one device.  Make sure to pack charging devices that are compatible with the outlets in your vehicle. 

Though electronic games and videos are a great way to keep everyone entertained, you may want to plan other entertainment as well. Look on Pinterest to find a few road games to plan out ahead of time. Look for “get to know you” types of games where you can make being crammed in the same small space an opportunity to get to know your family better!

If you are on a long trip, plan games and entertainment that will encourage your children to look out the windows at the world passing around them. “I Spy” games are great for this, and will give your children an appreciation for the differences in culture and the beautiful world we live in.

Organization Is Key

Try to keep your road trip supplies as organized as possible! There is nothing more frustrating than to have to dig around in a packed car for something you need to appease your children all while being irritated and now motion sick yourself!

Keep an organized “on the road bag” within arms reached packed with electronics, snacks, and any infant items you may need. Each time you need to stop for gas or to use the restroom, make sure to quickly reorganize your vehicle. Get things straightened up, trash tossed, and your bag reorganized to keep things easy to grab on the go.

Make Occasional Stops

Don’t be so committed to a schedule that you avoid stops at all costs. Or if a tight schedule is absolutely necessary, make sure to leave early enough to allow yourself time for stops.

Instead of driving through for food and eating on the road, find a park to picnic at to give your children a chance to burn some energy. Stopping to stretch your legs and letting your children get out of the car for a bit will do wonders to help everyone not be grumpy and tired. And allowing your children a chance to run and play will possibly create some naps on the road.

Take a Deep Breath

Planning for entertainment, snacks, breaks and all of the other things necessary to keep your children happy on road trips is certainly important. But it is equally as important to make sure you are comfortable and enjoy the trip as well. 

Make sure to grab a CD or make a playlist on your phone of music that makes you relaxed and happy. Grab snacks that you will enjoy as well to keep you occupied while on the road. Make sure to take a break when you need it as well, especially if you are doing any of the driving. 

Enjoying the journey of a vacation is often just as important and fun as the vacation itself! Hopefully these tips will help your next long family road trip a bit more pleasant. What are some things that your family does to make time on the road more enjoyable?

Best Chewbacca Products

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The Chewbacca Mask Lady has everyone searching for where to get a Chewbacca Mask of their own. Unfortunately they can’t be found anywhere online now, but I have found some great Chewbacca products that I think you will love just as much.

Here are THE Best Chewbacca Products available on Amazon today!

You’ll find everything including clothing, toys, and accessories for the little Chewbacca’s in your family!!


Be You 50% Off Coupon Code!

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Sylvan Book Adventure FREE Reading Program

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2007BAlogoThe Sylvan Book Adventure is a FREE reading incentive program for kids!

Basically your child reads books and then takes a simple comprehension quiz to make sure they understood what they read. The quiz is usually about 10 questions long.

They earn points based on how much they remember from reading the book. Once they’ve earned enough points they can redeem them for some pretty neat prizes!

There are hundreds of books to choose from in all reading levels. These are common books that can be found at your local library.

You can find all of the FREE Summer Reading Programs here.