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It’s hard to believe that Back to School is just around the corner considering the fact that summer just arrived for many of us.

I know that many moms are already turning their thoughts to all that they will need to buy to get their kiddos ready for a successful new year of learning and growing.

When I was a teenager I had the opportunity to attend a private school for girls where we had to wear school uniforms everyday along with some pretty snazzy saddle shoes.

I remember how much easier it made getting ready for school each day.  I had two skirts to alternate each day as well as a short sleeve or long sleeve white button up shirt and if I wanted to get really fancy that day I might even wear a sweater 😉

When you showed up for school and everyone else looked very similar, clothes stopped being an issue.

Let’s face it school is supposed to be about an education and not who has the coolest new outfit.

Back then only private schools had embraced school uniforms, but today it seems like more and more schools are seeing the benefit and implementing uniforms too.

I think that uniforms are a great idea, and I am happy to see more and more stores including them into their Back to School clothing lines.


The Children’s Place Uniform Shop has a great selection of clothes to choose from that meet uniform regulations and are stylish too!


School uniforms sure have come a long way!


Thanks to The Children’s Place there is no reason your child can’t still express their own unique style with all of the choices that are offered! It’s hard to tell that these are even uniforms in the first place.


The boy school uniform options are just as nice!


You can see theChildren’s Place Uniform Shop for everything they have available today.

Just search for uniforms once you get toThe Children’s Place.

If you decide to buy anything make sure you use the coupon code H6G531 to save 20% off your purchase now through September 9th!

There is a whole lot more to choose from than two skirts, two shirts, and a sweater like I had to choose from. You’ll find sizes that are perfect for everyone including slim and plus options.

Enter to win a $500 Children’s Place Gift Card!

This giveaway is open to Canada and US, void in Quebec and Hawaii and will end on July 30th.

Disclosure: This giveaway has been sponsored by The Childrens Place and hosted by Kidsumers. I have not been compensated and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Love the pink polo and blue skirt–still looks like a fun outfit without being too bland in the color deparment.

  2. I am so torn! I love the girl’s pleated skirt but I also love the sweater with the collared shirt…I want them both!

  3. jessica m. says:

    I think my daughter would like the second collection. She’s not big on skirts.

  4. Caitlyn Lord Yasika says:

    I love the second outfit. The mock button down with the sweater and the pants make really nice lines for the outfit. The zip up sweater is really nice for the winter months also.

  5. Tammy Kocher says:

    Love the pink polo and skirt with bow!

  6. I love the girl’s uniform with the gray sweater. Too bad I only have boys.

  7. Katrina Z. says:

    My daughter would like the second collection best. She is not big on skirts and the light pink outfit reminds me ofwhen I had to wear a school uniform! It’s her first year of school, winning the gift certificate would be awesome :)

  8. Tina Peel says:

    I love all the collections they are so cute! I think my daughter would like the top collection because she is such a girly girl and always is in dresses.

  9. I like the tie!

  10. Terri Costello says:

    I like the one with the skirt and the pink polo top. My daughter loves skirts and I love that coat.

  11. Love the bright pink polo shirt and blue skirt. My girls love to wear skirts and the color pink!

  12. I like the outfit with the tie…….I think my son would look so cute in it! :)

  13. Love Children’s Place… A favorite to get all my kids’ clothes!

  14. I would love to win! I love the children’s place!!

  15. corriene says:

    I love all the collections but that pea coat is adorable. Plus this is the only store I can actually find pants that fit my daughter they have the adjustable waist band and everything is so well made. Love childrens place hope to win.

  16. I love the black jeans with the gray hoodie sweater.

  17. I love the first one with that adorable little pleated skirt!

  18. I love the black skinny jeans, ballet flats and gray sweater.

  19. kbourdeau says:

    I love the second outfit down, black pants and black and white shirt for girls.

  20. Kimberly McMillan says:

    I really like the little boys’ outfit with the tie and fedora hat. How adorable for my 3 boys. They would look so cute together.

  21. Cheryl W says:

    I love the black/white girls top and pleated skirt.

  22. I like the collection with the skirt. I like the style and the splash of color to break up the bland tones of the rest of the outfit.

  23. I like the yellow shirt with the blue plaid tie. Very classy!

  24. Our daughter starts Kindergarten this year and it’s her first year wearing a uniform! She would love the skirt (since it’s hard for me to get her to wear ANYTHING other than a skirt!)

  25. the boy uniform is what my sons wear to their public school with uniforms!

  26. Mandy Matthews says:

    I LOVE the girls skirt and pink shirt outfit, however, my little man would be adorable in a tie, dress shirt and kahkis!

  27. Theresa Lane says:

    I always prefer the traditional kaki pants and button up collard shirts.

  28. Abigail's Mommy says:

    I love Children’s Place! They fit my tall daughter so much better.

  29. I love the black skirt with the jacket. My daughter loves skirts and would wear that in a second! Adorable!

  30. Abigail's Mommy says:

    Opps! I hit enter too early. I love the first one for Abigail.

  31. Jessica Shuman says:

    I love the first outfit for a little girl. The jacket invites us into fall with rain and fallen leaves.

  32. Bianca C says:

    I love the pink shirt and coat! The other outfit is adorable as well. Tough choice! I love Childrens Place and could see my two daughters decked out in their clothes. I went in the there yesterday and looked around- so many glamorous choices!! But I have to add- they do an awesome job of having cute boys clothes too. Too often you go into a store and there are tons of cute girl clothes and alright boy clothes. With five sons and two daughters I definitely would use that $500 for school and they would absolutely love it!!

  33. I’d pick the second grouping as my girls won’t wear the skirts to school. Learned that the hard after buying skirts for this past year that they soooo wanted and then wore once.

  34. I love the # 2 picture for my daughter. That’s her style, she doesn’t like skirts.

  35. Apryl Fall says:

    I like the first girl set the best that jacket is too cute!

  36. I like the bottom right girl’s outfit on the top grid of outfits. (jean jacket, tee, and patterned skirt)

  37. Darlene Sullins says:

    My favorite outfits would be the school girl black skirt with the school girl black and whit top- so cute!

  38. Sherry L says:

    We so need the uniforms.. mine loves the skirts!

  39. My daughter would love the skirt!

  40. I love the look of the Black pants, grey sweater and the top that has the Black top with white button up underneath. It is the cutest. My daughter and son would be in hog heaven if we won the gift certificate. Being on very tight budget, they don’t get to get clothes at Children’s Place very often even though they love the clothes and they last a long time.

  41. I like the girls outfit with the pants, because face it…Lake Erie brings a pretty cold chill in the air for most of the school year…but they are all super!!

  42. OMG fingers crossed HOPE I WIN. childrens place has great quality clothing not to mention adorable for both boys and girls. My 2 year old boy is growing so fast its hard to keep up with him. Everyone loves a toddler with style–Ill be happy for anyone who wins the opportunity. Every child deserves the best and Childrens Place is exactly that. Wish my family luck we could really use the good to come around after these past few months we’ve had financially…. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE and GOD BLESS THE FAMILY WHO WINS!

  43. Kathy Geames says:

    I really like the second outfit the most. It is cute, but comfortable. My little girl loves to dress like a lady, but refuses to play like one. I actually liked all the outfits. My son would look so cute in #4.

  44. Heather G says:

    I like the boys outfit with the yellow shirt and tie. I have 3 girls and only 1 boy and so I don’t get to dress boys too often!

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