The Magic Schoolbus Science Kits 45% Off!

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You can grab The Magic Schoolbus Science Kits for as low as $13.99!

We LOVED The Magic Schoolbus when my kids were younger.  The videos were a great teaching tool, and they made science a lot of fun.  I was excited to see that there are Magic Schoolbus Science Kits!  I would have loved to know about these when my kids were little.

Some of the kits available include:

  • The World of Germs
  • A Journey into the Human Body
  • The Mysteries of Rainbows
  • The Secret of Space and Soaring into Flight
  • Diving into Slime, Gel and Goop
  • Going Green
  • Back in Time with the Dinosaurs
  • Solar Energy to the Rescue

There are several kits available here.

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  1. Fawn Galan via Facebook says:

    my kids love these! they are fun!

  2. Sarah Nyburg via Facebook says:

    We loved the Magic Schoolbus! Sure wish my kid was younger! lol

  3. Jenifer Ramirez via Facebook says:

    Oh awesome!! I had no idea they have science kits! THANKS! Sharing your page for sure! Vote for me in Cheap Sally’s Bring Home the Bacon Contest

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