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If I seem a little quiet around Facebook lately there is a good reason why.

A few days ago I noticed that any time I tried to share one of my Deal Posts on The Facebook page it would give me a message that I could not post because the site was marked as spam.

My entire site is being called spam by Facebook!

This is either due to people clicking that my site is spam on Facebook rather than unsubscribing to the page (I don’t believe this is the case)  or it is because I am posting too many deals a day (which is likely the case).

This means that it is almost impossible for me to share anything on Facebook.  I felt terrible knowing that many of you are following me for the deals and there were no deals coming through.

When you try to share a post of mine you will probably get the spam message and a spot to click to report that this is not spam.  Please DO NOT report that it is not spam!  This will actually make my site appear more like spam if Facebook receives hundreds of these messages.

How you CAN help:

  • Join me on Facebook as we continue to grow as a community of money savers and share your own tips, deals, and money saving ideas!  It will help if I am not the only one posting statuses all day long.  I think Facebook want to see a community interacting together.
  • Feel free to ask questions on the wall or leave answers when someone else does.

I have an amazing friend working to resolve this with Facebook now on my behalf ad I’m hopeful that she will be successful in making Facebook see that you guys actually love my posts. However I can’t be sure when or if this will get resolved and I’d hate for any of you to miss out on my deals, freebies, and giveaways.

So how can you still get my deals?

You can still hop on over here and see all of the posts each day.  I haven’t slowed down on posting.  But I will only be sharing 2-5 posts per day on the Facebook wall.  This is Facebooks own recommended posting limits and I am trying to keep from appearing to be spam in hopes that they will unflag my site.

I’ll try to pick the time sensitive & best deal posts to use my 2-5 posting limit on.  Thank you for your patience and support while I try to deal with this situation.

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Kristie Sawicki is the author of Saving Dollars and Sense, where she blogs about Money Saving Ideas and Frugal Living Tips, as well the Best Coupons, Deals and Freebies around. You can connect with Kristie Sawicki on Google+ and on the Saving Dollars and Sense Facebook page.


  1. You know, this happened to me, and I posted about it on FB. My friends who do not blog but only wanted to share links they had found told me the same thing happening to them. Some of them suggested contacting FB but I gave it a couple of days and tried again. I have not had a problem with that since. I think it is some silly FB thing!! Hope you get it resolved soon!

  2. Jenna Burns says:

    I am sorry to hear this! You and Budget Savvy Diva are my favorite posts to read. I will go and find you on Twitter.

  3. Can I just quickly say – YOU ARE THE BEST! :)

    Seriously, I’m a million times over grateful to be a part of helping you through this (and, you have an email!) :)

    – Jaime

  4. I have just found your site and tried to post your site on my wall, and facebook wouldn’t allow it. I did right a note to them and awaiting a reply.

    Many blessings -thank you for your hard work and hints.

  5. Patty C. says:

    My Norton does this w/some of my coupon sites but never yours…it automatically posts it on the coupon site & I do not mark as spam…actually it says…it has not been tested or could be harmful something like that… but it also has a place that the site owner can go to so they can resolve this & it will not show up like this no more…I will try to find this for u thru Norton…then it should fix this problem for you…have you tried to contact Facebook so they can help you w/it? My boyfriend had a small business fb page and they helped him set up & correct some stuff. I hope this helps & I will continue to follow you and support whatever u post…if there is anything I can do…let me know :) Your site has been a blessing to me and I am sorry to hear you are having such problems :( Best of luck that you resolve this soon…for your sanity & so you can continue to do such good works for us all! <3

    • Thanks for all of these great ideas! Hoping to get this fixed soon too. Also thank you so much for your encouraging words!

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