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$50 Weekly Grocery ChallengeI used to always keep a very strict $50 Weekly Grocery Budget.

I had a pretty nice stockpile and we managed to eat almost exclusively from it for months after we bought our new home.

A little bit of history:

We bought a home that was pretty much close to uninhabitable as it could get.  The plumbing didn’t work, the floors were missing, and the heating system wasn’t working.  We knew when we chose it that it was going to be a HUGE project.  We also knew that when it was finished we would live in a home that far surpassed our wildest dreams for less than what we were previously paying in our other house.

What we really didn’t take into account was how much this project was going to affect our schedules.

It started slowly, when I was no longer finding the time to menu plan. It was a slow spiral downward from there. I still thought I had everything under control, because like I said above we had a pretty healthy stockpile.

It wasn’t long after that I stopped planning trips to the grocery store.

This led to more and more overspending at restaurants.

I would feel guilty and make the decision to longer eat out by making a quick trip to the store just to pick up a few things. I was still trying to be as frugal in my spontaneous trips in. But as you are probably well aware, more things find there way into your basket than you intended when you don’t take a few minutes to prepare a plan.

So a few weeks ago I decided things were finally winding down a little in our lives and I need to get this train back on track!

After several weeks spending about $80, I have thrilled to finally have a $50 Grocery Bill this week!

I should add that I already have a ton of produce leftover that I bought last week.  I also have lunch meat, cheese, eggs, bread, and a few other things in my pantry.  I have one more Broccoli Chicken Cheddar Casserole left from my freezer cooking, some turkey in the freezer from last week, and a package of venison that a friend gave us that will be perfect for chili!

I used lots of coupons, bottle refunds, and received a $4 Catalina to use towards next weeks order!

I am signing myself up for the $50 Grocery Budget Challenge again!

Each week I will use all of the resources available to me to keep my weekly budget at $50.  I am making it a challenge, and telling all of you about it because it is really the only way I will follow through.

You are my accountability partners in this thing!

If you want to take the challenge with me, I would love some company.  I will share a photo each week of what I was able to buy as well as share my grocery shopping plan, which will include all of the drugstores, Meijer, Kroger, Walmart, Target, and more!

Feel free to read more about how I do this here:

Stay tuned for more information on how you can participate in the Saving Dollars and Sense $50 Grocery Challenge with me! Stay tuned for an update on Monday.

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  1. I’m in! I need to start saving money on my groceries. I have a $70 weekly budget, but I always seem to spend around $120. It’s killing me! My budget does include health and beauty, pet stuff, and diapers and such too. I just started looking into planning out my weekly meals. I’ve really got to do better.

  2. Kristine says:

    I’m in! I used to have a 65.00/week grocery budget and, like you, “life happened” and I slacked off. To be truthful, this budget does not include paper products, which I get from Costco, and pet food which I have to special order because the dog has horrible allergies. I really need to get back on top of organizing my coupons and sticking to my budget. Let’s GO!!!!!!

  3. I am going to read your list of posts and then try to do $100 for next week’s budget. Our current budget is $150 a week so I don’t think I could go down to $50 right away but eventually I will. :)

    • Kristie Sawicki says:

      $50 is pretty extreme, but really it’s not the amount that is important. It’s the fact that you are trimming your budget and looking for ways to feed your family on less without losing out on keeping your family well nurished.

  4. Cheryl Pitt says:

    I’ll be watching and learning. What’s your family size/age range again? We have 5 kids (3 teens, a 5yo and 9 month old). We spend about $300 a WEEK. That includes doing several meatless meals and using meat as a “garnish”. Its insane and I’m determined to fix it. If I could get it down to $100-$150 a week I’d be thrilled

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