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This week I am happy to report that I spent a total of $17.13!

I spent and stocked up on so much last week that I just skipped the grocery and drugstores this week.

I had the chance to go thrifting with Jolyn from Bargains to Bounty and a few other people today and had a great time.  I didn’t really find a ton of stuff to buy, but I absolutely LOVE what I did get!

When we moved into this new house we had to get a new gas stove.  After several months of using it, I can say I’m finally getting the hang of it’s quirks.  I’ve always had an electric stove and there is a bit of an adjustment going to a gas stove after 12 years on an electric one.

249049_515375595165705_15501577_nThe only thing I really dislike about my stove is the fact that I have nowhere to set a spoon or spatula when I am cooking because there are no flat surfaces.  I’ve been on the lookout for some way to solve this problem and finally found it today for only $5.99!

Now it has a nice home on my stove and I am a happy lady!

I also found a couple nice t-shirts which I really like.  I’ve been needing to pick up a couple, and each of them were under $2.

My other big score was a cute little metal basket that I am planning to put in my pantry to store potatoes or onions in.

But I have to say my favorite part was just sitting with the other ladies and enjoying a nice lunch at Panera together!

Salvation Army #1 

Metal Basket $2.99
Cast Iron Triver $5.99

TOTAL $9.52

Value World

Pink Old Navy T-shirt $1.80
Orange Sonoma T-shirt $1.80
Brown Gap T-shirt $1.60

TOTAL $5.51

Salvation Army #2

Blue & White tank top $.99
Ruffled tank top $.99

TOTAL $2.10

I was pretty happy with my finds, and hope to try thrifting again soon!

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