Will You Take The Savings Pledge With Me?

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This is the new house that my husband is buying today!

My husband and I both made a pledge a few years back that changed our financial forecast for good!

After spiraling quickly into a deep pit of debt we found ourselves at the bottom with no idea how we got there and no idea how to get out. Each month came like the grim reaper seeking to snuff us out for good. The phone rang endlessly to remind us that our creditors, who were so friendly to extend what we thought was a helping hand, were really waiting for their opportunity to enslave us forever.

Our rock bottom came when we were several months behind on our mortgage which we were so proud to have at 20 years old. The threat of losing our home was the wake up call that we needed.

It took several years of sacrifice and choosing to go without to undo the damage we had caused in just a few short months. My husband worked out of town 80 hours a week for almost a year and would only come home on the weekends. We all sacrificed by giving up the newest toys, new cars, new clothes, and more.

Today we continue to take our Savings Pledge seriously!

We have lived in a neighborhood that has been on the decline for several years, knowing that our only real option for moving was to have enough cash to put down on another mortgage. We have scrimped and saved every nickle we could while enduring the unspoken criticisms we see in other eyes.

This week we are purchasing our dream house. One we can afford! We are also purchasing a new vehicle with cash, no more car notes for us! We have enough money to put down on our house so that our payment stays just about the same as where we currently live. We also have enough cash leftover to pay cash to fix up our new house.

And we have an emergency fund!

I never could have imagined we would be where we are today just a little over five years ago! All it really took was that moment in time when we both knew something had to change. There is so much power in changing one’s mind about something.

Our current goal is to pay off the mortgage on our first home to the point that we are no longer under water and can sell it. This will require about $30,000! But we have learned that by setting a goal and working hard towards that goal we can do it.

We are working to have this accomplished as soon as possible. A realistic plan is to put away $1,000 a month.  At this rate it will take a little over two years to reach our goal.  We are still figuring out the details, so we may just add the $1,000 to our payment each month.

Is there something you would like to save for?  It can be anything. Maybe you will save to start an emergency fund, pay off a car or loans, or even something fun like a family vacation.  Maybe you are like I was years ago and simply need to start with paying off debt?

Will you make the decision to take a Savings Pledge with me?

It’s really easy.  Just decide what you’d like to save for and how much you’ll need to put away each week to reach your goal.  Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a week, just get right back on track where you left off.

What are you going to save for?

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  1. Jayne Nagy says:

    This is awesome!! I am so pleased for you and Dave Ramsey would be so proud. :) (Have you shared your story with him?) I hope my kids will read this and take heed. Fortunately for me, my husband has always been a frugal shopper and a big saver, the exact opposite of what I was and sometimes still have a tendency to be, I have learned much from him though, and after 30 years of marriage, look forward to his early retirement in a couple of years.
    You are blessed!!

  2. Great post. So happy for you all.
    God has seen it fit to have it so we are mortgage free and debt free. It’s an amazing feeling. My husband has always worked so hard for our family and after learning what it means to be a good steward with what you have.. we have truly seen the blessings..

    Can’t wait to see how quickly you all get out of debt and what a testimony it will be. :-)

  3. Congratulations! It seems like you’ve worked really hard to get where you are, you and your husband should be very proud of yourselves. It takes a lot of restrain and focus to see the bigger picture, and clearly you have done a great job with that. I’ve just graduated college and started my first “real” job–any advice for a newbie on how to get a jump start on saving?

    Meredith @ Deals.com

  4. Congrats!!! You are such an inspiration!!! It just goes to show how hard work and dedication pay off.

  5. I have been there too! It has taken most of my adult life to get where I could accumulate some savings. We hope to be able to buy a house this winter.

  6. THAT is amazing!!!! We’re just now starting to be really serious with our finances. It’s going to take a while to get where you are, but I love reading stories of success!

  7. Sounds like you are doing awesome! The house looks pretty neat too!

  8. Wow!!! Good for you!!!

    We need to start doing this. Our neighborhood is going downhill FAST and i fear we are stuck here.

    • Leah – We are exactly where you are! I feel your pain. Our neighborhood has been rezoned Commercial and therefore we can only sell if someone wants to tear our house down and put a business up. We’re now upside down and several in the neighborhood have let their homes go into foreclosure. We won’t do that and have made it a point this year to clean up our debt. The hardest part was putting an actual $ amount to what we owe, ouch!

      • Kristie Sawicki says:

        We had our house on the market for TWO years with one showing. It was then that we decided to save every single cent we could to have enough cash that the lender couldn’t say no to us.

  9. Information about a savings challenge – great for the wallet

  10. Girl,
    I amwith you. 6 years ago we were in 16,000 of debt, on the low end for american families. Today we are debt free. We lived in a bad neighborhood as well. Now we are out of the neighborhood and in a better one renting and saving for a house we can afford!!! Congrats to your determination! I applaud you!

  11. My husband and I graduated from FPY a few years ago. We need to refresh our plan, because we have new bills to deal with and address. We don’t use credit cards but we do owe on one vehicle and student loans. Ugh. Thanks for being the inspiration I needed to get back on track.

  12. I applaud your strategy (whatever it is) and determination. However its not just bad financial decisions that land people in this sort of hot water. Dave Ramsey is of absolutely no help when you have a toddler molested and go into debt for lawyers, borrowing against a future to save a child. He’s of No help when you have $4000-$5000 in anti epileptic drugs required for the second daughter-born with a random yet rare disorder. Getting out of medical/legal debt for your children does not involve bad habits as much as its about hopeless situations you could never have planned for. That’s the kind of help we need.

  13. Shelly Baker says:

    We just started the Total Money Makeover plan by Dave Ramsey so we are just on baby step #1 $1000 emergency fund. So please count me in. Congratulations on the house and the car, I know the sacrifices were worth it when you sign your name on the dotted line.

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