8 Ways to Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

8 Ways to Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

If you want to deep clean and declutter your home or just need some extra cash this month, selling your no longer used items is a great idea.

If you want to learn about How to Save Money, read more . Here are eight ways that you can earn money while getting rid of your stuff.


This is the most obvious place to start when trying to declutter and make extra money. Yard sales can be very successful with the right amount of planning! Make sure to advertise well and display signs that are easy to find. Advertise your sale on Facebook, Craigslist and other free online mediums to really get the word out!


This is a great free way to sell your old stuff, especially if you live in a large metropolitan area. Make sure to clearly describe your items for sale and to include good quality photos in order to get more interested buyers. Always be smart and safe when using online forums such as these.


This is a time-tested and excellent way to sell your belongings. One great trick to know whether this is worth your time is to do a search for an item similar to the one you wish to sell.


Search on Facebook for Buy/Sell/Trade groups in your area or nearby areas. This is especially helpful for those who live in smaller towns and don’t have much luck on Craigslist.

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