It’s easy to learn how to crochet hearts with this Crochet Hearts Pattern and Tutorial and simple heart crochet pattern.

These mini crochet hearts are the perfect crochet project to make and give to those you love. That’s why I thought today would be a great day to share this free crochet hearts pattern with you.


- Crochet hook 5mm - Yarn - Tapestry needle

Step -1:

Select a colored yarn of your choice and start your work with a slip knot at the open end of the yarn. Chain 4 and form a ring.

Step -2:

After forming the ring, work 4 chains.

Work a DC (double crochet) through the center of the ring.

Step – 3:

Step – 4:

Work 3 more DC through the center of the ring. This means that we worked a total of 4 DC.

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