Fighting Against Our Brain’s Bias To Negativity

Have you noticed that negative comments and events stick with us much longer, and influence us more than positive ones?

I’m sure you’ve experienced this quite a few times. A positive comment by your teacher, for example, is appreciated, but the effects wear off quickly. A negative comment, on the other hand, sticks with you much longer. Why is that?

IT’S BECAUSE OUR BRAINS HAVE A BIAS TOWARD NEGATIVITY. It’s measurable and there have been brain scan studies done that show that our brain reacts more strongly to negative stimuli.

The big question then is how do we fight against our brain's bias to negativity? What can we do to make sure negative remarks and criticism don't get us down?

The first step is that we realize that there is such a thing. This allows us to take each piece of negativity with a grain of salt. It can be incredibly helpful to acknowledge that our mind and heart may be overreacting about something negative.

On the flip side, this knowledge also allows us to make it a point to savor the positivity.

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