How to Cure a Holiday Debt Hangover

How to Cure a Holiday Debt Hangover

The symptoms are familiar: nausea, regret, and a pounding headache. While these feelings can be attributed to any late night on the town, they can also be the result of overindulgent holiday spending.

If looking at the balance of your credit card statement leads to one or more of these symptoms, you’re likely suffering from a holiday debt hangover. Cure your holiday debt hangover and get back on your financial feet with these simple steps.


It’s easy to ignore your credit card and debt and pretend they don’t exist. However, the longer you avoid your problems, the worse your financial situation will become.


Before your credit card comes due, start looking for ways to replenish your bank account now. You likely received cash during the holiday season, either in the form of a gift or work bonus.


Limit buying to essentials — food, bills, gas, etc. — and avoid discretionary spending until your credit card balances are paid off. You likely received plenty of new things during the holiday season, so these should keep you well occupied and satisfied in the interim of paying down your debt.


Paying down debt takes time and without a plan, you can get lost and lose focus easily. A carefully crafted repayment plan will help you overcome obstacles. Set realistic goals and include the various steps you will need to take along the way to be successful and pay down your debt faster.

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