How to Get Kids Excited About Gardening

How to Get Kids Excited About Gardening

Gardening is fun and rewarding, but kids might see it as more of a chore if they hear you dreading the work that goes into it.

If you’re wondering how to get kids excited about gardening, look no further! Make gardening fun and the rest will fall into place. Start with a kid sized garden kit and follow the tips below.


Flowers are usually easier to grow than produce is, so starting with flowers is a great way to get kids excited about gardening!


If you’re new to gardening, don’t try to plant everything at once. There are many ways to start small with gardening.


A ground-level garden is kid-friendly, because they can reach the plants whether they’re 3 or 10 years old. Raised beds are also a good option, though they need to be small so all plants are easily accessible.


Play garden games all the time. From planting the soil and digging for worms, to having the kids pick dinner based on ingredients you pick fresh from the garden before you head to the grocery store for the rest of the ingredients.

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