How to Help Your Kid Earn Money

How to Help Your Kid Earn Money

As parents, one of the best things we can do is nurture an entrepreneurial spirit in our children.

There are plenty of ways you can help your child find a job he loves. Here are some ways your child might be able to make money.

Yes, it is true, your child can make money playing video games. If he is a whiz at video games, he could make money teaching others how to play to win. That is not all, though. He can hunt garage sales for old gaming systems and sell them on eBay.


If your child loves computers and is a computer whiz, she could make a good living creating websites for others. She might consider building a website cheaply for someone you know or a local business that needs help.


Is your child a bookworm who does well in school? He could offer a tutoring service either for younger kids or kids in school with him. Math and science are subject areas that can earn tutors a good deal of money because so many people need help with those subjects.


If your child is a pet lover, she could make a nice income taking dogs for walks. Busy professionals may be gone from their homes for 10 or more hours, so they may hire someone to walk Fido sometime during the day.


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