How to Keep a Garden Journal

How to Keep a Garden Journal

With the spring gardening season just around the corner, this is a great time to get out your seed packets and garden journal and start making plans and preparing for a successful garden season.

A great way to keep track of your garden’s progress year to year, and to keep track of everything you have learned while gardening, is to keep a garden journal.


Your Garden Notebook Journal allows you to track everything from how much rain your plants have been getting, to when they were later fertilized and any gardening DIY projects you have planned.


Your garden journal is the perfect place to keep a map of your garden, marking where everything is planted. Keeping a map of your garden also makes it easier to rotate your garden plants to help stop the depletion of nutrients from the soil and prevent the spread of disease from previous plantings.


Your garden journal should contain basics that help you to track how your garden is doing all season long.

Things like weather, plant height, seed germination, insect and disease issues, and overall condition of plants can all be useful information to any gardener, from beginning gardeners to novice gardeners. Be sure to add all of this kind of gardening information into your gardeners journal.

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