Meijer Curbside is a lifesaver when you are running short on time.

They’re currently offering free curbside pickup orders in my area on orders over $35, so be sure to check if they are offering it in your area too.

Meijer Online Ordering

Meijer online ordering was super easy! 1. Log in to or tap the Meijer app on your phone. 2. Shop for all of the things you need and add them to your cart.

3. Select the pick up time that works best for you and your schedule at checkout. 4. Your personal shopper will shop your order for you. 5. Pick up your order at your store’s designated pickup area, at the time you selected.

You get to choose a time and day that works best for you to pick up your groceries. They are available every day from 7 am – 9 pm.

Meijer Online Ordering Tips

You guys, this is like VIP shopping. You even get your own lot to park in when you are picking up your order.

Meijer Curbside Pickup

You just pull in and park. Call the phone number on the sign at your parking spot and let them know you are there and they bring your order out to you.

I am saving SO much time this way and I don’t waste time looking at clothes or other items.

How Does Meijer Curbside Work?

I am saving money even without the hassle of coupons because I only buy what I order while I am at home with my shopping list. No more adding extras to the cart and the shopping bill.

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