Organic Gardening With Essential Oils

I am constantly impressed by all of the ways I have found to be able to use essential oils to replace harsh chemical-filled products that I once thought were completely normal to use.

ORGANIC GARDENING I try not to use any kind of pesticides or fertilizer and just allow the plants to grow as naturally as possible.

I chose Young Living to use Essential Oils for in my gardening my family. I love the Seed to Seal Quality Commitment that they offer which cannot be found with any other essential oil distributors.


They use only the perfect plants, grown in the perfect conditions on farms that Young Living owns and operates, before being harvested and distilled properly using only the first distillation.

So what happens when a batch doesn’t meet these high therapeutic grade standards? Nothing is wasted!

Young Living uses the leftovers to create their own organic pesticides that they use on their own farms to ensure the plants that will one day provide more essential oils are grown in the best way possible.

Thankfully I have learned that I can use my beloved essential oils to get rid of pests naturally and keep my plants strong, healthy and producing all season long!

Here are the recipes I am planning to try this year in my own garden. ALL NATURAL PEST DETERRENT RECIPE #1 ALL NATURAL PEST DETERRENT RECIPE #2 MILDEW RECIPE

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