Get started on your garden plans and preparations and learn How to Plant Seeds using a simple gardening hack.

Supplies Needed

1. Empty egg cartons 2. Potting soil 3. Seeds of your choosing 4. Mini popsicle sticks 5. Permanent marker 6. Utility knife


Collect your empty egg cartons and cut out a panel from the lid using your utility knife.

Fill the bottom half of the cartons with your organic potting soil.

Using your Permanent marker, write the names of the plants you’ve chosen to grow, on the mini popsicle sticks.

Put in your seeds, one or two seeds per cell. Then make sure to add a little water.

Insert the sticks in their designated areas, to help you remember which plants are growing where.

Close the lid and stick the cartons near a light source and allow them to grow until your garden is ready for them.

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