Spring Gardening Mistakes

After staying indoors over the cold winter months, just about every gardener is chomping at the bit to get back into the garden. But each of us needs to remember there are quite a few spring gardening mistakes to avoid if success is to be achieved.

By taking a moment or two to pause and think before acting, gardening mistakes can often be avoided. The general health and wellness of your plantings can be promoted much more easily when you avoid these common mistakes.


One of the most common spring gardening mistakes to avoid is putting plants outdoors too early before the weather has turned to a steady, moderate temperature. Regardless of where a garden is located, freakish spring weather occurs on occasion, and young plants are especially at risk when a spring frost comes along unexpectedly.


Another common spring gardening mistake to avoid is to plant your garden too hastily without properly preparing the soil to accept plants and promote growth. Soil needs to be properly fertilized and conditioned prior to planting, and the garden soil needs to be turned deeply to promote good root growth of new plants.


Perhaps the biggest spring gardening mistake to avoid is to begin planting your garden without taking the time to properly plan your garden. The size of a garden should be in direct proportion with the amount of time and energy that a gardener has available to care for it.

Making a garden too large is asking for trouble, as it is a certainty that it will not be cared for appropriately.

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