The Best Frugal & Free Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas can be special without busting your budget or going into debt with these frugal & free gifts for kids ideas that I have rounded up for you today.

Be creative and show your kids you love them without destroying your finances in the process.

BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR KIDS Here are 10 free or frugal Christmas gifts for kids that they will love!

GIVE THE GIFT OF TIME Spending time with your loved ones is a gift you can’t put a price tag on. GET OUT OF CHORES PASS If your kids have to do chores around the house, a get out of chores pass could be a great way to give them the day off!

CREATE YOUR OWN GIFT BASKET The Dollar Tree has everything you need to make your own gift basket for just a few bucks! You can buy small toys, bath supplies, or even coloring supplies to create an amazing gift basket for under $10.

A MEMBERSHIP If your family loves going to the zoo and goes often, a membership will save you money all year and still be a great gift idea.

BAKE THEM THEIR FAVORITE DESSERT  Reuse an old tin and bake it just for them! Let them have as much as they want without sharing

THRIFT STORE CLOTHING FINDS If you are shopping for clothes, you can find great deals at the thrift store! Yard sales and thrift stores will have clothes for just a few dollars that you can give to your kids without them being any wiser!


GIVE THEM SOMETHING THEY NEED If you want to teach your kids about the value of things, giving them something they need can be a great way to do that.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to create some amazing and frugal holiday gifts this year.

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