Just like with other dairy products including milk and butter you can freeze cheese to extend the lifespan of the staple food.

Finding sales on cheese can be a huge advantage when it comes to cutting the cost of food for your family. Often we do not buy as much as we want because we worry that the cheese will go bad and be forgotten.


Freezing cheese is a great way to make it last longer and help you get the most for your money.

Can You Freeze Cheese?

Freezing cheese is easier than freezing other dairy products because it is typically sold in airtight packing prime for the freezer to help make it last longer.

Shaded cheese often has air in the packaging making it smarter to either transfer to a vacuum-sealed package.

Can You Freeze Ricotta Cheese?

Other cheeses like Ricotta Cheese, Cottage Cheese and Cream Cheese can also be frozen as traditional hard cheeses can.

These must be sealed in airtight containers. Unopened cottage cheese can go right into the freezer.

How Long Can You Freeze Cheese?

Cheeses can be frozen for up to 6 months.

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