Ways to Save Money on Healthy Food

These tried and true Ways to Save Money on Healthy Food may seem small, but they can add up to huge savings over time.

It’s true. Eating healthy can be expensive. However, it really doesn’t have to be. You can still eat healthy and save on your trips to the grocery stores, sometimes saving as much as half.

PLAN AHEAD This isn’t cost effective. Instead, plan ahead and make a meal plan each week. Make a list of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals on the weekend.

USE THE STORE SALES The store ads are often found in the newspaper or online. Before you make your weekly shopping list, grab a copy of the weekly store sale ad. Use the ad to plan your meals and create your shopping list.

STOCK UP Many things freeze well. You can save tons of money each month if you stock up on sale items and freeze them.

VISIT THE BUTCHER Often, you can save as much as 50% on your meats if you buy them from the local butcher. Visit yours and compare prices.

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