What Does It Mean To Serve Others?

Here's an interesting exercise for you. Head out to do your errands, drive to work, or get to school and make it a point to make someone else's day today.

It could be something as simple as giving someone a big smile, have a meaningful conversation with a person who’s feeling a little lost or lonely, or it could be buying lunch for the homeless person on the corner.

It doesn’t matter what you do, but do something today to make someone else’s day. How does that make sure feel? It’s a pretty good feeling, isn’t it?

It seems that a big key to our own happiness lies in making people around us happy, and helping out.

When you start to think about it, it makes sense, doesn’t it? We are social creatures who have to work together to truly thrive. It is only logical then that helping those around us has an internal rewards system built-in.

In other words, our happiness goes up as we improve the lives of those around us.

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