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Christmas Tree Brownies

Christmas Tree Brownies are a fun and simple treat to make during the holiday season.


  • Brownies baked in a square pan
  • Premade vanilla icing
  • Green food coloring
  • Piping bag or zip top storage bag
  • Green decorating sugar
  • Christmas light sprinkles
  • Star sprinkles


  • Bake brownies according to package directions in a square baking pan. Allow to cool completely, then carefully remove brownies from pan and place on a large cutting board. Cut the brownie in half, then cut triangles out of each side. Discard the four edge pieces.
  • Prepare your icing by mixing green food coloring into the premade vanilla icing until desired color is reached. Place icing in a piping bag or zip top storage bag and pipe icing onto each brownie.
  • Top with green decorating sugar and Christmas light sprinkles. Add a star sprinkle to the top of each tree.