The idea of where and How to Begin Paying Down Debt can seem so overwhelming when you are drowning in it.

It wasn’t all that many years ago, that I sat with my husband at a kitchen table filled with overdue loans, shutoff notices and collection bills, and no direction for getting out of the situation we had gotten ourselves into.

It felt like an impossible feat, but once we made the decision to change our financial perspective and fight for our lives things began to slowly turn around.

Once you have a clear understanding of the kind of money you have to work with, you can begin paying down debt no matter how large your burden might be.

The main thing to keep in mind as you begin paying down your debt is that every forward movement you make counts, no matter how small if may feel.

I remember thinking there was no way we would ever be free from our debt. We had been running on the hamster wheel of minimum payments for so long it became a way of life for us.

1. On a piece of paper write down every single person you owe and how much you owe them.

Here is a trick that we find works for us every single time

2. Instead of looking at the entire list, just take a look at your smallest bill and plan to attack that one bill with all you’ve got. 3. Set your mind to it to send that one debtor every single extra cent you can find each month until you have it paid off!

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