There are so many unique and creative money gift ideas that making gifting money so much more fun!

You’ll find some great DIY Money Gift Ideas here, along with some fun and unique money holders that you can buy, if you’re not feeling incredibly crafty.


Rain Money Gun – Feeds up to 100 dollar bills and sends them flying across the room.

Sweet and Money Surprise – This is such a sweet and simple gift idea to put together. Lucky Lollipops – Who doesn’t love lollipops…and money?

Money Soap – Money Soap, Real cash in every Soap. Excitement Money Gift – This s a fun idea for all ages!

Rainy Day Fund – All you really need is a white umbrella (the paint will show better, but you could try on another color), some fabric paint, some twine + paper clips….oh, well, and a little cash too.

Money Maze – Put your gift in this puzzle box and make the receiver wait to get your gifts until he/she solves the puzzle.

Kleenex Box Money Gift – No time to get a gift? No problem! Just go get some cash out of your purse, grab an old kleenex box.

Money Topiary – You know, you want to give something “crafty” but not everyone appreciates crafts, not to mention those that are just hard to give gifts to – this is the solution!

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