Cable television may seem like something you can’t live without! How else would you watch your favorite sitcom, or be able to catch the local news?

You may be surprised at how easy it ends up being to give up your expensive cable with a few of these alternatives.

Streaming Devices

Before cancelling cable, you’ll want to invest in some form of streaming device. Here are a few options.

Most game consoles such as a Playstation, Wii, or Xbox can act as streaming devices. You can download apps to these devices such as Netflix and Amazon TV to get programming on your television through your game console.

Game Console

Or you can go big and invest in a smart TV. These televisions can connect directly to your wireless internet and have apps to streaming services on the television itself.

Smart TV

Once you have a way to stream programming via the internet to your television, you’ll need to consider your streaming option.

Online Streaming

This service costs less than $10 per month and has thousands of shows and movies available! Netflix will mainly be a source for full length films and entire television series.


There are lots of movies and tv shows that are free with a Prime membership, and lots more than can be rented for budget friendly prices.

Amazon TV – Amazon Prime 

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