When I first began homeschooling, my daughter was in fifth grade and my son was four years old and had just graduated from preschool. I remember the overbearing weight I felt to succeed that first year.

After all, everyone was looking to me to see if this homeschooling stuff really worked. I was also very aware of the fact that many were just waiting to see me fail so they could say I told you so.

I would tell myself to NOT homeschool my child! I don’t mean I wouldn’t homeschool at all, because I most definitely would since we have been called by God to follow this path.

As parents, we must all learn to follow the path that has been uniquely carved out for our individual family. But I wouldn’t force any kind schooling on a four-year-old! I am specifically talking about my four-year-old son here.

What I mean is that I would remind myself that he was already learning from everything around him. Instead of focusing on traditional lessons I would give him lots of time to play outside and learn first hand about our Creator through experiencing creation.

I would tell myself that it is not a race, that I have nothing to prove to anyone but God, and I would lay the burden of performance at the Master’s feet.

One thing I’ve learned is that I didn’t need to push my child at four to learn to read. I did this mainly out of fear of what the rest of my family was thinking as they looked on with disapproval.

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