Research shows that the average American is now spending 10% of their incomes on health insurance costs.

It’s time that we all begin to find new ways to bring down the cost of our monthly health insurance premiums.

The goal is to get great coverage while keeping as much of our money in our pockets as possible.


I have to admit that I usually just end up choosing the health plan that I think will be a good fit, without really looking into any of the other options.

If you take just a little bit of time to learn more about the process today, before it is time to purchase your new health care plan this year, you might be able to get a better plan and save more money too!


As health care costs continue to rise, it is important that we carve out a little time to learn more so that we can all become more informed shoppers in this area of our lives as well.

As savvy money-savers, we all want to find the best deals on everything, and that should include finding the right deal for the health necessities our family needs as well.

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