Learning How to Freeze Tomatoes has been a great way to preserve my abundance of tomatoes from my garden.

Freezing tomatoes is SO much easier in my opinion than canning and takes much less time and effort.


If you have an overabundance of tomatoes that you are not going to be able to eat before they go bad, you might want to consider freezing tomatoes as a way of preserving them.

Canning is one of the options that you can use to preserve tomatoes, but I learned that freezing tomatoes was even easier for me.

Blanching tomatoes by dropping them into boiling water for 60-90 seconds and, using a slotted spoon, transfer immediately into a bowl of ice water to cool.


Using a large spoon or measuring cup add the tomatoes to freezer storage bags. Pint or quart sized freezer bags work best.

Seal the bags making sure to push out as much air as possible so they don’t get freezer burned. Freezing tomatoes will help them to retain flavor for 12 to 18 months.

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