Household utility bills are one of the areas in your personal finance budget that you can work on to save money.

Knowing some simple energy saving tips, like the ones I am sharing with you here today, will really help you find out How to Save on Electric Bill Costs. Here are some of things you can do every day to help you save on your electric bill.


There are all sorts of electronics that we keep plugged in, even when they are not in use. Think of your phone charger, for example. When you unplug your cell phone from the charger, do you pull the plug out of the wall.

While it may not pull as much juice as when it in use, leaving electronics plugged in will still draw energy from the outlet. You are paying for that energy, even when you aren’t using it. So if you are not using it, unplug your electronics entirely!


Grill your meals outside, on hot days, to keep from heating up the kitchen, and having your air conditioning unit work extra hard to keep it cool.


Blackout curtains are great at keeping the room dark, when you need to sleep. Heavy curtains can help insulate your rooms, to keep the hot sun out in the summertime so your air conditioner can get a break.


When you do your laundry be sure that you try to get it all done at once, so that your dryer stays warm, and does not have to use extra energy each time, to warm up again.


If you are fortunate enough to own a dishwasher, chances are you take full advantage and allow the dishwasher to dry your kitchenware. Consider shutting off the heat dry setting, and hand dry your dishes instead.

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