I love this All NEW Class Keeper™, the school memory keeping system that captures “the good stuff” in a compact, creative keepsake binder, and gift box.

Every feature and function of this school album was custom-designed to help moms everywhere easily manage the monster task of commemorating a child’s school journey.

Follow the simple guidelines and template pages of what to add and where to put it. In the end, you will have a beautiful collection of “the good stuff” to gift your child.


Any grade section can easily be removed if you’re starting this for a 2nd grader or choose to stop after 8th grade, for example. Simply remove unused pages easily.

The grade range is not published anywhere on the binder or box by design. So removing an incomplete section will never be known!

1. “Words of Wisdom” page with quote bubbles that are just the right size for a meaningful note from several loved ones, including a note from the child to him/herself.


2. First Day/Last Day template pages with side-by-side photo placement to see how much your child changed in a single school year! Ah-mazing transformation!

3. Placeholder for fun facts & favorites plus darling questions to gather answers that will melt you.

4. Two full-size photo pages including one large enough for the 8×10 class photo 5. Pockets for keepsakes that are wide enough for 8.5 x 11 size sheets of paper…yes! A pocket for EVERY grade!

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